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Did you ever write a Letter to Yourself? ….to a younger you?  Do you remember doing this in Creative Writing Class?  Sounds silly, I know, but give it a try.

letter to self 5 (2)

While writing my letter, I tried to think of what I would have told that insecure girl who thought she knew it all, a follow the leader kinda girl who had life figured out at 18.

Your letter can start from birth or at any point in your life.  Think about all the events, fun, holidays, successes, celebrations, family, friends, careers, jobs and just history in general and start writing!…..I am sure it will surprise you and even may open your eyes to what has been laid out for you over the years and the beautiful life you have lived ~ even with the bumps in the road serving a purpose….and there are always bumps in the road….and a few potholes too.


When writing my letter…. I pictured myself standing in front of my classmates at Graduation and receiving my diploma and hearing these words from Dr Geiger…..

my letter

letter to self

Dear Amy,

Your life will unfold even better than what you could imagine.  I understand you want to hi-tale it out of this small town life in Tamaqua PA….but do you know what amazing things await you here….in 10, 20 30 years?

letter to self 9 (2)

You will meet your future husband in just a few days ~ hanging out at your favorite hang out….you don’t know him yet, but he is something special.  You will marry him in a few years and still be married and happy 28+ years from now and beyond.

our wedding

You will remain friends with those 2 BFF’s from kindergarten and first grade, yes they stick around too……they will be an important part of your whole life….all those pinky swears will remain in-tact.

letter to self 3

You will have a fur-baby, a labrador retriever named Ruger…he will tug at your heart strings for almost 13 years.  He will bring you and Jerry much Joy.

letter to self 2

In a few years you will become interested in Decorative Art and it will become your passion.  You may not know it now, but you are a creative soul.  This Art will later become the most amazing part of your journey in Tamaqua PA.  For the next 30 years you will take classes, seminars, and workshops thru out shops, classrooms and conventions thru-out several states in the US.  You will gain many friendships and mentors thru Art and will learn that learning the Art form and being around like-minded folks will help you grow not just in Art knowledge but as a person.  You will bring this home to Tamaqua….the journey is worth taking.


You will write a Blog (it is some kind of Internet-Computer thing you do not even know about yet – some kind of box that sits on your desk)…with 51,000+ hits, with social media friends over 1700….all about Art.  Your Blog will consist of Art in Paint and Pencil, along with Home Style….you will become known for your vintage collecting….even Chamber Pots and signature baker’s twine……yes really.

You will design and produce patterns, books and videos in Art…the very Art form that you spent 30 years learning.  Your patterns will be published in 2 leading magazines and your books will be sold in a chain called ‘Hobby Lobby’.


You will have a style all your own…including you’re very own ‘coined’ Classic Chalk Art.

You will have your own business called ‘Classic Amy Joanne’…which you will put all our heart and soul into……your hubby and your bestie will be your biggest cheerleaders and help you in more ways than you can imagine.


There will be a Community Art Center in our hometown, the very town you are standing in  right now, … will teach 2 to 3 Workshops a month….bringing Art to this same town you want to leave.  You will be one of Tamaqua’s biggest cheerleaders….you will bloom where you are planted….yes, really….yes really true.


You will become active at your Church and grow in your faith, having a relationship with Jesus.  It will bring you comfort thru the dips and turns that will come.  You will look back and see that most unanswered prayers are not disappointments but lessons…or something bigger and better has come along.

zions stone church

You will remain close to your Mom, Brother, 2 Sisters and their spouses (wait until you see who they are!)…….and  you will have the most amazing Niece, Miss Abigail.  She will not come along for a few years….but she will fill your life with such Joy.  I’m not telling you from what sibling….I will keep you guessing!

You will all live within 10 miles of each other, (and you thought sharing a bedroom with 2 sisters was bad, lol!) .

You all will keep your Dad alive in your hearts and memories, he will be very much a part of all your celebrations, even if not present in person….he will be in your heart.

letter to self 6 (2)

So have patience Miss Amy, let GOD work within you.  You will do amazing things beyond what you are thinking right now.  Your life will be filled with goodness.  Look back on this time I shared with you when you are sad, mad, depressed, worried or angry, etc….and remember my words and how your life unfolds.

I know you are looking at me now thinking I am crazy….but know that you will be Happy and your path will be good.

You will grow old’er, you will age, you will wear glasses….things your Mom told you about that you thought ‘that won’t happen to me’…… it does, and it will be ok.

me (3) - amy joanne mogish 2017

Oh’ and keep the denim jacket….it is something you will still be into 30 years from now!  Big hair will not last and you will carry a small box in your purse that connects you with the world.  Yes, this is the truth. 

spring cleaning 7

So….Stay put Miss Amy…..Tamaqua is your home….and your life will be Awesome!

Dr Geiger, Tamaqua Area Graduating Class of 1986


Write a letter to yourself….

a great ‘tool’ to see how your story has unfolded from what you thought your life would be and what it is…..  Honestly if my prayers were answered at 18 my life would not have been full of such goodness….so Thank goodness for unanswered prayers and that GOD laughs at my plans…..because his are so much better.  Your life is laid out in a perfect way, in His time, in His plan.

Silly but fun…..huh?


Coming Up Next ~ Floating Chickens, Popcorn Cones and Chippy Blue Jack-B-Littles!

15 thoughts on “Creative Writing ~ A Letter to Yourself

  1. Ellie Setlock says:

    Ok..i have tears eyes now Amy.
    Beautiful letter. Thank you for who you are Amy., for letting go and letting God be in control. You are a wonderful amazng woman.
    I feel so blessed having you as a teacher and mentor, priveleged in the ability to pick up brush and pencil creating and building treasured art pieces and at the same time building a friendship. GOD is so good I thank you and him for introducing me to this creative part of my life. You probably dont realize how far out of the pits you helped bring me, but you have. I am now breaking out of that tightly woven cocoon i was in for 11 years and developing wings to fly. Thank you for allowing me to join in your journey. I will be forever greatful. Anxiously awaiting our next class. Love and prayers Always, Ellie
    I say thank you to Jerry too. For he has allowed you to go on this journey and is so kind in helping us on a constant basis even allowing us into.your home, and most of all doesn’t complain when we work “overtime” we take more time away from time probably should have been shared with him. He’s a keeper! 😍
    See you Soon!

    1. Thank u so much Ellie….many wonderful things come from Creating together…and friendship being the best….you are a treasured friend! Praise Him!…..and yes, Jerry is a keeper 🙂

  2. Barb says:

    LOVED reading this! Back to the Future for real❣️

  3. Deborah Lasky says:

    Love this old neighbor! What a blessed life you lead! Okay, I am I want to know who had Abigail!!! Love all the Tuckett Family til this day!

    1. Ah, so nice to hear from you ol’ neighbor! We do all have a blessed life! Kristine had Abigail …two years in September! She looks just like Kristine! The Tucketts love the Getz’s too…great memories! Thank you.

  4. kellyhoernig says:

    Amy, you are so special to reflect on your life, pursue your passion and engage with us all about the wonders of creating and sharing your art. I am so glad to call you friend!

    1. So glad to have met you on my creative journey…friend and mentor 🙂 Hugs my friend…

  5. Oh Amy, there is a tear in my eye… your path has led you to greatness. I believe God has so much more awesome goodness in store for you. Sending you hugs from your blogging friend.

    1. Ahh, Thank You Effie….hugs to you too! 🙂

  6. Donna Enoch says:

    Oh Amy , I enjoyed reading this so much . You write so beautifully. You are blessed.

    1. Thank you Donna…..blessings to you 🙂

  7. Sharon Main says:

    OMG Amy, this brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. This is such an amazingly heartwarming look into your past. I can’t wait to write my own. 😊

    1. It was fun to write! Thank you Sharon….happy writing! 🙂

  8. Life is good when we put God in the center of it, too bad it takes so long to figure that out. 🙂 I love that God can do more than we ever dream, hope or imagine. Eph. 3:20

    1. :)….so blessed, thank you!

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