The Pilgrims

pilgrims 5 (2)After posting ‘The Pilgrims’ on Facebook for the first time ~ the responses made this girl smile, from the likes and loves to the comments and messages.  One never knows what the reaction will be when testing the waters thru FaceBook with a new idea or design!  This piece sort-a took a life of its own, first posting as a Colored Pencil Workshop, then to an Acrylic version…..,We had folks naming the couple (thanks Lisa!) and suggestions on surfaces, it was all part of the fun!

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Ornament Exchange 2017

How exciting is this…..

our very first Ornament Exchange ‘Blog Hop’ with such amazing Artists sharing their talents, styles and inspiration!

You will be inspired for gift giving, for your tree or decorating this coming Christmas season thru-out all our blogs and ornament creations!

Just a few clicks away from 12 ‘free’ creative ideas…..from our hearts to yours!

blog hop 2017 6 (2)

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Autumn Vignettes 2017 & Chalkboard Pumpkins


autumn 2017 3 (2)

This year I am taking a simpler approach to my Autumn décor.  Seems like lately we are all rushing from one thing to another, over scheduling and we keep adding to our already busy plates……

Thinking to myself, ‘How could I simplify and make life a little easier?’ 

Life at one time was simpler…..Cleaning every week and decorating for every holiday and season…,  I am lucky to clean for every season…and decorating is limited to Spring, Autumn and Christmas. 

Not loosing the Joy in decorating….just the time. Why is that? Continue reading

Kitty and Mouse Bentwood Carrier Tie-On

Tell me these are not the cutest little charmers!

fall book 9 (2)

Let’s talk about tie-ons……for many years I collected Longaberger Baskets, along with liners, lids and tie-ons for the baskets….makin’ it personal for seasons and holidays, not to mention painting a few!   The tie-ons typically slipped between the splints or around the handles.

Since I love to design and paint on bentwood carriers….I thought hemmm, why not  create fun tie-ons for the handles to compliment the designs…….wheels are turning! Continue reading

Milk Paint & A Bowl Pedestal

milk painted pedestal (2)

Do you like the look of ‘chippy’ painted furniture showing up in Country Magazines, Farmhouse Style and Décor Blogs?

I personally, ♥ the look of painted furniture, especially as a statement ‘look-at-me’ piece! …but I was born with a paint brush in hand, remember?  Paint can not only change the look of a cast off piece of furniture, but can change the look of a whole room!

As a DIYer, a 30+ year painter and a having a Grandfather whom was a painter by trade, you can say I have paint running thru my veins….having a few tricks up my sleeve and a few tools in my belt from my experiences, I will share with you how to achieve this look on your own!

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