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We’re Showing Off today ~

Our Beautiful Summer Garden

My Gardner, aka my hubby, deserves all the thanks ~ we have beautiful gardens around our home including a vegetable garden, a winter garden, a picking garden, a memory garden and a 4th generation Zinnia garden.

Enjoy the Tour

Beautiful Hydrangeas

and pretty perenials in-between

last pickins from our vegetable garden

and our

Zinnia Garden

a fourth-generation planting from seeds ~ harvested each year for the next.

The original seeds, 4 years ago were gifted by our Good Friends Joe and Rochelle. A gift that certainly keeps on giving!

Harvested in Autumn and replanted in Spring.

attracting lots of creatures great and small

with six Zinnia Patches in all ~

…some ready to harvest too

…and even a few with double bud heads

…with a little Autumn Joy peeking thru our Winter Garden

until next year beautiful garden

We will meet again


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