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This year seamed a little more stressful, we lost a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so there is more hustle and bustle till December 25th arrives…. so it seams.

In reality my tree is here but not decorated, the cookies are not baked yet, and the homespun gifts are still scattered among the table in the Studio. But I feel a stillness in my heart that everything will be ok…..I am at peace with it. I hope you give yourself the same gift….peace in your heart that each ‘thing’ on the checklist does not need a check mark by it.


Our home is decorated with scatters of a little of this and a little of that. Simply remembering friends and good times as each item is pulled from the boxes and placed.

The glitter houses (above) a simple reminder of my good friend Jane Allen ~ and the joy she brings to my heart when we have the chance to play together.

A school girl play house (below) ~ a fun memory of the find at an Auction with my friends Tracy and Sherry of Sister Stash. Such good memories ~ especially our rides home after a long day of pickin’.

…and a little Christmas gift to me, a Barb Homes Jones snowjob….be still my heart.

And a warm Welcome into our home….

Our Entry Way has been a work in progress ~ enjoying the process. Sister Stash found the perfect toy horse to add to the entry decor, along with festive snowman from an ol’ store front window and hand knitted mittens from my dear Sister Kristine.

….oops, on the spelling of Christmas. To much hustle and bustle!

Adding just a touch of red to the dining room china closet ~ a handmade candy cane from my sweet friend Rupa, along with tin candy canes found so many years ago at a craft show with my dear friend Paula.

Wonderful memories all tied up in ‘the pretties’ thru-out our home with Holiday Touches added during the Christmas season.

Wishing you peace in your heart, a home filled with warmth, time spent with family and friends…..and the merriest of Christmas.


Coming Soon ~ Homespun, Handmade and Heartfelt, Its a Wrap, It’s all in the Presentation and New Beginnings.

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