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0 thoughts on “Classic Chalk Art (colored pencil)

  1. that looks just absolute yummy!

    1. A keeper for sure!

  2. Susie Dowling says:

    Definitely trying the meatball casserole this week!!!! Sounds so good!!!

    1. It really has a good flavor all the way thru! Enjoy!

  3. Hi, Amy! These are SO adorable! I am so excited to see all the new designs you are painting. I love ToleTown as well and find that it offers so much for so little. I am glad to see you involved with them. Thanks for using my surfaces. You always make them shine! 😀

    1. ❤️🙂 thank you!

  4. Oh! I am SO excited about all of these amazing products! Seeing what you are creating really makes me feel inspired! It is so much fun to focus on making such adorable projects! Thank you, Amy for sharing your wonderful talent with us all! <3

    1. So happy to be working with you on so many projects! Hard to know what to do first!

  5. Zoom classes have made it possible for us to paint along with people all over the country and the world! A great way to make new friendships!

    Love your “Delicious Spells” design!

    1. Absolutely! I just love creating with friends and even seeing their studios and smiling faces! Yes, a great place to share!

  6. I find that this past year and a half has really helped to bring us together as creators with things like online and ZOOM classes. This opened opportunities to many who would have not had them before. Behind every cloud is a silver lining – right? I love your classes. <3

    1. I really love the excitement about Zoom classes! ….and excited to get back in the Studio too! Thank you!!!!

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  8. Rochelle Evanousky says:

    Everything looks very inviting and tastefully styled!

    1. Thank you Rochelle, so very much 🙂

  9. Oh how I LOVED reading about this! You are so, so talented and how can you not SMILE (AND get hungry?) when looking at this amazing artwork! You are such a lovely inspiration, my friend! Congratulations on your accomplishment! I am sure it is going to be followed by MANY more! <3

    1. Thank you Sheila! It was enjoyable after all 🙂❤️

  10. Thanks for sharing your journey. I think I would have said no to a billboard too! LOL

    1. I had to draw the line somewhere….yikes! Thank uuuuu

  11. Barbara Goldberg Perry says:

    What fantastic art adventures! I love your whimsical creations. I’m so glad that your community enjoys them as well!

    1. Thank you Barbara! It all came together nicely….knees a knocking, but pleased! Love our Community ❤️

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  13. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    This “local” is ready to come back! Looking forward to the first page…Santa, gingerbread man, and candy canes. Like you, I am tweaking areas of my home to make things more organized. And, finally, got all my pictures hung up!

    1. Oh Judy, that is awesome! I will be excited to see photos of your home….I am sure it is cozy and welcoming….always fun to tweak and work on🙂….looking forward to life and Classes again! See you on Zoom!

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