Milk Paint & A Bowl Pedestal

milk painted pedestal (2)

Do you like the look of ‘chippy’ painted furniture showing up in Country Magazines, Farmhouse Style and Décor Blogs?

I personally, ♥ the look of painted furniture, especially as a statement ‘look-at-me’ piece! …but I was born with a paint brush in hand, remember?  Paint can not only change the look of a cast off piece of furniture, but can change the look of a whole room!

As a DIYer, a 30+ year painter and a having a Grandfather whom was a painter by trade, you can say I have paint running thru my veins….having a few tricks up my sleeve and a few tools in my belt from my experiences, I will share with you how to achieve this look on your own!

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Scratch and Dent Sale


disclaimer: This is not your average prettied-up-post full of how-to’s or painting info…but a fun Scratch and Dent Sale !



You know those sales… purchase a washing machine at a super price…..all because it has a small dent in the side…knowing it will still function beautifully, serve its purpose and the dent will face the wall in your laundry room.  But hey, you got it at a great price! Continue reading

Classic Halloween Ornie Club ~ Tree Top

halloween t 6 (2)Say it isn’t so!!!!…..we are on the last Club mailing, ‘sniffle, sniffle’. 

I feel like we are leaving summer camp….. picturing the school bus pulling away and everyone waving goodbye thru the small top window ….’see ya next year my friends’……(for some reason I picture Kristy McNichols and the bad news bears, lol) Continue reading

‘Brush~n~Hand’ Studio

Hear-ye, Hear-ye….Decorative Painting Classes now in Tamaqua PA!

This has been on my ‘wish-to-do list’ for a while now (but timing is everything),  To create a place to gather, learn, create, share and paint together, with the emphasis on learning and sharing in an Artful place with continuing classes in our own Community!

Welcome to ‘Brush~n~Hand’ Studio at the Tamaqua Community Art Center.  What better place than at our very own Art Center! 

merry and bright 3 (2)

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