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Enjoy Homespun Charm and a whole-lotta Christmas Goodness with this Homespun Christmas Countdown! What a fun way to countdown the days till Christmas ~ than filling each gift with little treasures, a few memory makers and some sweet wishes tossed in, to share with family and friends! It will be a Merry Maker for sure!

This isn’t just any chicken dinner. It is Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, for real. Let me tell you the story….a story with many blessings and a little humor. My hubby Jerry and I intentionally think about our pennies and where they land since the ‘hiccup’ happened. We kinda lived willy-nilly prior to the ‘hiccup’ and …

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We can convince ourselves that this Pandemic and the Year 2020 is all ‘bad’ ~ but as my Mom has taught us ~ look for the Good, look for God’s People or Purpose in every change or situation, whether in our own lives or the World around us. Sometimes we will not see it immediately …

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