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If you haven’t heard of ‘Jerry’s Snack Mix‘ you can read a little bit about it (here).

At home we simply call it ‘Jerry Mix‘ ~ it is a combination of pretzels, crackers, snacks, sweet treats and such.

Jerry (my hubby), after 30 years of taking baggies of pretzels to work for lunch….said ‘I’m bored with pretzels‘ and the ‘Jerry Mix‘ was born. We simply combine all different snacks into a large glass jar, mix it and then serve it up daily ~ when the glass jar is empty we create a new and different mix!

adding a favorite ‘scoop’ is just a pretty bonus.

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As we head into the New Year…. and just like every other ‘new’ year ~ I feel the need to refresh, renew, and begin again (alongside of organizing, cleaning, and planning) and hoping this year I can say….

I really got it right this time

The optimist in me, ‘the dreamer‘, says “Yes, this year you will get it right”. The pessimist says, “you say this every year”….too funny.

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So this post really isn’t about Candy Cane Cakes ~ although it has me thinking of creating a Baby Bundt Box Painting with an actual Candy Cane Cake Recipe….ideas, ideas.

This post is all about our newest Candle addition to the ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ Candle Collection ~ ‘Candy Cane Cake‘ ~ along with a coordinated giftset idea using our Little Maker’s Kit and our Classic Cling Rubber Stamps!

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Maker’s Gonna Make

What do Creatives do with down-time? Why they get creative!

Since my living is my hobby and my hobby is my living the lines between each are always blurred ~ and it’s all good.

Twice a month my friend Tracy and I get together ~ we’re not your typical set of friends meeting for dinner or for coffee…..we meet at our local pottery Studio…to make things.

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Our ‘Door Knob Gift‘ projects (read about here) have been a fun way to enjoy giving a sweet little surprise gift ~ whether it be for someone known or unknown ….simply something from your heart to theirs.

It has been especially fun to coordinate the ‘content’ and the ‘container’ for each person gifted…handmade and personalized too!

Today we’re creating the ‘container’ for a ‘content’…with a little classic style.

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Most of my life it has been about the ‘presentation’ ~ whether it is presenting a gift, the view from the front door, to the food we serve, the home we keep and even the table setting on Christmas Day.

Don’t get me wrong…..’the presentation’ is just giving my best ~ not to be perfect all-the-time, just simply and creatively ‘giving my best’ using what’s on hand, what we can afford and what we can create….makin’ things pretty.

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While searching for candle holders for our growing Candle Business (purchase candles here) ~ this ceramic jar was a perfect find ~ similar to a vintage marmalade jar (shown below), it has the same classic style.

Not to mention it fit into the aesthetic of our Classic Candles.

This jar can also be up-cycled and used for storing smalls, even creating a new label for the contents….or why not take it a step further and create a label perfect for gift giving ~ a label that resembles a vintage marmalade jar.

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