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It has become tradition here at Classic Amy Joanne to release a Painting Club each year, around this time, filled with Christmas wonder or Halloween fun! This year it is Halloween Fun!

Santa’s Baubles Christmas Ornaments …it’s here! pinky swears, secret handshakes and clubhouse code words…..are you ready to join us for this years Ornaments thru Classic amy joanne? So many gifts can be created with Santa’s Baubles ~ Christmas gifts, stocking tie-ons, Christmas tree ornaments, treat bag labels, party favors, place settings, teacher presents, co-worker gift …

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‘Santa Baubles’ Retreat Weekend!  ….picture it ~ Fozzy Bear from the Muppets running with his arms out with excitement ….yes that image did cross my mind! I couldn’t be more excited to share with all my creative friends a weekend of Creating in Acrylics and Colored Pencil (Classic Chalk Art)!  ~  So let’s get into …

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Say it isn’t so!!!!…..we are on the last Club mailing, ‘sniffle, sniffle’.  I feel like we are leaving summer camp….. picturing the school bus pulling away and everyone waving goodbye thru the small top window ….’see ya next year my friends’……(for some reason I picture Kristy McNichols and the bad news bears, lol)

Craft Scraps + Wreath + A Halloween Club Ornie = A Handmade Gift ‘from your hands and heart’….. for a Friend! I don’t know a single crafter who doesn’t have a full stash of left over craft scraps waiting for a purpose.  We keep each scrap…knowing it will be useful one day. This craft scrapp-y wreath…is just that, …

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