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This is Our Story.

Our story of testing positive for Covid-19. Nine months of waiting for the shoe to drop and one week before Christmas.

If you missed me thru daily postings on Social Media….this is where I have been.

Disclaimer ~ this is our story, there will always be folks whom have it far worse and far better and I will always have care, concern and prayer for all. Images shown are for projects in the works!


We all know how the story starts, it started the same for all of us about a month or so before Easter 2020. We have a Virus heading our way, an unknown, scary, deadly, invisible, little understood Virus. As the months rolled on it became clear we were all ‘running’ from the same Virus and reacting and surviving differently….amongst other unknown scary things happening in our Country.

Even within our own families we found differences on how we reacted and survived…..respectively. I knew, I just knew I was doomed to be the next Typhoid Mary ~ I was an essential employee after all….working in a grocery store with the unknown Virus among us. Doing my part. Living in fear of capturing this thing.

I have not been to Church in 9 months and counting, missing my Church Family and my pew (yes we sit in the same pew every week). I have not seen my Mom (thank goodness for the telephone) and my family, including my 5 year old niece, I hope she remembers Aunt Amy, I miss our playtime. There has been a house fire, and a very very very serious unexpected surgery within our family during these 9 months, along with typical things like a tooth root canal, regular doc appointments, making a living and so on ~ all things made a little bit harder with the Virus among us …..prayer certainly got us thru all of it and our love for each other. We survived and we are thankful… has been a long 9 months and still counting.

screechhhhhhhhh. halt. Covid landed on our doorstep. The shoe dropped.

On December 18, I started my work day as usual. In the middle of my shift I started with a cough, just a slight one, maybe coughing once or twice. Then that evening my hubby and I went for dinner pick up and to look at Christmas lights, I started feeling really just flat out crappy during our ride and we headed home. The next day proceeded with chills, body aches, cough and loss of sense of smell…..could this be it? My hubby started with the same symptoms the following day.

But, but, but I had door knob gifts to give, presents to wrap, a tree to decorate, baking to do, the last blog post to write…..but, but, but it is Christmas week! Tired and Fatigue dragged us thru the week ~ Christmas day came and went with tissues and chicken soup by our side.

I did google search after google search for cures and remedies. It was time to be tested.

We called our family Doctor, scheduled the test (let me tell you it is not a pleasant test). Results are in. Each Positive for Covid.

Although we were not feeling better by any means it was kind of a relief to know what it was and now we can work on recovery. We were 7 days into the ‘CDC Guidelines’ of a 14 day quarantine. Both our employers require 14 days and with no symptoms to go back to work. We had a ways to go.

The next 7 days while life was happening outside ~ life also carried on inside our home with Hallmark movies, chicken soup and tissues. We changed bedding and washed blankets daily. We sprayed and wiped down with Lysol.

Sunday January 3 ~ Day 14 arrived, We are on the other side of Covid. We’ve rested, taken our medication, ate, hydrated, washed sheets, sprayed Lysol and caught up on all the Hallmark movies. We’ve learned what togetherness is and sharing, like it or not. We’ve learned that family and friends are really there for ya. On day 15, I’ve learned that I like contactless curbside pick up grocery shopping.

So now how do we live on the other side of Covid? Grateful. Thankful. Blessed, Blessed that we made it thru.

I am slowly getting my desire to Create back, my desire to do just about everything. My sense of smell is coming back slowly, time to make more candles, lol. Time to deliver Christmas gifts, time to undecorate, time to take care of those still waiting for their shoe to drop. Prayfully never.

Patiently waiting for the time to hug my family ~ a time to celebrate.

I am grateful for you too, my Artful Community of Friends. Thank you for reaching out and for your patience, I am humbled, grateful and thankful for you.

It is nice to know that you have been missed, and I soooooooo missed everyone.

Time to catch up thru Social Media too (this week) ~ I am super excited to see what everyone has been up to!

Here is to a Safe, Healthy, Happy Creative New Year!

Covid knocked me down for a bit, but not forever, it is good to be back to ‘Classic Amy Joanne’!


Coming Soon ~ 6 Things, Recipe Card Project, It’s A Wrap, Organizing A Day Planner and Buffalo Chicken Pizza

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