Gingerbread Sweetness ~ Garland

gingers 2

I find myself getting excited over the cutest homespun handmade things, like this little Gingerbread Sweetness Garland.…..maybe longing for simpler times.

This Classic Chalk Art Ginger would be happy as a garland wrapped around the tree, a simply made ornament or a gift tag for a tin of sweets for a special someone. Continue reading

Classic Chalk Art goes Big….and Vintage

uncle joe chicken 1 - Copy

 Classic Chalk Art goes Big…and Vintage….on the mantel at the Mogish’s

Our home is very Cottage~ Blue Jean Cottage as I like to call it ~ and yes, I do collect a lot of Vintage… when I say Vintage ~ I imagine folks thinking it’s this old musty place with a lot of knick-knack clutter…long drapes….and dark paneled walls.…. Heavens no. Continue reading

Halloween Hat, my Pretties!

You asked~I’m delivering… pretties!

Creating the Halloween Hat 


This is probably the most requested Mixed Media project I created…..and with a few simple steps and supplies you can create one (or two) of your own, just in time for Halloween! Continue reading