A Classic Curated Vignette ~ A place to Shop, Learn & Discover!

Chalkboard Bunny ~ Classic Curated Vignette

If you missed the first Classic Curated Vignette ~ let me introduce you to the concept.

Ya know those magazine images ~ the pages to droooool over ~ the very page you spot a nice plate, a colorful sofa or a fun idea….and then you quickly go to the ‘shopping guide’ in the back of the magazine to find out where to find the goods?……well this is kinda like that.
A Vignette will be created and shared along with all ‘the goods’ information ~ where to purchase, order, find…with links, recipes and locations! Well, you get the picture…..no pun intended, lol!
The images will have retail, vintage and handmade….maybe even a recipe or two!
This is all about a love for selecting, organizing, merchandising, presenting, photographing, and sharing home and art!
All with cottage style, a little homespun charm with a touch of whimsy.

So let’s discover!


This Chalkboard Bunny was especially fun to create…..using a 12″ x 8″ ‘wood bunny cut out’ available from my good friend Sheila of Tole Painting Designs.  You can find the product (here) ~ to create your very own! Continue reading


cellar hutch 12

There isn’t much I recall about that day….the day I spotted the ‘red hutch’ at a local antique shop ~ I was immediately drawn to the red hutch sitting at the back of the shop, and simply could not get it out of my thoughts.  The World went about its business and I was fixated on the hutch.

It was at the pop up shop location, I was there to pick out a display piece for my work during the Christmas season…..and all I could think about was this amazing handmade hutch.  I of course ~ instantly claimed it as my display piece during the shop hours and then purchased it afterwards~ and like everything I purchase I thought, oh boy…..where am I going to place it, I will have some explaining to do.

It was the red color and the handmade nature that drew me in.  But with all things ‘blue’ in my home ~ the color had to be changed, but I kept all the handmade details.

cellar hutch 13

cellar hutch 11

The color is ‘Flow Blue‘ from Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.  Adding Bonding Agent to be sure the red enamel paint would cover.  It took 2 nice layers of paint and then finished with Tough Coat once it dried.

Read more about Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (here).

cellar hutch

Continue reading


‘Santa Baubles’ Retreat Weekend!  ….picture it ~ Fozzy Bear from the Muppets running with his arms out with excitement ….yes that image did cross my mind!

I couldn’t be more excited to share with all my creative friends a weekend of Creating in Acrylics and Colored Pencil (Classic Chalk Art)!  ~  So let’s get into the details! Continue reading

shade 5

As with any DIY’er family, we work thru each space as time and money allows.  Whether taking on a whole room, or taking it in bite size pieces……or simply just finishing up on small projects that have been looming on your list.

This project kinda falls under all 3 categories.  It has been a work in progress ‘whole room’ for 10 years …..pretty funny huh, it is a bite size piece to the whole picture….and it is simply a small project that has been on the list of things to do.

change the lamp shades

It should have been a simple switch.  But it wasn’t.  4 trips to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target to purchase and return 4 different shades.  The ‘white’ of 2 of the shades and the ‘size’ of the other 2 ~ did not work in this space.

So ~ I put my thinking cap on and did what every DIY’er does.  Find a solution and make it myself.

shade 2

As seen thru many of the DIY’er blogs I follow ~ Creating slip covers and pillows and curtains from a simple canvas drop cloth, is a thing.  So why not a lamp shade.  It will provide the softness I was looking for.  Will look homespun.  And I have the supplies and know how. Continue reading