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Monday September 25, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Breakfast Treat

This past weekend was also filled with creativity ~ with continued work on our large project for our Church(see progress below), a little photogaphy for an upcoming Blog Post ~ and we fancy-d up our Breakfast with a ‘lunch lady peanut butter chocolate bar’ Treat ~ from the Harvest Home Cookbook.
Yummo….and we didn’t forget the sprinkles.

Friday September 22, 2023

Feature Friday

Two Halloween Designs

Coordinating is a thing here at ‘Classic Amy Joanne‘ ~ coordinating the designs, to the surface, to a few recipes, to gift giving ideas….even to our Classic Candle Scents ~ presented all thru -out this Website.
Create two of our favorite Hallowen Designs ~ shown here ~ perfect for coordinating with a delicious baby bundt cake for sharing, serving and gifting too!
Sweet & Salty‘ in acrylics thru our ‘Creative Halloween Keepsake Journal’ found (here) ~ or create onto any surface.
Or ‘Delicious Spells‘ in Paint & Pencil (found here), created onto our popular ‘Baby Bundt Box’, (found here).

Thursday September 21, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

Red Geraniums

Even if you never created with us before ~ even if you have not started a Keepsake Journal, even if your pages are out of order, even if you’re working on a different surface……join us!
Join us on September 28, 2023 thru our ‘Zoom Gatherings’ to Create ‘Red Geranium’ in Acrylics & Colored Pencil.
Receive a complete pattern with a shopping list, a technique sheet, complete instructions, a line drawing and many photos ~ along with prep instructions and a zoom link! …..and a downloadable ‘gathering recording’ for keeps!

Wednesday September 20, 2023

Creative Kindness

Creative Crafty Ideas

Did you know you can find all types of creative crafty ideas thru the Blog Tab (here) on this website?
We’ve been blogging….and crafting for over 10 years….and every single creative post is still here to scroll thru and enjoy!
Enjoy ‘Makin’ Two Boo-Boo’s‘ (here), Cake Pop Ghosts and Ghostly Straw Slides too!
Did you know we have Classic Cling Rubber Stamps too? Shop (here).
Always Crafty, Always Creative….always a little Creative Kindness.

Tuesday September 19, 2023

On The Blog

Showing Off

We’re showing off our Summer Garden! Stop on by for a visit. (here).

Monday September 18, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Still at it

This past weekend was filled with creativity and a date night too!
My Sister and I worked on our HUGE 4×12 Church project ~ we’ve got big frogs, big mice and big everything! Just a few details to go!
And Date Night was fun too ~ after Church we enjoyed a burger, fries, ice cream and a round of minuture golf……p.s. I let Jerry win!

Friday, September 15, 2023

Feature Friday

Studio Corner

Today we’re featuring a corner of the Studio! A work in progress and ever-evolving.
I always admired a recognizable brand and specialty shop merchandising and marketing ~ and we’ve been working hard to create such a ‘thing’ with our ‘Classic Amy Joanne Candles‘ ~ creating a shopping experience.
We will be sharing our journey soon thru our Blog ~ from the candle scents, to collecting the display, to artful labels and marketing, to building a mannequin, to our new pop-up Shop!
Right now the logo reads Studio Office….I think some changes need to be made, …..just smile.
Yes Mom, it’s always all or nothing.

Thursday September 14, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings


Join us tonight thru our Zoom Gathering to create ‘Autumn Basket‘ in Classic Chalk Art Style ~ (a fancy way of saying colored pencil on wood) ~ click (here) to view all our Zoom Gatherings!

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Creative Kindness

Enjoy all the Moments

There was a time in my life that I enjoyed decorating my home for each holiday and then somewhere along-the-line it became something to simply just cross off the to-do list.
This year I’ve been changing-up a few things in my life (and schedule) to simply stop and enjoy a few moments along the way. Putting the Schedule Planner aside and just live.
Sometimes it is hard to separate my home life from my work life since they are so intertwined.
But I am determined this year……to work at my own pace and enjoy every moment…..even Decorating my Home this Autumn.
I hope you will give yourself some time to set the schedule aside and enjoy each moment.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

On the Blog

Spaghetti -Oh!

Click on over to the Blog Tab….enjoy a little taste of Spaghetti -Ohs!

Monday, September 11, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Plan B wasn’t so bad

It was almost my A-game for our debut of the ‘Classic Amy Joanne Candles’ traveling pop-up shop this past weekend ~ our outdoor ‘Fall Festival Event’ turned into a smaller ‘display’ indoor Event due to the weather…..
But……..we did it, with Community and Friendship support….what a beautiful weekend we had! We made new friends (Craft Vendors are the nicest people), folks enjoyed our display and shopping experience and we learned a little along the way.
Sharing more soon, right now a little rest!

Friday September 8, 2023

Feature Friday


Join us at St Peters Church in West Penn Township PA for an indoor Fall Festival!
Follow your nose to ‘Classic Amy Joanne Candles‘ ~ September 8, 2023 opening at 4pm and September 9, 2023 beginning at Noon.

Thursday September 7, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

Just Listed

Be sure to check out our Zoom Shop Tab ~ we’ve just listed 2 more Gatherings! (click here for the fun)!
Cottage Cocoa‘, October 26, 2023 and ‘Sweet Snowman Christmas‘, December 7, 2023

Wednesday September 6, 2023

Creative Kindness

Rolling with the punches

When life hands us lemons…welp, we’re gonna keep on keepin’ on. And rolling with the punches.
September isn’t starting out as I liked or within my well written plan. You see it has been 90 degrees, humid and we’re looking at rain for our perfect ‘Fall Festival’ Weekend coming up at St Peters Church and the debut of ‘Classic Amy Joanne Candles’.
So what did I do? Well first I grumbled to whomever would listen, pouted alot, grumbled some more…..and today finds me picking myself up, scraping my self off and coming up with a Plan B.
It may not be my first choice, my well written plan, my plan A…..but I can still give it everything I’ve got. Giving myself a little pep talk and a whole lotta creative kindness.
Remember there is always a Plan B.
See you at St Peters Church in West Penn Township PA, September 8 and 9th, 2023 ~ we’ve got your favorite candles! Follow your nose.

Tuesday September 5, 2023

Blog Happenings

Getting Our Ducks in a Row

Join us on the Blog for a game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’! (here)

Monday September 4, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Going Big

Somehow I keep getting myself involved in creating BIG paintings. Remember the Mural (here), and the Menu Board (here) and the Outdoor Vintage Santa (here)…..and then I said I would say ‘no’ the next time a request came along?

Welp, I said yes….. again. How could I say no to my Sister …and for my Church? And here we are creating ~ a huge, huge, huge project for our Trunk-or-Treat Festival.

I will be sure to share all the details and our process ~ we’re just at the drawing stage and dreaming about the details!

….and that is our first weekend of September Happenings!

Friday September 1, 2023

Feature Friday

September Goodness
Do you want to know what September means to me?…..Sweet Autumn Goodness!
September features ~ warm sweaters, cozy comforts, casseroles in the oven, afgans on the sofa, pumpkins, wooly socks, baked goods, candle scents, campfires and perfect weather!
Feel Good, Cozy Cottage Comforts ~ a few of my favorite things!
How about you?

Thursday August 31, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

4x the Plaid

Things multiply in my mind and then on my work table ~ 1 design turns into 4 ideas in no-time! We just have some finishing touches on this new Plaid Design, some photography with 2 fun recipes (or maybe 3), and then typing it up for you to enjoy!
All to prepare for our ‘Cottage Life Keepsake Journal’ Gathering On October 26, 2023 ~ hope you will join us for a little paintin’ and pencilin’! Coming Soon!
See all our ‘Creative Gatherings’ by clicking onto the Workshop Gathering Tab at the top of this site!

Wednesday August 30, 2023

Creative Kindness


One of the reasons I was so drawn to The Decorative Arts was all the different surfaces that Art was placed onto, it wasn’t just Canvas and hangin’ on a wall, it was wood boxes and tin plates too!

Then there were products made such as fabric medium, paint adhesives, and decoupage to add to products to create even more surface options!

Today I found myself creating with Paint & Colored Pencil onto watercolor paper, watercolor boards, paper journals, vintage recipe cards, wood chalkboards and even cookies!

I enjoy partnering with Sheila Landry of Tole Painting Designs for ‘signature wood style‘ ~ scalloped round ornaments, ‘Cookie Keepers’ and ‘Little Makers’ to name a few! (shop here).

Be sure to stop by Classic Amy Joanne for all your pattern shopping needs and try your hand at Decorative Art and the many surfaces we enjoy creating on! (SHOP HERE).

Or join us for a Zoom Gathering, always fun!

Tuesday August 29, 2023

On The Blog

Apple Cider Donut

Join us on the Blog today for ‘Apple Cider Donut’ ~ a new design, a recipe, a new candle scent and a few gift ideas too! ~ (visit here).

Monday August 28, 2023

Weekend Happenings


This past weekend (or all Summer for that matter) found us preparing for our Candle ‘Shop-Booth’ debut in September….well, the official candle debut ~ you see, we’ve have been preparing, selling, showing and rebuilding in the in-between moments too.
Our Autumn Candle Scents & Display for 2023 will warm your home ~ and melt your heart…..all exclusively created thru the eyes of Classic Amy Joanne!
Live Local, visit us at the St Peters Church Fall Festival on September 9th and 10th, 2023 ~ we’re the ‘Shop-Booth’ with the Bakery Manequin!

Friday August 25, 2023

Feature Friday


The question asked most of me is ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ ~ truth of the matter is I’m not quite sure about the initial idea ~ but once the idea is ‘sparked’ it truly takes a life of its own.

To me it’s kinda like building blocks, layer upon layer.

For instance if the idea starts to take shape in a sketch ~ it could become anything from a painting to a pencil design ~ then a surface idea, then a blog post, even a recipe, a photo op for marketing, a class, a candle scent, or even building a manequin.

Each ‘idea’ is developed and grows into something exclusively from the heart of ‘Classic Amy Joanne’.

… and we hope you simply enjoy!

Thursday August 24, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

My Cottage Life Keepsake Journal

Whether you have been filling up the pages of your ‘My Cottage Life Keepsake Journal’ or beginning on page 1 ~ or working on any surface for that matter ……we hope you will join us for our next Design on September 28, 2023.

Learn More about our ‘Cottage Journals’ (here).

See our ‘Gathering’ Schedule (here).

Wednesday August 23, 2023

Creative Kindness

Making the Everyday Ordinary Special

It only takes a few seconds to make an easy week night dessert extra special ~ a fun idea for unexpected guests too.
Whether it be brownies, chocolate cake, or an easy ‘Chocolate Peanut Butter Casserole’ (found here) ~ sprinkle a little powdered sugar onto each slice and then indent the surface over the powdered sugar with a favorite cookie cutter…..easy peasy and adds an little extra sweetness too!

Tuesday August 22, 2023

On The Blog

A keeper recipe

A new recipe to enjoy along with a story, find it all on the Blog today!
It’s another Keeper!

Monday August 21, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Planning the Layout

This past weekend, well to be honest ~ I felt overwhelmed with the to-do list.
So I put on my big girl britches and decided to take one moment, one project at a time. Knowing that I would not accomplish everything, but I could accomplish something.
A little playtime with our new Candle Display Layout was all part of the fun….a little more tweeking and we’ll be ready to take the show on the road!

Friday August 18, 2023

Feature Friday

Hopes & Dreams

This past year has been about stepping back, figuring things out and moving forward ~ what do I really want ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ to look like and feel like? What are my Hopes and Dreams for it all?
Well it looks just about right as the tag line reads ‘Art & Home‘ and it feels about right with ‘comfy cozy sweet cottage goodness‘ ~ ‘from my hands and heart to yours’ ~ but….
sometimes our Dreams (the bigger picture) kinda get lost in the shuffle, being pulled this way and that ~ our dreams get lost.
….and I found it to be more about listening to my own heart, saying ‘no’ to more than ‘yes’ ~ and then finally feeling excited about the future with a new energy and commitment to the work of Classic Amy Joanne ~ the brand and the biz ~ with so many ideas, my ideas…..I dare to dream.
I hope you will continue to follow Classic Amy Joanne and watch it unfold with new hopes and dreams, inspiration and encouragement, from my very own heart to yours.
….some random thoughts from a girl with a dream, What’s your dream?

Thursday August 17, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

Taking the Show on the Road

On September 8th and 9th, 2023 ~ Classic Amy Joanne Candles will take the show on the road to the St Peter’s Church in Mantzville PA’s Fall Festival!
We’ve been working really hard creating a beautiful shopping experience within our Studio and our Traveling Show Display…..oh and a ‘Pop Up Stuio Shop’ debuting in early spring.
….I mean really hard~ from the product, to the marketing, to a ‘booth’ display’ to the packaging, to the gift wrappings, and more! All coordinated to bring you a beautiful shopping experience that will continue to grow…..I hope you will follow along on this journey.
Dreams…they happen.

Wednesday August 16, 2023

Creative Kindness

Be You

Be you!…..with the words you choose to speak and type, to the photos you share, to the food you prepare, to the home you find comfort in, to the garden you plant, to the gifts you wrap and give, to your own creativity.
Always be inspired by, encouraged by and learn from each other. Then go into the world and be YOU!
The world needs more YOUS!
You are enough ~ For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. – Ephesians 2:10

Tuesday August 15, 2023

On The Blog


Still playing catch up ~ and decided to extend this little blogging break ~ we’ll be sure to see you next week with fresh new ideas thru the Blog Pages ….every Tuesday!
I’ve been enjoying my new found hobby ~ pottery! My bowls may be a little wonky~ but I kinda like ’em that way! Charming don’t ya think?
I found a perfect glaze color to blend in with all my collected ironstone!
And I have a fabulous instructor!
….just simply lovin’ bein’ a Pottery Girl.

Monday August 14, 2023

Weekend Happenings

You say Tomato, I say Tomato

This past weekend was filled with creativity and a little rest too.
We have fresh-home-grown tomatoes coming out from our ears! And what do you do with so many tomatoes? Why you make Tomato Pie!
This recipe was found thru the pages of the June/July 2023 issue of Country Living Magazine ~ Cracker Packed, Chees-y and Fresh Tomato Delicious!
It’s a Keeper!

Friday August 11, 2023

Feature Friday

Sweet & Salty

Are you ready for our next page in the Creative Halloween Keepsake Journal?
Join us on Thursday August 17, 2023 to create ‘Sweet & Salty’ thru our Gatherings at ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ (register here).
Learn more (here).

Thursday August 10, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings


September is a month I could just wrap my arms around with a big warm hug! How ’bout you?
Join us thru our ‘Thursday Zoom Gatherings‘ to create thru our ‘My Cottage Life Keepsake Journal’ Page 3, or create a Little Maker perfect for a Havest Basket or enjoy one of our favorite Gatherings ~ in Classic Chalk Art ~ simply hover over the ‘Workshop Gathering Tab‘ above and choose a favorite!
Are you local to us? Join us in the Studio to Create ‘Blue Chair Pumpkin‘ on Tuesday September 26 (register here). 3 seats remain in the evening session ~ 2 seats in the morning!
And be sure to come find at St Peters Church Fall Festival ~ we’re making a fun shopping experience with our favorite Candles!

Wednesday August 9, 2023

Creative Kindness

Self Care

I didn’t set out in January of 2023 to make it a year of Self Care ~ but it was the road that needed to be traveled and the journey to be taken. One step at a time to take care of my inner being, my faith, my health, my family and my happiness.
I decided to take a left turn instead of always turning right.
Leaving Social Media was one of the steps I chose to take ~ maybe not the most popular choice or even a wise decision having a small business ~ but the rewards are plentiful.
No-one, and I mean no-one, can filter thru all the information thrown at us daily in ‘real-life’ let alone adding Social Media into the mix.
Yes, there are parts of me that miss it ~ the friendships and sharing goodness. But the benefits of living in ‘real-life’, in real-time feels so wonderful.
My screen time is now selective ~ reserving it for reading Blogs (insert wink) and enjoying On-Line Classes and Newsletters from my favorite Designers, Artists, Potters and Recipe Keepers!
Taking the Left instead of the Right ~ feels so good! Try it ~ you may just feel a little bit better.
Read More (Here) about the beginning of this ‘Self-Care’ Journey.

Tuesday August 8, 2023

Blog Happenings

Taking a Break

Taking a little break from Blogging ~ to just simply enjoy the lazy days of Summer ~ and gather creative content for the upcoming Autumn and Christmas Season!

Enjoy 10 years of previous Blog content simply created to share ~ click on the BLOG tab and enjoy all things Art & Home….and Food too!

Monday August 7, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Winding Down

Summer is winding down!(well in my hopes, anyway)
Our Friday Nite Gathering was extra sweet, my Mom came over! We enjoyed a delicious crock-pot ‘toss together’ meal ~ and she asked for left-overs, it must have been good!
Our flowers are in full bloom ~ not only do we enjoy their beauty during their bloom time, but photographing them is enjoyable too!
And…we added a few soft colors to our duck statue family ~ just enough to weather nicely for a vintage look.

Friday August 4, 2023

Feature Friday

New in Plaid

It’s all coming together, a new creative pattern in Paint & Pencil!
Who doesn’t love a vintage plaid thermos filled with Cocoa….and a cookie too!
We like to warm your heart here at Classic Amy Joanne!
Coming Soon to the pages of our ‘My Cottage Life Keepsake Journal‘ and a vintage inspired baby bundt box for gift giving….along with a Christmas edition too!
Learn more about our ‘My Cottage Life Keepsake Journal’ (here). And keep us bookmarked for an upcoming ‘Gathering’ on October 26 ~ along with a pattern too! Save the Date!

Thursday August 3, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

Still Time to Join Us

For our August Artful Gatherings! Simply Click onto the ‘Workshop Gathering’ Tab above and choose a favorite!
See you soon!

Wednesday August 2, 2023

Creative Kindness

Outside the Box

While you’re making the gift for the inside the box ~ why not get a little creative with the outside of the box too!
Customize the Wrappings to coordinate with the Gift Content!
Read all about our ‘Jerry Mix Gift’ (here) ~ and how we created a ‘Giftable’ Treat Box! ~ the same idea can be applied to any Creative Makings!

Tuesday August 1, 2023

On the Blog

Taking a Break

Taking a little break from Blogging ~ to just simply enjoy the lazy days of Summer ~ and gather creative content for the upcoming Autumn and Christmas Season!
Enjoy 10 years of previous Blog content simply created to share ~ click on the BLOG tab and enjoy all things Art & Home….and Food too!

Monday July 31, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Sunday Ride

An enjoyable busy weekend ~ and in the ‘mindset’ to enjoy every moment.
Friday evening ~ Dinner with good friends….and warm hugs.
Saturday the brushes were moving, along with candle making…..enjoying the Studio.
And Sunday was our Church Picnic….then a lazy Sunday Ride home thru the valley ~ and a little photography around the Garden during our ‘House Walk’ (read here).
A perfect weekend.

Friday July 28, 2023

Feature Friday


Did you know we have instructional patterns available for you to create?
All types of mediums ~ ‘Classic Chalk Art’ (colored pencil on wood), Paint & Pencil and Acrylics too!
Our patterns include a shopping list/supply list, a tips and techniques sheet (with blog video how-tos available), complete instructions, a line drawing and many photos!
We also offer Class Gatherings and Recordings in each medium monthly!
Fill you shopping cart today, let’s get busy creating! (SHOP HERE)

Thursday July 27, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

August Zoom

A variety of Mediums and a variety of Surfaces too ~ a Gathering for everyone to enjoy thru Classic Amy Joanne!
Join us to create in ‘Classic Chalk Art’ style ~ colored pencil on wood ~ it only looks like chalk! August 10, 2023 ~ ‘Blue Chair Pumpkin’ ~ learn more (here).
Lovin’ our Keepsake Journals? Join us on August 17, 2023 for our first official ‘Gathering’ thru Classic Amy Joanne ~ begin on page 1 or 21 or any surface for that matter ~ ‘Sweet & Salty’ Goodness! click (here).
Do you enjoy the Art of Paint & Pencil? Join us to create thru our ‘My Cottage Life Keepsake Journal’ ~ gather with us on August 24, 2023 (here), for ‘Growing Onions’!
And we added a pop-up Gathering ~ upon request! Join us to create ‘Alpacas’ on August 29th (here), in colored pencil (on wood)!
Everyone Welcome, beginners too!

Wednesday July 26, 2023

Creative Kindness

The View

Whether you are creating a painting, a landscape, a decor change, or a wreath for the front door ~ do you ever think of the view it will be seen from?
The view thru a doorway, from the front entrance, down the hallway, from the neighbors side window, from the inside-looking out or the outside-looking in…even the view of an opened cabinet.
Paying attention to ‘this detail’ (the view) will help you coordinate all the surroundings for all your creative endeavors ~ first creating the ‘view’ then enjoying the ‘view’ ~
Looking thru a camera lens can also help you see things from a different view.
Making things pleasing to the eye, from every angle, one view at a time.

Tuesday July 25, 2023

On The Blog

Two Tator Tots

Stop on by the Blog-Tab ~ we’re makin’ a favorite from our kitchen to yours….a double dose of Tator-Tot Casserole!
One with Chicken, One with Hamburger Beef….pick a favorite!

Monday July 24, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Building a Mannequin

You may be thinking, ‘What on earth is she up to now?’
and the answer is ~ ‘Why, I have been building mannequins.’ ~ ‘you don’t say’.
I’m on a mission and have a purpose. I’ll keep ya guessing about the wooden spoon and vintage bundt pan. all I can say is Stay Tuned in!
Creativity with no boundries and no end.

Friday July 21, 2023

Feature Friday

Keepsake Journals

Have you heard about our acrylic paintings found thru the pages of our Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal?
Each Page is created in acrylics with the option to paint it as a flat design or as a pop-up book ~ there is room for adding your own Charm too!
Each design is offered as a monthly pattern to create on your own or a zoom class gathering with a recording ~ everyone welcome, beginners too!
Did you know that each design can also be created onto any surface you choose! So many options beyond the journal.
Learn more (here) think about joining us…..once you get started you will be glad you did. I’m pretty sure of that.
Check out our Halloween Keepsake Journal and the ‘My Cottage Life’ Keepsake Journal too!

Thursday July 20, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

Let’s Gather thru Zoom for Classic Chalk Art

(Colored Pencil on a Wood Chalkboard)

We have some pretty fun ‘Zoom Gatherings’ scheduled thru 2023 ~ and only $15.00!
Our Gatherings include complete instructions, supply list, tips & techniques, photos and a line drawing! ….oh and me!
And guess what? There is very little prep!
Check out all the details (here). Come pencil with the Pencil’ Peddler, I’m tellin’ ya, it will be fun!

Wednesday July 19, 2023

Creative Kindness

Textures, Layers & Color

Thru years of learning and practice I have found that whether you are making a delicious meal, taking a photograph, creativing a craft, painting a picture, making your bed, setting a table, creating a display or decorating your home ~ being mindful of Texture, Color and Layers just adds to the Charm.
Think handmade, think new, think hand-me-down, think vintage…..think collected over time for each layer.
Think overall color, think accent color, think of metal colors.
Think smooth, think rustic, think soft, think shiny, think Texture!
And most of all …..have it tell a story, your story.

Tuesday July 18, 2023

On the Blog

Pantry Cupboard

Join us today on the Blog ~ we’re sharing a creative way to personalize an ‘oh-hum’ basic cabinet into a stylish pantry cupboard!
Simply click onto the Blog Tab at the top of this site.
Enjoy a new post every Tuesday filled with Creativity in Art & Home….and a few recipes too!

Monday July 17, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Hoagie Sliders

Hoagie Sliders were on the menu this past weekend. Keeping it light and easy on these lazy hot humid days of Summer!
Instead of waiting for the bread machine dough for our perfect ‘Hoagie Stromboli’, I layered all the makings for a hoagie onto Slider Buns….then heated thru in the oven set at 350 for a half hour.
You may of course just assemble and enjoy without heating the oven….says my hubby.
Simple & Delicious either way.

Friday July 14, 2023

Feature Friday

Cookie Tips & Tricks

Want a sure-fire way to enjoy extra cookie crumbs (…for taste testing of course) AND have a perfectly shaped cookie? Look no further than a simple drinking glass.
First I use a small Ice Cream Scoop for the cookie dough to make an extra large cookie prior to baking ~ ….all you need is one to fill your belly.
Then after pulling the cookies from the oven, before cooling, place a drinking glass over the cookie and twist to create a perfectly shaped giftable cookie!
AND the extra crumbs left around the outside of the glass are for taste testing :).
This chocolate chip ‘cookie cookie’ recipe can be found (here).
Follow along on the Blog tab for more recipes and fun creative ideas!

Thursday July 13 , 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

Blue Chair Autumn

Want an inexpensive way to beat the summer heat?
Stay Home and Creative with us thru Zoom!….don’t forget the cold glass of lemonade!
Join us to create ‘Blue Chair Autumn’ on August 10, 2023 beginning at 6:30pm EST ~ (here).
Learn all the details to create ‘chalkboard art’ ~ with a few colored pencils onto a painted wood background!
Very Little Prep ~ Quick ~ and Inexpensive! Pattern provided upon payment ~ includes photos, line drawing, supply list and complete instructions! Special Tips and Techniques shared during our Gathering!

Wednesday July 12, 2023

Creative Kindness

Make It Yours

Define ‘your’ space.

Sometimes all it takes to do ‘your thing‘ is a defined space to call your own. A space that welcomes you in. A space just for you.

Whether it be a corner of the dining room, a hall-way closet or a whole room. Claim it. Define it… and make it completely you.

Do you Remember placing a sign on your bedroom door saying ‘no boys aloud’ ? ~ same idea.

Find your Space, then create, define and taylor it to fit you! exclusively you.

Tuesday July 11, 2023

On the Blog

Root Beer Float

A tasty all American summertime treat ~ along with a fun way to ‘Serve It Up’ with a hand painted tray!
New Blog Postings every Tuesday, be sure to stop by for a visit by clicking onto the Blog Tab at the top of this page!

Monday July 10, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Mexican Pasta

Before my hubby took his first bite of this pasta dish I said ‘this is a Mexican dish and not an Italian dish!’ Just so his taste buds were not expecting our traditional spaghetti!
Chili Powder and Cumin made up the spice base ~ not our traditional Oregano and Basil.
And it got another thumbs up ‘Another Keeper’ !!
Oh the Joy of Cooking!

Friday July 7, 2023

Feature Friday


Soooo many patterns available to you ~ in sooooo many mediums!
A pattern is a self guided instructional packet to create any project desired!
‘Patterns’ include many Photos, a Supply List, a Tips & Technique Sheet, complete Instructions start to finish and a much needed Line Drawing!
Stop on by our SHOP tab (here), to discover and enjoy creativity!
Pick up one, pick up two, pick up ten! Get Hooked on Classic Chalk Art, Paint & Pencil, Acrylics and more!
Each Design is filled with Homespun Charm and Whimsy….that’s Classic Amy Joanne!
Thursday July 6, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

Cottage Keepsake

Did you know?
Did you know you can join us anytime, with any surface, or begin on any page of our ‘My Cottage Life’ Keepsake Journals? …for our Zoom Gatherings?
Check out our monthly schedule (here) ~ learn more (here) or purchase a pattern (here) ~ so many ways to play with paint & pencils!
Wednesday July 5, 2023

Creative Kindness

Punch Tin

or is it?
I should really stay away from my hubby’s workbench.
I passed by this interesting roll of silver ‘something’ on his work bench and immediately thought….hey that looks like tin!…..oh so many purposes were buzzing thru my mind.
So of course I needed to ask….’could I use that?’….he replied ‘what? that aluminum flashing for roofing?’….and I replied, ‘no that tin’…and the conversation went from there ~ to later finding him cutting and measuring aluminum flashing for the inside of my new kitchen pantry cupboard (to look like punched tin) and any thing else I could dream up!
always creatively thinking outside the box ~ discover the possibilities from your hubby’s workbench.
All the how-to’s will be shared soon!
Tuesday July 4, 2023

On the Blog


On the Blog today ~ enjoy a recipe for bbq sauce to feed a crowd (and then some) ~ I promise you will no longer be a bottle baby!
~ along with a delicious sloppy joe!
Monday July 3, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Show Stoppers

Our Hydrangeas are a real Show Stopper this year!
With our red brick home and blue and white hydrangeas ~ it is a perfect setting for this All American Weekend.
How are your blooms this year?
Friday June 30, 2023

Feature Friday

Simple Goodness Let’s Gather

It’s coming fast! Our ‘Simple Goodness’ Zoom Gathering!
Join us for 3 monthly classes (to complete) ~ a little bit of acrylic and mostly colored pencil! Beginners always welcome at our creative table.
Learn more and Register (here). May I save you a seat in your home?

Thursday June 29, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

Little Makers

Have you checked out our ‘little maker’s’ zoom schedule for 2023?
Join us each month to create with acrylics & colored pencil onto watercolor paper, onto wood….say what?
Yes, join in on the fun, come see what we have been up too….everyone welcome at our creative table.
Click (Here), to see our schedule!
Check our complete schedule by hovering over the Workshop Tab at the top of this page and choose a favorite ‘Gathering’!

Wednesday June 28, 2023

Creative Kindness

Trying Something New

Sometimes ya just gotta try something new…. and that is exactly what I did.
and Pottery it was. It gets me out of the house, I’m amongst other Creatives and am enjoying a new medium ~ with a paintbrush-in-hand, of course.
We have a wonderful instructor who has been walking me thru the steps to create Pottery in my own style and design, making it extra exciting.
I haven’t purchased a kiln or slab roller yet….but my wheels are turning!
I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new….what are you waiting for?
Tuesday, June 27, 2023

On the Blog

Keepsake Journal Changes

Check out all the fun new happenings thru our ‘Creative Keepsake Journals’…our big announcement, click (here).

Monday, June 26, 2023

Weekend Happenings

it’s that simple

Another Family Gathering, another dessert.
Last weekend while visiting my husbands family, my sister-in-law Annette made a on-the-lighter-side dessert and it was super delicious, especially for a hot day.
So when my Sister planned a Gathering this past Sunday after Church ~ I knew exactly what I was bringing along.
A Whipped Topping Dessert on-the-lighter-side!
Simply mixing a 16oz container of Whipped Topping with a large packet of Vanilla Pudding (use dry), then adding a can of Crushed Pineapple (with juice) ~ I also added coconut flakes and cherries….imagine the possibilities! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

Makin’ Little Makers

It’s Christmas in July and we’re Makin’ Little Makers!
Join us on July 6, 2023 thru our ‘Zoom Gathering’ to create in acrylics & colored pencil.
~ really any surface will do ~ but we just adore our Little Makers!
Find our Little Maker schedule (here).
or Our Full Schedule (here) ~ or simply hove over the Workshop Tab and Click onto a favorite Gathering!
No experience needed ~ supply list and prep instructions provided upon purchase.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Creative Kindness

Mixing Patterns & Colors

I’m a scardy-cat. Always following the rules when it came to home decor and such. How can that be as a ‘creative’ person? Finding myself playing it safe with color and patterns….until I dared to be different.
Don’t get me wrong…it was never a problem to paint the walls all blue and stay clear of tan walls and stained moldings ~ but mixing patterns and colors, well, not my strong suit.
Until I did….and boy am I having fun with it.
Coming Soon to the Blog, how we mixed a Green Cabinet into an all White Kitchen and adding Green Gingham Fabric into a Traditional Setting!
Are you a scardy-cat?
Tuesday June 20, 2023

On The Blog

Daily Dose

Today on the Blog ~ read all about the ‘Daily Dose’ ~ found right here…where inspiration is waiting for you.
Monday June 19, 2023

Weekend Happenings

is it a cupcake, brownie or cookie?

Dessert is always a ‘good thing’ to bring along to any picnic….especially individually wrapped sweets! This weekend while visiting my hubby’s family ~ I made Cookie Cupcakes….It certainly was a cross between a Cookie flavor, a Brownie texture and then wrapped up into a Cupcake wrapper…..and why not add a favorite Chocolate icing ~ with some Cake decorating flair!

Friday, June 16, 2023

Feature Friday

Daily Dose Page

Are you missing your Daily Dose of Classic Amy Joanne thru Social Media? Check out our newest Tab/Page on our Website (right here!)…..meant to inspire, encourage and give you peace thru Creativity….daily!

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Gatherings & Happenings

My Cottage Life Keepsake Journal

Coming Next Week our first ‘My Cottage Life Keepsake Journal’ Zoom Gathering ~ check out all the information thru our ‘Keepsake Journal Tab’ ~ you’re one click away from Cottage Creative Fun!
Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Creative Kindness

A New-to-me Wreath

Bored with a wreath and had it packed away for a while? ~ find you don’t know what to do with this and that?

This wreath base was just laying around ~ the greens were ready to be tossed and then I rescued the metal painted fruit from a tired ol’ wreath…..and they made all things new again!

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Blogging About


Adding Storybook Charm to the Everyday ~ read more about our Duck Collection today thru the Blog ‘Tab’

Monday, June 12, 2023

Weekend Happenings

Apple Cider Donuts

It was an Apple Cider Donut Weekend ~ really Amy in June?
We’re getting ready for Autumn here at Classic Amy Joanne ~ with a fun new design, a new candle scent, a gift idea and of course recipes! Keep on visiting!