‘Brush~n~Hand’ Studio

Hear-ye, Hear-ye….Decorative Painting Classes now in Tamaqua PA!

This has been on my ‘wish-to-do list’ for a while now (but timing is everything),  To create a place to gather, learn, create, share and paint together, with the emphasis on learning and sharing in an Artful place with continuing classes in our own Community!

Welcome to ‘Brush~n~Hand’ Studio at the Tamaqua Community Art Center.  What better place than at our very own Art Center! 

merry and bright 3 (2)

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Craft Scraps Wreath

Craft Scraps + Wreath + A Halloween Club Ornie = A Handmade Gift ‘from your hands and heart’….. for a Friend!

$5 Smiles (2)

I don’t know a single crafter who doesn’t have a full stash of left over craft scraps waiting for a purpose.  We keep each scrap…knowing it will be useful one day.

This craft scrapp-y wreath…is just that, made from scraps!

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Floating Chickens

No, not floating Chickens…..but floating Chickens….

cluck the chicken (2)

If you are a Decorative Artist or would like to be one….. you more than likely heard the term ‘floating color’, it is a technique used by Decorative Artists to apply shading.  To me….it is the most common and widely used technique for this style of Art. Continue reading

Creative Writing ~ A Letter to Yourself

Did you ever write a Letter to Yourself? ….to a younger you?  Do you remember doing this in Creative Writing Class?  Sounds silly, I know, but give it a try.

While writing my letter, I tried to think of what I would have told that insecure girl who thought she knew it all, a follow the leader kinda girl who had life figured out at 18.letter to self 5 (2)

Your letter can start from birth or at any point in your life.  Think about all the events, fun, holidays, successes, celebrations, family, friends, careers, jobs and just history in general and start writing!…..I am sure it will surprise you and even may open your eyes to what has been laid out for you over the years and the beautiful life you have lived ~ even with the bumps in the road serving a purpose….and there are always bumps in the road….and a few potholes too.


When writing my letter…. I pictured myself standing in front of my classmates at Graduation and receiving my diploma and hearing these words from Dr Geiger…..

my letter

letter to self

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