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Since the ‘Hiccup’ it has been a whirlwind of creating and new~ness….in every way, shape and form…at Classic Amy Joanne. Let me introduce you to a few new patterns ~ to create this Christmas Season….or get ready for next year! ….I know as Decorative Artists we can paint ‘Christmas’ all year long! ~*~ How could …

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I find myself getting excited over the cutest homespun handmade things, like this little Gingerbread Sweetness Garland.…..maybe longing for simpler times. This Classic Chalk Art Ginger would be happy as a garland wrapped around the tree, a simply made ornament or a gift tag for a tin of sweets for a special someone.

This year I am taking a simpler approach to my Autumn décor.  Seems like lately we are all rushing from one thing to another, over scheduling and we keep adding to our already busy plates…… Thinking to myself, ‘How could I simplify and make life a little easier?’  Life at one time was simpler…..Cleaning every week and …

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