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The Zinnia Patch in our backyard is from harvested seeds ~ from harvested seeds gifted from a friend the previous year (read more here).

And a dream would be to expand the patch each and every year ~ along with giving harvested seeds to friends and family.

I will tell you, although I clipped the seeds to harvest, the Gardner (aka my hubby) does all the work…..and what a beautiful job.

Flowers are always a fun gift to give for any occasion ~ but when they are harvested, grown and picked by hand… makes it that much more special.

We all seem to have an empty jar or ball jar hanging around ~ and standing alone this makes a pretty container for fresh-cut flowers…..but why not create a ‘flower-frog topper‘ (as shown) ~ making it handmade and heart-warming too.

To create the flower-frog ~ simply gather a few supplies

  • Quick-Wood (found here)
  • Ball Jar or any Glass Jar
  • Round or Scalloped Round Cookie Cutter
  • Rolling Pin (I used the tube from Quickwood)
  • DecoArt Extender
  • A Plastic Straw
  • Acrylic Paint and Varnish of Choice (along with painting supplies)

Let’s Create

Knead the Quickwood until all the ‘white’ color is blended into the ‘tan’ color ~ then roll until flat, as thick or thin as you desire. (I used 3/4 of the tube of Quickwood). Extender can aide with a few drops….less sticky.

Then place the Ball jar over the flattened Quickwood to ‘guesstimate’ the size needed for the flower-frog.

Then choose a round cookie cutter (with pretty scalloped edges if desired) about the size of the top of the Ball jar and cut the circle from the rolled Quickwood. Clean up with your fingers to soften the edges.

Then quickly (you have about 10 minutes give-or-take) pierce holes into the Quickwood with a plastic straw… many as desired for the flowers.

Then let the Quickwood firm-up.

Once the flower-frog is firm, paint it with acrylic paints to your liking and seal with your favorite varnish.

I chose to paint the flower-frogs to coordinate with my kitchen and decor. I then used a gloss-polyurethane spray sealer to finish.

Once dry, place water in the Ball jar, and place the Zinnias thru the holes of the flower-frog…..such a pretty gift.

The Zinnias melt my heart….and photographing them was super fun~ pulling out some favorite books, a vintage child’s chair and my father-in-laws radio ~ his radio is from his Air Force Service Days in Greenland.

A Zinnia Garden can be enjoyed in a variety of ways ~ simply to view, to harvest year after year, to pick a friendship bouquet, to gather in a vase, to craft with, to photograph, or to press into a frame….a gift that keeps on giving.

There really is no right-or-wrong way to create this Flower-Frog ~ simply enjoy.

You can find other Quickwood patterns (here).

Such a happy flower!


Coming Soon ~ Single Serve Garden Pizza, Kitchen Sink Brownies, Serving Pumpkin Cookies, Red Velvet Baby Bundt Box, Country Store Christmas, Serving Apple Cider Toletown, Santa’s Candle Trivets, and more!

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