You’ve seen ’em, The Gingerbread Houses made of paper bags on Pinterest. It is certainly a quick fun craft to create with friends ~ during a cookie swap party, an evening with your family or even while waiting for cookies to bake ~ makes a wonderful sweet gift too!

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To Thanksgiving Dinner that is….

I’m not sure about your family but in my family the women organize dinner. We start about a month before organizing the time of day we can all gather and then begin requesting favorite dishes from each other and creating the menu….who brings what. We typically sit in our Church Pew after the service on Sunday with our note pads ~ it is like a little meeting.

It is usually the same every year….because we all have our favorite dishes from each other.

Then we add on dinner rolls and drinks to whomever is willing.

We all use our best dishes, servers and baskets to present the meal.

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You have crafting scraps of this and that in a craft bin, closet or room ~ waiting for you. Waiting for you to create the perfect little gift for a friend…..just because!

A simple apple, a few scraps of scrapbooking paper, a grocery shop paper bag, a straw……and your new Classic Cling Rubber Stamp ‘County Fair Caramel Apples’, is all that is needed to create a gift for a friend….just because.

Adding a little caramel makes it even sweeter!

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A Classic Curated Vignette ~ A place to Shop, Learn & Discover!

If you missed the previous Classic Curated Vignette ~ let me introduce you to the concept.

Ya know those magazine images ~ the pages to droooool over ~ the very page you spot a nice plate, a colorful sofa or a fun idea….and then you quickly go to the ‘shopping guide’ in the back of the magazine to find out where to find the goods?……well this is kinda like that.
A Vignette will be created and shared along with all ‘the goods’ information ~ where to purchase, order, find, make…with links and locations! Well, you get the picture… pun intended, lol!
The images will have retail, vintage and handmade….
This is all about a love for selecting, organizing, merchandising, presenting, photographing, and sharing home and art!
All with cottage style, a little homespun charm with a touch of whimsy.

So let’s discover!

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Santa’s Baubles Christmas Ornaments …it’s here!

pinky swears, secret handshakes and clubhouse code words…..are you ready to join us for this years Ornaments thru Classic amy joanne?

So many gifts can be created with Santa’s Baubles ~ Christmas gifts, stocking tie-ons, Christmas tree ornaments, treat bag labels, party favors, place settings, teacher presents, co-worker gift swaps, and one for your best friend too.

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