Me: “I can’t stop looking at these eggs….they are so beautiful.”

My Family: “Please stop talking about ‘those eggs'”

‘Those eggs’ happened to bring me joy for a week or so….they were the prettiest blue I have ever seen. Every time I opened the fridge there ‘they’ were….being all blue and makin’ me smile.

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The World has changed since this post was prepared. Prayers Lifted.

I am lucky to have an amazing Mom and a good friend Jane Allen whom have encouraged me to read and pray Psalm 91.


I know I know, that you know that I have a fondness for the color Blue. So it should come as no surprise that my Easter basket and goodies should be anything different.

Check out the Paint & Pencil project ‘Blue Easter’, click here, …..if you missed it.

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The Recipe Card Project

Curious what it is? Check out our first Recipe Card Project by clicking (here). In a nut shell ~ the projects are created in Paint & Pencil ~ once a month and released to you in a blog post ~ where you can purchase a PDF copy to create and join in on the fun! Really any surface will do ~ but we especially like Vintage Recipe Cards….hence the name. After you have created a fun piece simply share with us on Social Media and mark your post with a hashtag #CAJrecipecardproject

A #’tag is a gathering place for all who want to join ~ simply search for the # name and all our projects will appear in one location on Social Media.

Honey Bun Recipe Card Project

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