Classic Amy Joanne

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my marketing budget is pretty much slim to none….. I recognize that it needs to exist to sell my services and goods. ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ would not exist without it, it needs to be important and done cohesively….. to be recognized and noticed, on and off social media. When your business is a ‘bunch of …

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There is nothing more satisfying to a sweet tooth than the mix of Peanut Butter and Chocolate… I right or what? ~*~ Typically for the ‘Recipe Card Project’ ~ I search recipe cards for inspiration, but this time the recipe inspired the project and I found the cards and pages to match. Peanut Butter Butter …

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Me: “I can’t stop looking at these eggs….they are so beautiful.” My Family: “Please stop talking about ‘those eggs’” ‘Those eggs’ happened to bring me joy for a week or so….they were the prettiest blue I have ever seen. Every time I opened the fridge there ‘they’ were….being all blue and makin’ me smile.