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Enjoy Homespun Charm and a whole-lotta Christmas Goodness with this Homespun Christmas Countdown!

What a fun way to countdown the days till Christmas ~ than filling each gift with little treasures, a few memory makers and some sweet wishes tossed in, to share with family and friends!

It will be a Merry Maker for sure!

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This is a first for ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ ~ A preview to a blog post!

I surely didn’t want you to miss out on an opportunity to create ‘The Cookie Maker & The Cookie Taker’ on December 4, 2020 and December 11, 2020 thru Cindy Harrison’s Artful Webinars ~ Registration opens today, click HERE to join us!

The Class Kit can be purchased HERE!

Be sure if you have already ordered the kit that you have a seat in Class! 30 kits and 30 seats available!

More fun info coming soon for ‘the cookie maker & the cookie taker’

Sharing ‘Autumn Vignettes’ on the Blog has become tradition and I look forward to posting each and every year with fresh new ideas, sweet memories of ol’ favorites and some peeks into what is coming.

Home is as much a part of my ‘creative life’ as Art is.

Below is a 3 shelf cabinet that sits aside of our fireplace. It is just about the only flat surface I have to work with as far as making ‘vignettes’. This Autumn it holds favorite decor and memories of the past. Each piece is a memory of a trip, or a gift from a friend, or an antiquing find, or an idea from a favorite blogger.

The little green house is among my favorites… day I will share how cute the inside is.

Do you see the glass cloche? It is sitting on an overturned milk can lid….perfect for pumpkins!

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This isn’t just any chicken dinner. It is Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, for real. Let me tell you the story….a story with many blessings and a little humor.

My hubby Jerry and I intentionally think about our pennies and where they land since the ‘hiccup’ happened. We kinda lived willy-nilly prior to the ‘hiccup’ and needed to look at things differently and re-align our way of living in order for me to now work as an Artist. We do our best and am grateful for him to encourage me and give me this time to Create an Artful Business. I can’t say it is easy or not hard work…. but, I will save that for another post.

I needed to tell you that to tell you this.

Anyway….the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner story.

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We can convince ourselves that this Pandemic and the Year 2020 is all ‘bad’ ~ but as my Mom has taught us ~ look for the Good, look for God’s People or Purpose in every change or situation, whether in our own lives or the World around us. Sometimes we will not see it immediately …..but what I know is, that while I bellyache about ‘this and that’, this year….there has been Goodness for ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ in 2020 ~ plentiful new patterns with fresh new ideas and fun characters created!

Doors closed, but windows are wide open.

Check out the 2020 Pattern line up… far!

‘Simple Gifts’ Acrylic and Colored Pencil Pattern, click (Here) to purchase.

This pattern became a quick favorite, especially on the new Pie Box offered (Here).


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Did you ever find yourself in a pickle? I’m not sure where the expression came from…but I have found myself in many ‘pickles’ over the years!

September is here and we are ‘in a pickle’ ~ with the ‘Recipe Card Project’ …………………and I am sure you will find them dill-icious!

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Simple Gifts

The ‘Simple Gifts’ Acrylic and Colored Pencil Piece was created for many reasons ~ a love for God and all of his People and the Gifts we are all Graced with and the desire to share with each other. What a better symbol of this than imagining the table of the very first ‘Thanksgiving’, Giving Thanks to God for Blessings from all folks around the table ~ sharing gifts and talent, and enjoying each others company.

Sharing pie with friends from a beautifully created pie box….well, that’s extra special too!

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It wasn’t until we were several years into our marriage that I started to enjoy cooking, baking and collecting cookbooks and recipes … feed us for the next 200 years. I believe it was when Cable TV reached our area and the Food Network was new that it really sparked an interest. I was a Rachael Ray and Paula Deen follower for sure….and still am.

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