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Did you ever find yourself in a pickle? I’m not sure where the expression came from…but I have found myself in many ‘pickles’ over the years!

September is here and we are ‘in a pickle’ ~ with the ‘Recipe Card Project’ …………………and I am sure you will find them dill-icious!

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Simple Gifts

The ‘Simple Gifts’ Acrylic and Colored Pencil Piece was created for many reasons ~ a love for God and all of his People and the Gifts we are all Graced with and the desire to share with each other. What a better symbol of this than imagining the table of the very first ‘Thanksgiving’, Giving Thanks to God for Blessings from all folks around the table ~ sharing gifts and talent, and enjoying each others company.

Sharing pie with friends from a beautifully created pie box….well, that’s extra special too!

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It wasn’t until we were several years into our marriage that I started to enjoy cooking, baking and collecting cookbooks and recipes … feed us for the next 200 years. I believe it was when Cable TV reached our area and the Food Network was new that it really sparked an interest. I was a Rachael Ray and Paula Deen follower for sure….and still am.

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Happy Anniversary ‘Recipe Card Project’ ! ~ each month over the past year we have enjoyed sharing the ‘Recipe Card Project’! …and I think we will keep rolling with it!

A quick and easy project that could be used for so many purposes, keeps us in artful practice, makes a great gift on so many different surfaces and offers a lesson or two or three!

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In our home we work scattered about….completing DIY projects but not necessarily completing the whole room, jumping from one room to another, project by project. Of course the ideas are there and always working thru the list hoping for completion….. but half of me and I guess my hubby too… just simply enjoys each project and the process.

Wallpapering a feature wall has been on my mind for a while, for the Studio Office ~ and once Covid happened and my Workshops were put on hold it became a good time to regroup and get some projects done….including this one.

A Little Playing to Visualize
Then it became reality!
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I was not ready to move when we found our forever home…..the roofers were still on the roof of our first home when my hubby said ‘I found a really nice house for us’…...

I was reluctant but thought I would humor him and take a ride to see what he had in mind. We drove around the block several times….how did he know I always wanted a brick cape cod with a separate garage? …and really could we put a ‘for sale’ sign on our other home while the roofers were still working?

Well we did and in 3 months time we sold, purchased and we moved into the most perfect home and neighborhood for us….the brick cape cod. Our Home.

Below is how the home sits today…..over the last 15 years, we removed shutters, removed a tree, moved some holly bushes, planted, changed doors, changed light fixtures, added a new roof (see post ‘here’) and a custom window box that wraps around the side… favorite part.

But it still needs some ‘umph’…..something to tell our story, more like a storybook cottage with some added charm.

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