Lining A Bentwood Box

happy halloween pumpkin 16

How could you not love the scrapbooking isle at any ‘craft’ store? I never seem to leave  without a couple of sheets to add to my ever growing collection!

And since I am not a traditional Scrapbooker, this is how I justify it~I line the inside of all the bentwood boxes I paint on! Continue reading

Lucketts Spring Market 2018 – The Story

I haven’t completely unpacked yet and Lucketts is now a distant memory….you see, I attend Luckett’s Spring Market in May every year~ introduced to me by a blogger named Marian of Miss Mustard Seed,   It is a fun antique-vintage-junk market in Berryville VA.  You can read more about the market →

…thru-out this post you will find my Lucketts treasures amongst the story.

Luckett’s Spring Market – May 2018

I invited my Sister Stacey to tag along with me to Luckett’s Spring Market, I was looking forward to some downtime, just hanging with my sister….a slow-paced relaxing, restful weekend, much-needed for both of us.….think again Amy.


Stacey approved this picture….yes Stacey you will always be the younger Sister, lol!

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Bear Fur Technique

Painting Bear Fur – Technique Video and Pattern

bear fur

My painting world opened up when I discovered the Bringle Blender Brushes from Scharff Brushes.

For most of my painting life I have heard and read about using an ol’ scruffy brushes to make fur on animals and leaves on tree tops…..but it takes a long time to ‘create’ an ol’ scruffy brush… what do we do in the mean-time ? Continue reading

Sister Stash And More| Women Owned Small Creative Business

I have come to admire so many women within my circle ~ whom have Small Creative Businesses….some long time friends, some from our school days and some admired for their work~ from being a customer myself, some by chance meeting thru Art ~ whether on FaceBook or during a Workshop…..So many that I decided to introduce them one by one…..I’d like you to get to know my creative friends.


Some of you know my friend Tracy as my ‘can’t do it without her‘ right hand-woman at the Tamaqua Community Art Center…..what you may not know about Tracy, along with her Sister Sherry ~ they have a successfully ‘Women Owned Creative Business’ called ‘Sister Stash And More’ ……created out of their lifelong passion for antiques!

sister stash 4

This is a photo of Tracy and I enjoying time together even as Children….sorry for the blur, but it is a scan from the 70’s!

Tracy and Sherry own and operate ‘Sister Stash And More‘, an antique shop on eBay ~ after much research and creative work ~ before the ball even got rolling, looking over every detail of their name, logo, and packaging…..they curate and have an eye for favorites, quirky things and the not so ordinary……..with only one year under their belts they have gained repeat customers and followers….and big name customers too!

sister stash.jpg

Let me back up the train……you just don’t jump into the antique business…….this is in their blood, they grew up with it ~ from their Mammy and Pappy, to their Mom! Continue reading

Workshop Schedule ~ Mark Your Calendars!

While meeting creative friends when traveling ~ whom have scheduled their Seminar years in advance and from traveling myself over the past 30 years to Seminars, Conventions and Classes and even life in general……I realize how important it is to have a plan or a schedule ahead of time.

So this is what it is looking like so far for the Fall and Holiday Season 2018 (see below)…..the Workshop dates are scheduled and projects are being sketched out and worked on!  All Workshops listed are at the Tamaqua Community Art Center in Tamaqua Pa….mostly evenings with a few Saturdays too!

Will you pencil a Workshop into your schedule?

2018 schedule

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