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Each evening as we wind down, Jerry and I take a ‘House Walk‘. We are ‘early to bed, early to rise‘ type of people so this happens around 7ish.

A ‘House Walk‘, is simply a slow walk around the outside of our home to visit each garden and appreciate all that we have been Blessed to care for.

We talk about this, that and the other thing.

We discuss the days happenings, plus how the Zinnias are ready to be re-planted, how the Winter Berry Bush look better than last year, how the deer ate all the Tomato Plants already, we wonder how the Apple Tree will do this year…and how many more to-do’s we need to cross off the list.

We have big plans for the front of our Home this year ~ you can read a little bit (here) ~ so we stop and dream a little at the front stoop.

And just like any other project in our home….we always make it cozy in the in-between times too, the waiting times.

Following many home bloggers, listening to many podcasts, reading plenty of books and catching anything Food & Home related thru Discovery Plus and Roku Streaming…..gathering ideas.

Recently I have enjoyed watching two ‘series’ of ‘Floret‘ ~ it is a story of Flowers and Creating A Business from Flowers.

You may find it funny that I even am watching this since painting and planting flowers are the furtherest things from my mind ~ but I love the look of a well attended Garden (thanks to my hubby) and I love a good story about business.

You will love Erin’s story of Floret and how she tells it. How she took 2 acres and made it 24 ~ from nothing but the right mindset.

She inspires. Erin’s Website is (here).

Her and her Hubby take a ‘Farm Walk’ each evening ~ to discuss the business, to attend the flowers and to just be with each other.

Hence our ‘House Walk’.

We’ve gathered a few ducks….9 to be exact and 2 planters too, sharing soon a simple re-make to the statues and why there are 9.

Always enjoying the in-between time until the next phase to our ‘Story-Book Home Front‘ Re-do.

Enjoying this time to just slow down, enjoy, get to know each other and dream a little too.

a simple House Walk, care to take one?


10 thoughts on “House Walk

  1. Linnea Rydout says:

    I’m a duck person too! Have them scattered around my house, it’s to bad the deer aren’t afraid of them, lol…

    I’ve been waiting for ducks to come around again…thanks for posting…

    1. that would be fun if the ducks would scare them :), lol. Yes! Let’s bring back the Country Duck!

  2. I love to wander in our gardens too. Makes me feel close to God and nature. Sorry about your tomato plants! So far, so good here. We do have a fence, but they jumped it last year! Keep up the good work! It all looks loverly! 😉

    1. thank you! Your gardens are Gorgeous!

  3. Christy Hartman says:

    Your house looks so warm and inviting. A place of sanctuary.

    1. Thank you so very much Christy! Kindred Hearts!

  4. Lynn says:

    Such a nice way to end the day. I often do a house walk in the AM with a cup of coffee in hand still in my pj’s. It’s so calming and peaceful and a way way to reflect.

    1. mmmm, maybe a morning stroll would be fun too! Thank you for following along!

  5. It looks so nice, Amy. I love the ducks!

    1. Thank you Sheila….maybe we’re bringing back the Country Duck, lol!

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