Classic Amy Joanne

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This year I am taking a simpler approach to my Autumn décor.  Seems like lately we are all rushing from one thing to another, over scheduling and we keep adding to our already busy plates…… Thinking to myself, ‘How could I simplify and make life a little easier?’  Life at one time was simpler…..Cleaning every week and …

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A simple housewarming gift or a ‘welcome to the neighborhood’, a ‘sweet thank you’ or even a summer picnic centerpiece. This Classic Chalk Art Gift House offers a fresh new idea, ‘Home Sweet Home’! Personalize it with a special message on the roof, a matching wood gift tag, stamped tissue paper, pretty flowers and wrapped in baker’s twine …

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While attending my very first Painting Seminar in the early 90’s (nervously I might add), I experienced Simple Joy… is what happens when a group of like-minded folks gather to learn and be creative. ‘Birds of a Feather’ , we are~for sure… keeps you coming back again and again….and again and again and again.