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Introducing ‘Candles‘ thru Classic Amy Joanne

Creativity doesn’t end at the tip of a paintbrush…….but comes in all forms such as wax & wicks too!

Our brand new first Candle Scent making its debut is ‘Chocolate Bunny‘ ~ it already has rave reviews from family, friends and first testers…and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Each sweet scent has been created into an 8 oz candle and tarts too.

Each packaged creatively, including a label made from your favorite Paintings or Photo from the Blog in Classic Amy Joanne style!

My hubby and I have been learning and practicing about Candle Making for over 3 years now…..waiting until we had perfected our craft before introducing our hand-mixed and hand-poured scents.

Many years ago my husbands family would make candles over an outside fire ~ they saved wax year after year and used milk cartons as molds ~ I just love that.

amy mogish

The first year we simply made our candles to look pretty, not knowing that it takes ‘better’ products, and measured scents and the perfect wick to make the best candles.

But they sure did look pretty and were fun for gift giving.

Then we learned a little bit more and kept practicing…our second candles were much better, but still not quite there….so much to learn.

The presentation was good but we still needed to tweak the product.

Then it was time to get serious….learning and practicing even more ~ did you know that a scent should be added to the melted wax at a certain temp to throw the perfect amount of scent per burn? Did you know that certain wicks work better with different waxes? Did you know that candle wax and tart wax may differ? …and so on.

Then also getting serious about ‘how to market’ the candles, as a business.

‘Classic Candle Co’ was taken….so we simply left ‘the Candles’ be a part of ‘Classic Amy Joanne‘.

It was creative-fun to choose the shape of the jar, the color of the lids, and of course making it ours, recognizably ‘Classic Amy Joanne‘ by adding homespun plaid homemade washi tape to match the label….created from paintings and photos that match the scent.

Coordinating and Curating to make a signature recognizable classic brand-look for Classic Amy Joanne Candles.

Our first ‘released’ scent ‘Chocolate Bunny‘ smells just like ….a chocolate bunny and the image is from a recent painting titled ‘Carrot Anyone?’

Adding signature style with ‘the curl of the wick‘ and our tag line,

warm your home, melt your heart

We have so many things planned… vintage ironstone dish candles, accessories such as hand painted candle trays and patterns to create too, also limited edition scents in the prettiest jars and matching candle bags, with matchstick sets and more!

How about a matching wax seal and coordinated ribbon too?

Pick up your first Classic Amy Joanne Soy Wax 8oz Candle in ‘Chocolate Bunny‘ (here), and your Tarts (here), local pick-up available too!

Visit our Shop (here) and combine products to save on shipping.

When you open your package you will enjoy the scent of Chocolate Bunny, for sure!

A sweet little sample will be provided with each purchase in varied scents.

Our tried and true ‘Santa’s Sugar Cookie’ and ‘Mrs Claus Gingerbread House’ will be added soon.

Along with new scents ~ such as Cottage Kitchen, Cottage Charm, Matilda’s Brew, and Homespun Prudence as well!

As always, enjoy all things creative thru Classic Amy Joanne.

a Chocolate Bunny to

‘warm your home and melt your heart’


Coming Soon ~ Published, Garden Frogs, Cheesecake and Table Settings, Creating Fund Raising Gift Baskets, Dollar Store Finds, and an Easter Table and Single Serve Charcuterie.

8 thoughts on “Wax & Wicks too

  1. Always so creative! Looking forward to learning about all the other scents. Who knew there was so much to learn about candles?!

    1. thank you so very much Barbara! Another creative outlet!

  2. Oh, how exciting! I wish you all the best with your new branch of your company. I have loved the candle you gave me a couple of years ago. I am so happy for you! <3

    1. thank you Sheila…it is something Jerry and I can create together. We enjoy it!

  3. Sandy Harvey says:

    So exciting Amy! Chocolate candle scents are my favorite!

    1. Thank you Sandy….oh, this Art thing falls into other parts of life!

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