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The World has changed since this post was prepared. Prayers Lifted.

I am lucky to have an amazing Mom and a good friend Jane Allen whom have encouraged me to read and pray Psalm 91.


I know I know, that you know that I have a fondness for the color Blue. So it should come as no surprise that my Easter basket and goodies should be anything different.

Check out the Paint & Pencil project ‘Blue Easter’, click here, …..if you missed it.

As I break down the basket of blue ~ picture it in the colors that inspire you.

The ‘bucket’ basket is painted with DecoArt Color Stain. The chip buckets can be found at the ‘Cottage Classics’ shop within 895 Studio….insert wink.

The DecoArt Color Stain worked beautifully together ~ switching colors for the base and the rim. The Color Stains come in different shades from Fuchsia to Golden Honey to Jade…click (here) to pick your favorites!

To assemble ~ pick a favorite hand dyed wool or vintage material in your chosen colors, then add a favorite grass filler ~ this too comes in many shades of color. Don’t forget the ribbon or twine to wrap around the basket.

Then add your favorite candy ~ choosing white or dark chocolate bunnies~ make your own with your favorite melting chocolate….mine happens to be Wilbur from Lititz PA. You can find the melting chocolate (here). Use a fun candy mold, some favorites can be found at Michaels Craft Store.

For the blue basket ~ robin egg candies in blues and greens and similar malted balls were perfect…..with carrot taffy for a touch of orange. When searching for candy ….think of color and texture, jelly beans and Hershey kisses have a variety of colors too!

and a basket would not be complete without Easter eggs….dyed in a perfect indigo blue. dying indigo secrets will be shared in Part 2 next week!

Gosh I remember hunting for eggs with my brother and sisters on Easter morning, it was my Dads job to hide the eggs…..fond memories.

….oh and the rocking Easter bunny ~ he will be introduced in Part 3!

So with a little thoughtful planning you too can create a basket full of Easter color….your color!

Stay tuned in…. for Part 2 and 3 of Easter Blue….and Enjoy!


Coming Soon ~ Easter Blue Part 2|Those Eggs, Easter Blue Part 3|Rockin’ Rabbit, Recipe Card Project April, Bunny Patch Cupcakes

7 thoughts on “Easter blue|your color|part 1 of 3

  1. Sweet basket, I encourage everyone to pray Psalm 91 over themselves, their family, their neighborhood, etc. Psalm 91 is life changing.

    1. Love you my friend. Your friendship is life changing🙂

  2. Barbara Adams says:

    Thank you for the Bible verse. It is a calming reminder. I am beginning to search for items in blue. It hasn’t been one of my favorite colors. If I have to change my house, room by room, I will tell my husband it is your fault. Lol

    1. Prayers for you too🙂….oh my gosh another hubby I’m in trouble with….that’s ok, he can belly ache with mine☺️…..happy findings!

  3. Maru says:

    Do you know I just hung up with my brother whose troubles have him so worried right now! So I just told him to go read ps 91!! So excited to see this confirmation here! Thank you!!

    1. Praying hard🙂….thank you too!

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