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These Chicken Fingers are the best make-aheads ~ eat ’em hot or cold ~ eat ’em now or freeze for later, or to ~ make a single serving, dinner for two or for a picnic or party.

We have enjoyed them fresh from the oven with bow-tie noodles tossed with a little butter and parmesan cheese and peas. an Easy Pea-sy, (no pun intended) quickly-made dinner…..and yes they are canned peas, I love canned peas, please don’t judge, lol!

And while you’re making 10 fingers, you may as well make 30. Freeze them for your next picnic, or to toss into a lunch salad.

Enjoy them with Ranch Dressing, Buffalo Sauce, BBQ Sauce or plain ol’ Ketchup.

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My Mom’s right. Every time I call her I tell her I am organizing something and after 11,680 phone calls, give or take….. that is alot of organizing. One would think by now everything would be organized after 32 years of marriage and 2 homes later ~ welp, until I think of new ways to organize.

If you have been following along on FaceBook ~ I have been placing one or two ‘home’ projects on my to-do list to complete each week. The plan seems to be working better than looking at a long looming list of never ending things to do. I just keep that list tucked away for reference.

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There are not enough Sundays to enjoy all the desserts I would like to make. Once the Cookbooks, Magazines or Pinterest Foodie Board are opened, I begin dog-earring almost every page!

You see, Sunday is dessert day in our home, and this past Sunday we chose and enjoyed a Chocolate Ganache Tart with a Coconut Crust.

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Our Living Room…. is just that ~ our ‘living room’, it is our entryway, our den, our tv room, our ‘snack table dining room’, our media room, our music practice space, and a place to gather with family, it is also a pass thru for the kitchen, dining and bedroom area, including the main door, a fireplace and a walk-thru to the stairs. Yes, multi-functioning it is and needs to be. It is small but comfy, and hard working too …….and yet pretty.

and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It works for us.

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What do you do with expired Crisco (lard), store brand old sunflower seeds, and cranberries left from Christmas?

Why you make bird feed!

Vintage Jello Molds make the perfect shape feeders…along with paper Dixie Cups.

and adding ‘the signature’ baker’s twine and of course some blue twine made it extra sweet and personal.

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Who doesn’t like a good pizza?

Ever since I opened up the bread machine box that was sitting in a closet for 10 years… has opened up my world to wonderful tasting dough for pizza! Other than enjoying local pizza from time to time ……It is doubtful I will ever purchase a pre-made pizza crust or dough again. it is that good.

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During my time with Bath & Body Works I so very much enjoyed making the pretty gift sets ~ and even today, I love finding vintage, creating paintings, and shopping for the perfect products to put together, using fun ideas, matching colors, and using pretty wrappings to compliment each other and of course making it special for the recipient.

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