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Green Eggs and no ham….how could that be!

If you missed it, last year we experimented with white eggs and red cabbage to dye Easter Eggs….and they were such a beautiful blue I had to try more ~ you can read about it, click here.

This year, we used brown eggs with the same red cabbage dye and the eggs turned a beautiful Green!

and here is how they were made.

Simply collect brown eggs from your favorite Chicken Farmer….(thanks Uncle Joe) and hard boil them. At the same time chop and boil red cabbage for about a half hour. Save the water and add the hard boiled brown eggs. Drop a few cap-fulls of vinegar into the dye. Let set for as long as you desire. The longer it sits the darker the eggs. I let them sit about 24 hours before photographing.

Beautiful they are. A nice deep rich color, much like the Blue Eggs.

mmmm, maybe adding a third color next year to make an even prettier Easter Basket, thinking Yellow. I hear Red and Yellow Onion Skins will work.

Funny thing is….I don’t even like hard boiled eggs, lol! Thank Goodness for my hubby, he will eat them.

I do have fond memories of attending our Church Egg Hunts and morning Egg Hunts in my childhood home with my Sisters and Brother, thank goodness my brother Billy loved eggs, he got mine.


Let me introduce you to ‘Chirp & Quackers’ they are just the sweetest and the latest in the Classic Character line-up of created friends.

A little gift from my heart to your hands this Easter Season ~ to Thank You for all your support, likes, follows, and comments…..Enjoy creating this pattern in Acrylics.

Click (here) for your free pattern to Create, and Enjoy!

The ornament surface can be purchased thru Sheila Landry ~ click here.

This ornament would make a perfect Easter Basket tie-on!

Create one for each family member around your table, add their name, make it personal.

It is always super fun to create a new place setting each Holiday with bits and pieces of vintage dishes, new and old. This ribbon plate reminds me of a special friend whom has passed away far to young….before we were both married we collected and shopped together ~ she gifted me a clear set of depression glass ‘ribbon’ plates, I have them about 35 years. Now they simply remind me of her….miss you Tami.

It’s time to take ‘the good china’ out of the closet and use it. Everyday is a special occasion.

Enjoy creating with red cabbage ~ blue and green eggs ~ and the sweetest basket tie-on ‘Chirp & Quackers’ from my hands and heart to yours.

Happy Easter!

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