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It is always a challenge for me to create for Spring & Summer and any Holiday or theme that is typically done in light, bright, pastel or happy colors. I live on the dark side….with art & color. I love dark backgrounds with warmth, deep rich colors, denims, Winter & Autumn tones, and anything blue.

Although I think many folks are drawn to my designing because of the rich deep colors used….there are many that ask for Spring, Summer and Easter patterns….so whom am I not to please them, (insert wink).

So the challenge for me is not to create in pastels or any of those lights and brights….the challenge is for me to create for Easter (in this instance) in my typical style of creating….with deep rich colors!

YES! Spring, Summer & Easter can be created with warmth!

There is of course more to this story of ‘Blue Easter’ ~ the surfaces chosen and how to use them in your home, how to break down a larger pattern to fit a surface and all about the Vintage Scale Series and what you can find within the designs…….but I will save all that fun for another post….smile!

If you’re local or like to travel (always fun to meet new creative friends) I hope you will join us in Tamaqua PA at our local Art Center to create ‘Blue Easter’ on March 14th. Here is a little info.

Click onto the Workshop Page to join us!

and the good news is….if you cannot join us, the pattern is now available to you to create on your own! Both the board version and bentwood box version are in the same pattern, completed in Acrylic & Colored Pencil. Visit our shopping page by clicking (here).

...and yes I did find vintage egg dippers just to create and photograph this piece.


And for those that have been waiting….the Cute Snowman pattern is now available too in Acrylic! You can find it by clicking (here).

This cutie is created onto a vintage dummy board…aka mink board…aka stretcher ~ but you can create him on any stained wood surface your heart desires.



Coming Soon ~ Happy 6 Years Old, Oh’ Deer Wrapping Paper, Cute as a Button Flowers, Vintage Scale Series Revisit, How to Use Art in Your Decor and Measuring Up March Recipe Card Project

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