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It’s May 2022 ~ really!?!?!?!

We have been continuing on with our organizing projects started last year at home and in the Studio (here) ~ and we are at the fine tuning stage, along with our life-style too.

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It’s no secret that I love to create ~ all things homespun and pretty packaging too.

Twill Tape has become a ‘staple’ in the craft closet along side of the scissors, paintbrushes, scrapbooking paper and piles of wool waiting to be used.

We have used the Twill Tape many times thru-out this Blog for projects such as ‘Christmas Countdown’ (pattern sold here), and in most recent days the ‘Little Makers‘ Kit (sold here).

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Countless times over the last 35 years, I have been reminded of how awesome this creative journey is with the friendships made along the way.

And countless times, looking back, I see how God’s Plan is perfectly laid out ~ all-while holding a paint brush in my hand.


A few years ago when asked to teach Art in the Studio of a soon-to-be friend Donna, I was so excited! Donna has hosted many talented Artists in her beautiful Home and Studio… it was another pinch-me knee knocking moment.

Over time we became friends thru a few get togethers and keeping in touch, we connected in so many ways, thru our homes, art, style and other interests too.

Donna is a Designer herself, not only of Painting Designs but of Fiber Art such as Punch Needle. You can find Donna’s work thru magazines such as ‘Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher‘ and thru her business ‘Brookfield Hollow‘ thru Etsy (click here).

Then another pinch-me moment happened.

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What makes you Happier than a Bird with a French Fry?

Could it be creating Art together?

If you haven’t heard, we have a fun-thing-going-on thru the Artfully Connected FaceBook Group called ‘Watch-Learn-Create‘ (click here)! It is a gathering of Artists by Cindy Harrison of Artful Webinars (click here) whom share free demos and lessons in Art, thru-out each month…..yes, a happy place to be, and free!

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Photo from Liz Marie Blog

I felt like a winner this past Sunday night….mid-night to be exact.

One of my favorite Bloggers, Liz Marie of Liz Marie Blog (here), launched a decor line thru QVC and it was going live at mid-night. During one of Liz’s stories on Instagram, ‘eye-spied’ this ever so fun rabbit in foe-brass, part of the QVC line, I was sure everyone would want it. It wasn’t a need, but a want. …but I really wanted it.

So I placed my finger on the ‘enter’ button at mid-night, crossed my fingers….. and I made her mine.

When I typically ‘do this kinda thing’ it doesn’t pan out for me…but it did! Especially finding out the next day that the rabbits sold out in 20 minutes! Good thing I was there with my finger on the button, lol!

the moral of the story is ~ never, never, never, never give up. Sometimes you do get the ‘brass’ rabbit.

You can view more of Liz’s QVC line (here).


What’s Happening in the Studio

We’re shuffling things around.

Making space, brightening up, and adding display shelving. We have vintage cupboards waiting, lumber for shelving, gallons of paint to use, and fabric ready to go….along with a little starch too.

Sharing more as we move thru the process ~ We hope to have it completed by June 30th to have friends back in the Studio, it has been a long two years.

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As an Artist it is a scary thing to put your Art ‘out there‘. All the ‘what ifs’ start to filter into your mind….it might be the same for a Chef with a new dish, a Baker with a wedding cake or even a Plumber with a new valve, lol….Our Art is so personal and so much apart of us that putting it ‘out there‘, as something of value (to sell) is soooooooooo hard to do.

Art value cannot be figured by hours worked or supply cost, but by ‘heart’ value… a treasured heirloom.

what if I fail? Oh, my dear, but what if you Fly!” ~ some of the best advise I have received as a Creative Business Owner and Artist.

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If you are a collector of pretty dishes or even inherited your Nana’s china ~ we all seem to have our fancy dishes, our everyday dishes and a few mis-matched other dinnerware scattered thru-out our cabinets, side-boards and hutches.

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Here’s What’s Happening In the Studio

I’m not sure about you, but I always loved to hear what was going on behind the scenes and in the minds of my fellow Artist and Designer Friends.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been focused on working towards getting ahead of the game ~ instead of being behind the eight-ball. Being ahead produces better work and gives more time for creative play.

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