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It’s no secret….I love denim ~ to wear and in my Classic Cottage Home style.  There is something nostalgic, comfortable and hard-working about denim, along with the wonderful textures and feel.

As you can see in the image above….I myself am decked out in my denim best….even in the Studio when no one is looking.  PS ~ that cute snowman angel is coming soon! Continue reading

classic christmas 6 - Copy

Well It’s a Wrap for Christmas 2018 and I would like to share a little thank you to my creative friends~ a gift pattern for a chalkboard ribbon slide ‘No Peeking Elfie….perfect to top your Christmas wrapping…... from my heart to yours. Continue reading

homespun 2018 8.jpg

Every year around this time ~ I think a lot about those special people in my life and how I can show my appreciation with homespun touches in a heartfelt way.

To share appreciation to my creative friends across the miles I simply love to share how-to videos and free patterns….click here and scroll thru if you missed any ⇒ , or I share pretty wrappings in a special order, stamped with a pretty stamp.

To my friends and neighbors and those close by ~ it is a homemade sweet treat and a handmade ornament…always homespun and heartfelt for sure. Continue reading

This year is a little different, with a few unexpected life changes (here) and turning ’50’, yes I said ’50’ years of age. ~ I decided to simplify ‘Christmas’ this year… not forever, just this year.  I love my stuff too much, I doubt it will ever be easy for me to downsize.  But I opted for stress free decorating…..keepin’ it simple, just because.

My heart is still open to all things warm, home-y and celebrating Christmas.

Welcome to our home and all the Holiday Touches to our Everyday decor ~ 2018

ht 2018 8

Santa is always at home above the fireplace.  He is one of the few projects I have painted on canvas.  He is taken from an ol’ Shirley Wilson design. He is about 3′ high and 2′ wide….and framed in gold. Continue reading

Since the ‘Hiccup’ it has been a whirlwind of creating and new~ness….in every way, shape and form…at Classic Amy Joanne.

Let me introduce you to a few new patterns ~ to create this Christmas Season….or get ready for next year! ….I know as Decorative Artists we can paint ‘Christmas’ all year long!


How could you not LOVE Classic Chalk Art….it’s quick, easy, but yet has all the good parts like shading, hi-lights and details to make it special!  You can find Classic Chalk Art here.…..and a free pattern with video too….here

‘Joyful Jolly Santa’

joyful jolly santa

Continue reading

gingers 2

I find myself getting excited over the cutest homespun handmade things, like this little Gingerbread Sweetness Garland.…..maybe longing for simpler times.

This Classic Chalk Art Ginger would be happy as a garland wrapped around the tree, a simply made ornament or a gift tag for a tin of sweets for a special someone. Continue reading