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0 thoughts on “Classic Chalk Art (colored pencil)

  1. This is such a yummy project! I love using boxes to store things, so this design on a Bentwood box is perfect!

  2. Love! I have some old, metal flower frogs, but this one is so pretty!

    1. I love to use the metal flower frogs as photo holders or paint brush holders depending on the kind… I guess I needed to make one for actual flowers, lol! Thank you Barb!

  3. Judy Armstrong says:

    Oh I love that idea .. Zinnias are so pretty

    1. thank you Judy. Your Zinnias are sooooooo beautiful!

  4. Rochelle Evanousky says:

    Beautiful, Amy! You know we enjoy our zinnia beds as well!

    1. thank you Rochelle….a gift that keeps on giving!

  5. Fran Pascazio says:

    So pretty and great idea for the flower-frog…will have to remember this for next year! As always, thank you for sharing!

    1. thank you Fran…..the flower-frogs were fun and personalizing each one made them extra special!

  6. Zinnias are one of my favorite flowers, I plant them every year in front of the picture window in the living room so that I can enjoy them from both the inside and outside. I love the colors and how they bloom all summer. My mother always had them in her flower beds, they are a sweet reminder of her. Yours look lovely, enjoy your fall.

    1. I love the setting under your front window, beautiful! Zinnias are becoming a favorite for sure!

  7. Judy says:

    So disappointing 😞 on the green colored table…hope the darker color will be the winner. Could you leave the legs the lighter color and the top darker?

    1. mmmm, maybe it would be smart to start with the top and see what happens! If it wasn’t for the overhead lights it would be perfect!

  8. Your blogs always motivate me! Been there, done that with paint! Hope you find the perfect shade. Everything about your home and gardens is so warm and cozy!

    1. Amy, can you please bottle one-tenth of your energy and organizational skills? I need to buy some of that!
      Best of luck with all your projects.

      1. if only we can bottle it when it arrives! It comes and gos, lol!

    2. I like that…warm and cozy!

  9. Always enjoy your blogs! Such warm and yummy ideas!

    1. Thank you so very much for following along!

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  11. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    I used to save the whole magazine but they started to get cluttered. So, I take the magazine apart and save only what interests me…recipes, home decor, crafts, etc. Then I put them in sheet protectors in a binder. You can even use separate binders for each category. No more clutter!

    1. sounds like a perfect organizing project for the Winter months! …after 30+ years of organizing one would think I would be done :).

  12. Excited to join the Halloween Journal and I know it will be just as much fun as the one for Christmas!

    1. I am just as excited! So many ideas…thank you for joining in on the journey!

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