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My name is Amy Joanne Mogish, an Artist, a Blogger, a Designer and a Teacher of the Arts. I am your typical blue jeans jacket kinda girl….I love all things vintage, playing house and home stylin’, industrial with soft edges, ‘comfy blue jean’ cottage and will paint anything that doesn’t move!

All Things Creative…..with homespun charm, a little vintage and a touch of whimsy….is my style.

Had you told me 35 years ago when I stepped out of high-school~I would be an Artist & Designer and had been published in 2 leading Painting Magazines, be a published book Artist and have 100,000 hits on my Artful Blog,  I would have told you, you’re crazy!

I can’t say that I have always been interested in Art like many creative Artists have, but I have always enjoyed watching my Grandfather, a Wallpaper/Painter by trade, stir his paint and prepare for work.  Fast forward as a newlywed, I found myself curious while attending crafts shows at all the painted handmade items for the home.  I decided then that I had to know how to achieve this myself and my artful journey began.

I found a 6 week course at a local college for “tole” painting (aka decorative painting) and loved every minute of it.  I continued over the years taking weekly classes and traveled to seminars to learn from the “Big Brushes”.  I frequented Steph’s Folk Art Studio in Lancaster PA whenever given the chance, I was like a child in a candy store.  I still continue today taking seminars and attending Art conventions. I can be found sharing Art thru Zoom Workshops, at our local Art Center and in my Home Studio ~ all are Welcome to come and play!

  You can find me in my studio every moment I can ~ creating, designing, painting, penciling…dreaming.

Join me on the journey ….Have you tried my coined Classic Chalk Art?  Fun stuff. Did you see our recently added products ‘Classic Cling Rubber Stamps?’, Fun stuff too.

I live a very blessed life with my husband Jerry of 32 years and have a supportive family with my Mom, 2 sisters, a brother and my niece Abby….and 2 besties from first grade!

I hope your Artful Journey leads you to your dreams as my journey has…..

Amy ♥♥♥♥♥

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