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What do Creatives do with down-time? Why they get creative!

Since my living is my hobby and my hobby is my living the lines between each are always blurred ~ and it’s all good.

Twice a month my friend Tracy and I get together ~ we’re not your typical set of friends meeting for dinner or for coffee…..we meet at our local pottery Studio…to make things.

We’re not really focused on making anything in-particular or for ‘business’ purposes….just getting together to gab, create and enjoy each other……and learn something new too.

Most recently I created a few gingerbread houses for gift tags and garland ~ I think I counted 27, I just kept making.

We both have been playing mostly with slab clay and hopefully soon we will take our turn at the wheel….so many ideas!

The gingerbread houses were cut from slab clay, adding a few heart and star details and holes for twine. The houses were fired, then glazed, then fired again.

Adding knotted elastic type twine from Hobby Lobby to create the garland.

Do you see the cloth sugar sack in the photo? Gifted to me by Tracy (of Sisters Stash Antiques)….How cute would this be as a tree skirt for a kitchen tabletop tree or even as a container for a ‘Doorknob Gift’….adding gingerbread house pottery tags and a little cake too!

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

If creativity is your thing ~ grab a friend, find a local pottery Studio, bring along a coffee or two and enjoy something creative together!



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