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Yes, my brushes will just about paint anything…..even cookies.

I am pretty sure between my husband and I ~ all our worldly goods have something to do with paint….and pretty much all of our clothing has splatters of paint as well. Between House Paint, Automotive Paint, Furniture Paint, Acrylics, Watercolors, Oils, Stains, Spray Paint….and if you want to throw in Pencils too, we’ve got it covered.

And now add Edible Paint into the mix!

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Better catch up Amy….November is almost in and your still dreaming of and doin’ October projects! This time of year flies by with so many ideas and things to do!

Inspired Creative Living
, October Style.


The hubby and I squeezed in (I was the go-for) a HUGE project in the midst of all the happenings and work schedules! We changed up our tile floor for a slate tile floor in our kitchen ~ I am so smitten with this new addition….next on the list are the curtains in the dining room and painting the dining room table.

little by little….our DIY home is coming together.

Does anyone else plan big projects during the Holiday Season? ….raise your hands.

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If you have been with me long enough, you know that I enjoy creating in ‘Series’ or ‘Collections’ of Paintings made for a purpose.

Sharing time and time again that Art is not only to showcase on a wall.

Homespun Snowman‘ is part of our ‘Charming Welcome Series of paintings. Painted in acrylics, then paired with a wreath to welcome your guests at the front door. …..a Charming Welcome for sure.

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As each Autumn Season arrives, our home and garden get ‘reset’ just like a shop display. Changing out the decor, the plantings, the linens, the blankets and our clothing too. Along with filling the freezer, closing up the windows, making lists of winter projects….and simply just settling in.

On the inside of our Home the shelving changes from summer greenery to warm golds, oranges and dark foliage with Autumn decor.

The quilts, afgans and bedding are made to snuggle in.

And the yard is prepared for winter, clipping the Zinnia’s for seeds this year for sure.

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A Homespun Two Boo to You.

Let’s create Boo and Boo, two ways.

As a homemade tasty treat and a handmade decorative slide for your straw (or gift tag) ~ using our new Classic Cling Rubber Stamps!


Out of 9 cousins trick-r-treating in my Grandparents neighborhood, one of us was always the Ghost. The sheet over the head with two eyes cut out. What could be easier, right?

Well….making these yummy ‘Oatmeal Creamy’ Homespun Boos are just as easy!

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