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Here we meet again, Holiday Touches to the Everyday….

I will start off by saying ‘I cannot believe’ this is the 3rd year I will be posting pictures of Christmas Vignettes in my home, and have it look so different from previous years…..and using the same decorations!

Step inside and see for yourself……a little vintage, a little merry making, a little handmade, and a lot of memories.


…inside the back door, you will be greeted by handmade pottery gingers….hang up your coat and stay a while….


…have a seat in our family room where we gather around the fireplace (and tv).  I have created vignettes with vintage chamber pots, ol’ hymnals, flower frogs, a painted milk can lid and glittered pine cones.  I worked with white,  dark brown stain, greens and a touch of red.


…around by the staircase  (which leads to my Studio), you will find a hutch gifted to me by my friend Tracy, it was her Grandmothers….I cherish it.  It is filled with vintage ironstone with touches of holiday red and green.


…this is a nook in our kitchen… will see a cute sculpture by Wendy Young… makes me smile. 

This year Tami, a friend of ours went to fly with the angels…..I think of her often.  The bear jelly jar is from her and her mom Sandy, given to me somewhere in time about 1988… also makes me smile and I think of good times…..


….as we gather at the table to share stories of our past (over and over and laugh and laugh), you will see our built-in hutch…I think this year is my favorite by far….all whites with a few touches of red and green.

The tin candy canes are from a craft show I attended with my friend Paula.  The cookie jar and shakers are my Great Grandmothers…and the glass candy jar is from my Nana, filled with sweets!


Syrup pitchers are always fun to create with……


…lets not forget the handmade, oh so popular glitter houses!  My friend Jane Allen started a trend this year!  I have two beautiful glitter houses on my desk, made especially for me by Jane….what a treasure!


….and the reason…


If you would like to see how I changed things up from previous years…..enjoy the below posts!

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……with a little imagination  you too can create vignettes with your everyday décor by adding little pieces of handmade, vintage and merriment!


…coming up next wrapping paper and a tree wrap with ‘free’ Holly pattern and Heartfelt gifts!

4 thoughts on “Holiday Touches to the Everyday 2016

  1. lbarbadora says:

    SO beautiful Amy. I can feel the love and warmth that you add to you decorating and your amazing creations. Sparkle on my friend……..the MAGIC is happening !

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