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On any given day the space between my ears is a whirl-wind of creative ideas ~ not only in the designing of a painted piece, but also in the creating of a unique surface that holds a purpose and for gift giving as well~ whether to accompany a recipe or coordinate with a candle!

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.


In designing this surface for ‘Santa Lights the Way‘ and other patterns too ~ I kept a few things in mind ~ wanting it to be useful for our 8oz candles, or to add a sweet cupcake, or to use as a trivet for a mug or even a stack of cookies too ~ all perfect for gift giving!

I asked Sheila Landry of Tole Painting Designs to create the scalloped surface shown, since scallops always melt my heart ~ not only as an ornament style (or two sizes) ~ but also with two-holes, called a gather-’round… easily wrap baker’s twine or a ribbon thru the holes and around a gift, such as the candles, a mug, sweet cupcakes or stacked cookies!

You may find the surface here, for the large version, and the small version here. Choosing one hole or two.

Be sure to check out all the unique surfaces thru-out Sheila’s website….and her own designs as well.

Santa Lights the Way‘ surface and pattern~ were created with gift giving in mind ~ to coordinate with our 8oz candle ‘Santa’s Sugar Cookie’ from our Classic Amy Joanne Collection of Candles, found here.

The base of the Candle fits nicely into the bevel-cut large ornament or ‘gather-’round’ surface ~ paint it up, add the candle and gather the baker’s twine or red wool yarn thru the holes ~ making it a pretty gift for sure.

Another fun idea is to create your own washi-tape ~ using scrapbooking paper and double sided tape. Simply cut to the size needed and wrap your unique washi-tape around the candle lid ~ then add the extra scrapbooking paper to the underside of the ornament ~ how about a gift tag too. …don’t you just love a coordinated gift?

The smaller ‘ornament’ or ‘gather-’round’ also can double as a lid to the 8oz Candles, yet another gift giving idea!

Do you see the Candle Painted in Santa’s Hands? It matches the label on the Candle itself ‘Santa’s Sugar Cookie’ ~ love to coordinate!

All 4 designs shown are included within the instructional pattern ~ including the 3-D effect ornament ~ created with watercolor paper.

Join us thru Artful Webinars Zoom Classes (here) ~ to create this design on October 11, 2022 ~ start your Christmas Gift making!

downloadable pattern will be available to all in January 2023.
Holiday Scented Candles will be available thru-out each Season, including ‘Santa’s Sugar Cookie’. Check back often for new scents thru the Candle Shop Tab.
See the Washi-Tape around the candle lid?

Santa Lights the Way’ Ornament and a Candle would be every-so-sweet tucked into a homespun drawstring bag to hang from a doorknob of an unexpecting person this Christmas Season….whether known or not known.

Read about our ‘Door Knob Gifts‘ ~ see other door knob gift ideas here, here, and here

Santa Lights The Way…. will you be joining us to create?

Christmas gift season is coming!



Coming Soon ~ Autumn Vignette, Serving Pumpkin Donuts, 2023 Journal Plans, Merchandising, Creative Series Ideas & All Things Christmas!

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