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Oh my gosh, how cute!’ the new Mom-to-be said with excitement!

Enjoy showering a new Mom-to-be at her Baby Shower with a one-of-a-kind handmade gift using our ‘Chirp & Quackers‘ new Classic Cling Rubber Stamp!

From the gift to the wrapping to the tissue paper and gift card too. A well planned coordinated gift. You will have everyone asking…..’where did you find this cute baby-line?’

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This post is the beginning of Monthly Postings of ~ ‘Inspired Creative Living‘ ~ it will replace ‘Social Media Weekly Recap’ ~ and it will review the previous months happenings ~ you know the in-between creative fun, meant to inspire creativity with Art & Home.

Inspired Creative Living


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I pretty much organize everything ~ from organizing drawers and cabinets, to laundry and household duties, to daily and working planners and yes, even Meal Planning & Grocery Lists.

Along with organizing our home and using day planners, Meal Planning and Grocery Lists top the list of weekly duties. It takes a little bit of planning, time, patience, and work, but it has worked perfectly over the years.

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So smitten with the new Vintage Reindeer Pull Toys….and yes, I couldn’t be more excited to share!

Upon request, a new Pull Toy has been added to the Collection, a Vintage Reindeer!…well, really it is only the second one, but excited for the request!

You can find a free pattern to our first Pull Toy ~ Abigail’s Toy Duck (here), along with a link to the Pull Toy itself.

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Sharing recipes for cooking and baking has become another favorite thing to do thru Social Media and thru Blogging.

I must admit my cooking and baking has come along way since we married 32 years ago…..just ask Jerry.

Now it is rolled into the fabric that unfolds thru the Blog of Classic Amy Joanne….who knew, right Mom?

While creating a menu for the week from various cookbooks and then creating the meal plan and grocery order, it has become something to look forward to and share…..all a part of Art & Home.

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Things Need to Change.

My creative business (which I Love), my home and my life (love those too) are very much intertwined. Classic Amy Joanne is ‘Art & Home‘ after-all. Home and Life on the first floor, and Studio Life on the second floor. Each one needs the other to exist.

It has been 3 years since ‘the hiccup’ and the ‘Amy’ part of ‘Classic Amy Joanne‘ is feeling unhealthy, scattered, unable to string a thought or idea together, and not even knowing where I am to be at any given time and so on….yes, things need to change. I need to find balance between the Business Life and Home Life.

The ol’ saying ‘do what you love and you will never work a day in your life‘ is so very true….but it is also tiring just the same and ‘shutting it off’ is even harder to do when you love it. When I look at taking ‘down-time’ I just want to continue what I do as Classic Amy Joanne. I know boo-hoo, right?!?!

The recent commercials have it right ‘it is ok, not to be ok‘.

So here I am, not ok and taking a break to refresh. A break from my retail day job, a break from posting on Social Media, a break from teaching, a break to slow the pace down and come up with a do-able plan to continue to grow (and enjoy) the business I created and have a home life with family and friends too.

This week I began with setting timers, setting the phone aside, and creating a new ‘Work Planner’. My ‘Day Planner’ for Home, Life and Family and a separate Daily ‘Work Planner’ for Classic Amy Joanne.

It feels like a good start.

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How could you not love a meal that gives the options to go-all-in and make it from scratch or if you’re pressed for time, you can still make something not-completely-out-of-the-box and save a few steps…..or there is always the pull-out-of-the-freezer option….or even part scratch, part time-saver.

This Meatball Casserole is just that recipe!

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Social Media Weekly Recap will be available to you each Friday right here on the Blog of Classic Amy Joanne.

Why you ask? Click ‘here’ and read all about it!

Inspiration and Creativity Awaits!


Social Media Happenings

July 19

How was your weekend? Creative?

Working at my Retail job on Saturday and then I helped out a friend in her Kitchen at an Auction House on Sunday, but managed to find a few moments to enjoy our yard and create just a bit!

The flowers continue to put on their show in our yard, my hubby gets all the credit on this one, beautifully created. He even shared his crop of veggies coming in….good looking cucumbers!

We added to our glass jar with no bottom, Jerry’s snack mix. It’s the little things that bring joy…..having fun surprising each other with what we find and toss in!

Saturday evening we made another favorite dish ~ have been making it for at least 15 years, Rachael Ray’s Chicken Salsa Verde, it may be the first dish that I declared a success and started to enjoy cooking!

And slowly but surely we are working on the Sewing Corner of the Studio. This tiny desk on little caster wheels is coming along. I will be sure to share the paint mix and more once completed! My brand new sewing machine hasn’t been used yet, I have had it since April and am waiting on a new foot petal that is out of stock, I am so anxious….and trying to have patience.

Off to a good start today… paint brushes will finally be moving. Everything else can wait 🙂Make it a good ‘paint brush in hand’ kinda day…..

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