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On any given day the space between my ears is a whirl-wind of creative ideas ~ not only in the designing of a painted piece, but also in the creating of a unique surface that holds a purpose and for gift giving as well~ whether to accompany a recipe or coordinate with a candle!

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.


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Creativity has spilled over into the making of Candles ~ with delicious scents and pretty packaging to ‘warm your home and melt your heart‘.

Toasted Marshmallow with a hint of Cocoa‘ is our newest homespun addition…..a nostalgic scent to take you home and live in your memories.

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Country Store Christmas ~ is created with Paint & Pencil ~ the deep rich color comes from a base layer of DecoArt Acrylic Paint and then adding layers upon layers of PrismaColor Premier Penciling to finish.

Would you believe this all-comes-together on top of Watercolor Paper (found here)? Yes, watercolor paper, acrylic paint and colored pencil….attached to a bentwood box.

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The Zinnia Patch in our backyard is from harvested seeds ~ from harvested seeds gifted from a friend the previous year (read more here).

And a dream would be to expand the patch each and every year ~ along with giving harvested seeds to friends and family.

I will tell you, although I clipped the seeds to harvest, the Gardner (aka my hubby) does all the work…..and what a beautiful job.

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Studio Happenings

It’s the little things that become the big things…. that make a whole-lotta-difference…..and when it came to painting the worktable in the Studio, my heart was set on ‘Cilantro Green’ from Sherwin Williams~ to compliment all the blue, white and stained furniture, surrounding the worktable. The Cilantro Green 2″ swatch next to the blue swatches I carry with me ~ seemed perfect.

until it wasn’t.

The color was perfect in the paint can and on the swatch…..but once it was painted and the overhead lights were turned on ~ it looked lime-y. ugh.

I tried to live with it……I mean really, all that hard work.…. and then I found myself visiting Sherwin Williams with the paint can in hand and a sour face too…. ‘can we please ‘deepen’ the color just a bit’?

Keep your fingers crossed for better results with another coat of paint….and a happier face too.

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Creating Characters such as ‘Produce Prudence‘ is like telling a story thru design and paint. Each Character taken from a likeness of family or friends.

The whimsy and charm of ‘Produce Prudence‘ come along with each addition to the design from her clothing to the basket full of goods, and of course her smirky smile.

What also comes along with any design thru ‘Classic Amy Joanne‘ is to ‘make the designed product useful or giftable‘ ~ whether it be thru the surface used or coordinating a ‘package’ for gift giving…..and yes, ‘Produce Prudence‘ has all that.

That is the nice thing about Decorative Art ~ we create on any surface….Art is just not for walls in our world.

She is created as a large ornament to adorn any wreath or simply just to set into an early autumn vignette. But she has also been created to coordinate with our ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ Candles (here). Coordinating not only the candle scent to the character, but the surface as well.

The ‘Produce Prudence‘ surface is available as a large ornament and also as a candle tray (the large ornament with a bevel cut) ready to paint ~ the bevel cut insert is the perfect size for our 8oz candles (found here) ~ making it useful and a perfect gift-set for gift-giving!

I just knew my days as a ‘Bath & Body Works’ Consultant would come in handy ~ we created gifts-sets just about daily. I also enjoyed working for ‘White Barn Candle Co’ and Hallmark for a short time ~ looking back it was all part of a perfect journey to ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ ~ God’s timing and plan.

Come paint ‘Produce Prudence‘ along with us thru ‘Artful Webinars Zoom Classes’ on October 13, 2022 ~ completed in acrylics. Click (here) and (here) for details and registration (opens 8/15).

The pattern will be made available 3 months after the Class ~ to create on your own.

The large ornament and candle tray surfaces (bevel cut large ornament) are available thru Sheila Landry (here).

And the ‘Cottage Kitchen’ Candle (with the scent of apple cake) can be found (here) ~ perfect, along with ‘Produce Prudence‘ for your gift giving needs ~ wrap it up with cello and a ribbon for a perfect gift!

Read all about our ‘Cottage Kitchen’ Candles (here) ~ created with designs and photography from ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ ~ soy wax with cotton wicks ~ visually pretty with Classic Style. Also available in 4oz, cottage candles and tarts.

The Candle Tray (large ornament with bevel cut) ~ would also be sweet wrapped up with an individual apple pie, or a stack of cookies or even just an apple itself nestled into the bevel cut area!

‘Prudence’ is also available as a Classic Cling Rubber Stamp (shown above) ~ to create and add a gift-tag to your gift ~ available (here).

Keep a watch-full eye on ‘Classic Amy Joanne‘ for creative gift ideas, new candle trays, classes for learning and for fun, new candle scents and more ~ all creatively coordinated!



Coming Soon ~ Christmas and Autumn Candle Scents, Santa Lights the Way, The Journey (the story), Where do we go from here (social media), Dollar Store Finds ~ find their way to the table and so much more!


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Waiting, Happening, Waiting, Happening ~ pretty much sums up July.

Still trying to get the ‘pre-Covid’ feeling back into life….anyone else?


Studio Happenings

I could just snuggle into this corner of the Studio….wool socks, lazy sweatshirt and a mug of cocoa, ready to sew anything from curtains to Christmas stockings!

We have been working the Studio space one wall, one corner and one project at a time…..~ waiting on wainscoting for the next project.

yes, waiting.

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When it comes to making ‘sides’ for family picnics ~ there is a most requestedelbow macaroni salad‘ on my side of the family and Gram’s family favorite ‘rotini salad‘ on my hubby’s side of the family.

Each recipe having a very different flavor….and each will have you adding an extra spoonful to your plate.

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We’ve been having sooooo much fun creating the ‘Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal‘ ~ so why not create even more fun with a ‘Creative Halloween Keepsake Journal‘ !

So what’s this is all about? ~ Peeks your interest?

Click (here) to learn more ~ this information is always available to you thru the ‘Keepsake Journal Tab‘ at the top of this Website.

join us anytime ~ begin on any page ~ or create on any surface.

Matilda, of course, will grace the first page with ghosts and a few goblins to come too….I promise no creepies.

Mr. Froggy is making his debut ~ ohhhhhh, and does he get into some trouble on page two!

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Nothing says summertime like a goooooey s’more made around a campfire!

It was always a sweet ending to a fun day at the camp grounds ~ to gather with family around the campfire and share ol’ stories told 1000 times before, all while roasting our marshmallows on a stick to make s’mores.

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