Birds of a Feather – Simple Joy


While attending my very first Painting Seminar in the early 90’s (nervously I might add), I experienced Simple Joy… is what happens when a group of like-minded folks gather to learn and be creative.

‘Birds of a Feather’ , we are~for sure… keeps you coming back again and again….and again and again and again.

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Classic Halloween Ornie Club – Take 2


Take 2…and there’s more!!!!!

halloween club image

The Classic Halloween Ornie Club (Decorative Art acrylic painting club) first mailing is coming soon….in June!

Have you had a chance to visit the Classic Halloween Ornie Club Page (click here) or blog post (click here) and check out all the fun perks of being a member? 

You can view all the super spooky ornies included too!

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Easter Bunny Cupcake Picks

easter bunny picks 4

Are you Crafty Creative?

What do you see in the grocery store isles?  Do you see canned goods, frozen food and loaves of bread?  Or do you see things creatively different?  For instance…..When I see jelly jars, I look at the lids and imagine them turned upside down as a snow globe, (more on this to come I promise!), or a large soup can – can be made into a punch tin votive with a cute sculpted mouse hanging over the edge with a large matchstick in hand, (uhmmmm, add that to my to-do list), or cloves become snowman eyes…….. you see what I am sayin’, Crafty Creative!

kinda like when my Mom would look at loaves of bread and see sleeves for our tiny feet to slide into our boots to go sleigh riding many years ago…..right mom?  Ok…so maybe not the same.

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Playin’ Favorites

Have you ever ‘herd’ or read something and thought ‘Gee,  that is a great idea!’?

favorite finds 2

Well I did ~ from my favorite blogger Marian of, I have been a follower for years and she recently began creating a monthly post of her favorite places, items, music, tips, products, etc and I thought ‘what a great idea!’ to share what we know or experience or purchase, spreading the word and sharing with friends.

You know like when your friend has an amazing scarf on and you gotta know where she purchased it or whom made it…..

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Classic Halloween Ornie Club

The much anticipated, long awaited spooky thriller is here! ……this is where lightning strikes, thunder rolls and music plays

The Classic Halloween Ornie Club

Decorative Art Acrylic Painting Club


 Painting spooky fun awaits…..DecoArt and Glamour Dust Glitter Paint, PrismaColor Pencils, Orange and White, and Miss Mustard Seed German ‘Flapper Black’ Glass Glitter!


 Membership to the Classic Halloween Ornie Club includes…..

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Let me explain……

Hello…. My name is Amy Joanne Mogish…..I am Creative ~a Maker ~ an Artist.


 Recently on Facebook and thru a few Workshops at our local Art Center there has been puzzled faces and questions asked ~ exactly what is it that you do and offer?

I feel like ‘Lucy’ needs to explain herself to ‘Ricky’.

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