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I was not ready to move when we found our forever home…..the roofers were still on the roof of our first home when my hubby said ‘I found a really nice house for us’…...

I was reluctant but thought I would humor him and take a ride to see what he had in mind. We drove around the block several times….how did he know I always wanted a brick cape cod with a separate garage? …and really could we put a ‘for sale’ sign on our other home while the roofers were still working?

Well we did and in 3 months time we sold, purchased and we moved into the most perfect home and neighborhood for us….the brick cape cod. Our Home.

Below is how the home sits today…..over the last 15 years, we removed shutters, removed a tree, moved some holly bushes, planted, changed doors, changed light fixtures, added a new roof (see post ‘here’) and a custom window box that wraps around the side… favorite part.

But it still needs some ‘umph’…..something to tell our story, more like a storybook cottage with some added charm.

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My brain’s creative side is endlessly creating new ideas, with little rest. Sort-of like a wind up clock, the big hand and little hand moving slowly and the second hand (creative side) speeding along…only resting when a wind-up is needed…it is the way I picture it anyway.….that and a pinball machine constantly batting ideas back and forth with a loud buzzer and flashing lights going off when I come across a winner ….aka good idea.

Let me share with you a little of what has been on my mind as a Creative Business ~ things to come.

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Discover the magic of your paintbrush ~ create these fun new designs for Christmas decorating and gift giving, just released ~ found exclusively here at Classic Amy Joanne!


The Acrylic ‘Claus Inc’ Lazy Susan has to be among my favorites….I have been playing with these little elves for about 2 years and they are popping up everywhere ….. so smitten!

Sometimes I reach out to fellow creatives on FaceBook for a little help with naming Paintings….‘Claus Inc’ was June Brown’s fun idea….thank you June, …..just love it!

All the names given were so fun, it was hard to choose!

The Lazy Susan is from Turn-Of-The Century Wood ~ the craftsmanship of their wood is exceptional! You can find Turn-Of-The Century ‘here’.

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my marketing budget is pretty much slim to none…..

I recognize that it needs to exist to sell my services and goods. ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ would not exist without it, it needs to be important and done cohesively….. to be recognized and noticed, on and off social media.

When your business is a ‘bunch of different stuff’ each part needs to have a certain look to be cohesive ~ beginning with Marketing. Something to recognize as “hey, that must be Classic Amy Joanne”. It is always a work in progress to build upon what already exists. From business cards, to hang tags, to signs, to banners, to colors, to a whole look….cohesive and consistent. Sometimes from font types, to watermarks, typed ads and even tone of words.


During the Pandemic I have been concentrating on a few areas of my business. One being the Marketing at the ‘Cottage Classics’ shop in the 895 Studio. It really didn’t exist other than a few hang tags and of course thru Social Media….until now.

The beginning….you can read more about setting up the Shop (here). It is a rented 5 x 5 space….holding alot of dreams of being a shop keeper.

First drawing a plan for a floor change….kinda like the plan-o-grams and floor change sheets found in retail. Lessons I’ve learned from being in Retail from a hi-end shop, to a mom-n-pop, to a grocery store.

Planning for each season as it comes along.

Then making it happen.

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There is nothing more satisfying to a sweet tooth than the mix of Peanut Butter and Chocolate… I right or what?


Typically for the ‘Recipe Card Project’ ~ I search recipe cards for inspiration, but this time the recipe inspired the project and I found the cards and pages to match.

Peanut Butter Butter Squares!

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My hubby and I sit down to dinner almost every night in our living room….using snack tables we received at my bridal shower almost 32 years ago. They wobble we fix them. They are a part of our story.

This is our time together….it may not be a traditional table setting but is certainly tradition to us. It is our time to catch our favorite shows….in the beginning it was recordings on VHS of ‘All My Children’, then once that left the air (devastated I was)…we turned to another favorite ‘The Waltons’. Then once that left the air ~ and leading up to today we watch episode after episode of ‘Blue Bloods’ (gotta love Tom Selleck)…..although it is about crime, it also has family love, traditions and Prayer.

So ~ not a traditional movie or table….but dinner on our snack tables ~ is always familiar….always comfortable, and feels like home to us.


Dinner typically includes trying new recipes….tonight we are serving up a new favorite, Beef and Onion Piroshki!

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Decorating on a shoe string budget can be just as pretty as ordering hi-end decor from the pages of Pottery Barn……just takes a little bit of creativity.

To freshen up the entryway table ~ I remembered the pretty Milk Glass pieces collected from my pickin’ friends ‘Sister Stash’ for the Shop ~ I gathered a few pieces from the collection, and played with the different shapes and sizes….this was first. The something ‘old.

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