Watercolor Paper, Painted in Acrylic to Color Pencil on a Bentwood Box

How is that for a title? But really…..this is what we are doing!


Would you believe me when I tell you that there is watercolor paper attached to this bentwood box project?

pilgrims 1 (2)

tin angel 3 (2)

Yeppers there is….and is my preferred surface to color pencil a design!  Continue reading

Sweet Chickens

Before we get into the post ~ Are we friends on Facebook and Instagram?  Please join me on social media for an Artful Journey of daily posts!  See what you are missing….click on the Instagram video below for a little ‘taste’ and Enjoy! 


A little Homespun Goodness to start off the New Year….. Sweet Chickens!

cut outs 8 (2)

Here a cluck, there a cluck, everywhere a cluck cluck. Continue reading

Chocolate Gingerbread Houses & The Cabinet

sweet 3 (2)

Last minute gifts ~ can still be thoughtful and heartfelt….and take just a few minutes to create and wrap….so when the doorbell rings and Aunt Lettie brings along her bingo friend Ethel Mae to see your Christmas tree, you will be prepared!

I found the cutest silicone mold for gingerbread houses at Michael’s Crafts and just knew it would be perfect to create Chocolate Gifts using Wilbur Chocolate from Lititz, PA.

If you have not tried Wilbur Chocolate…..do yourself a favor and click below and try some.

www.wilburbuds.com  Continue reading

Holiday Touches to the Everyday 2017

Creating a simple Christmas….seems to be my ‘on going thing’ this year.  Simplify.

Now by no means am I going to be a minimalist, I like ‘stuff’ to much.  I just need to let go of a few things that I have been holding onto since moving 12 years ago….scaling back a bit and that means with Christmas décor as well.

Of course, making room for more too.

I am going for ‘Timeless Classic’ ~ ‘I won’t get bored with you’, look.  And it looks something like this……adding Holiday Touches to the Everyday.

ht17 2 (2)

Since we had a fresh snowfall it gave me the perfect place to start our tour of Holiday Touches to the Everyday…..we live in a brick cape cod with holly and winterberry surrounding it.  Simple wreaths with red ribbon were added to all the front windows….simply pretty. Continue reading