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Who doesn’t like a good pizza?

Ever since I opened up the bread machine box that was sitting in a closet for 10 years… has opened up my world to wonderful tasting dough for pizza! Other than enjoying local pizza from time to time ……It is doubtful I will ever purchase a pre-made pizza crust or dough again. it is that good.

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During my time with Bath & Body Works I so very much enjoyed making the pretty gift sets ~ and even today, I love finding vintage, creating paintings, and shopping for the perfect products to put together, using fun ideas, matching colors, and using pretty wrappings to compliment each other and of course making it special for the recipient.

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The ‘Recipe Card Project‘ in Paint & Pencil has been a monthly project here on the blog, beginning in August of 2019, and a fun journey it has been!

We have had pumpkins, elves with cookies, honey buns, sweet corn with pretty table cloths and candy corn ~ yum! ~ each with a lesson to be learned thru video on prepping, basing, shading, hi-lights, and details, and a project how-to sheet to purchase.

This month finds us with a ‘Western Omelet’, perfect for the vintage recipe card used!

Making a few changes to the ‘Recipe Card Project’

No worries it will still be here, just not as scheduled or containing a lesson video in every post (you can still catch all the previous lesson videos here on the Blog and thru the YouTube Channel). There are lots of new ideas coming in Art & Home to share, just making room in the schedule and delivering a little differently.

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This is Our Story.

Our story of testing positive for Covid-19. Nine months of waiting for the shoe to drop and one week before Christmas.

If you missed me thru daily postings on Social Media….this is where I have been.

Disclaimer ~ this is our story, there will always be folks whom have it far worse and far better and I will always have care, concern and prayer for all. Images shown are for projects in the works!


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One idea leads to another.

It is typical that salt dough gingers (read here) , would lead to gingerbread scented candles with gingerbread labels, that would lead to cork gingerbread house gift tags and then creating gingerbread house marketing for photos. Yep, typical for a creative mind or over-active imagination, found thru Classic Amy Joanne.

and then lead to yet another part of the business of Classic Amy Joanne.

but for today….let me share with you about creating the ‘homespun, handmade and heartfelt‘ gingerbread candles.

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