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-adding in the charm.

Our ‘Winter Kitchen-Dining Room-Home Project‘ is still progressing…and almost complete, well for now anyway, and most of the work is on my end at this point ~ so it’s a good thing I am an inside girl during the Summer!

I’m getting better (or showing bravery) at adding color and different fabric patterns thru-out our home. Dining room chair coverings are next ~ in a green buffalo-check-plaid, oh my!

Always excited about the next step.

Jerry has moved to our ‘Summer Home Projects‘ ~ the outside. He just loves working outside in all our gardens ~ a vegetable garden, a cutting garden, a berry garden, and a memory garden.

Last year we added landscaping rocks to the front of our home ~ this year we pulled out old holly bushes and replaced with hydrangeas.

We have the foundation of the house to paint yet and a new front porch to add. The front porch will have a scallop roof design, off-set steps, a bench seat, a trellis and concrete planters ~ along with a Mama Duck and 7 Ducklings ~ can’t wait to share all the details.

Yes, always excited about the next step.

The wreath (shown above) is made up of ol’ parts and pieces of previously made wreaths ~ coming together nicely….making it new once again!

Swapping out wreaths or any decor for that matter makes all things feel new again.


What’s Cookin’

If you missed it ~ Crazy Noodle Pie was on the menu and worth every stand-em-up noodle, check out the recipe (here).

Once you’ve made your own bbq sauce ~ you won’t go back, 99% guaranteed ~ a make-your-own recipe is coming soon to the Blog ~ along with the best beef bbq sandwiches!

….and how to build a Haystack Meal ~ another fantastic dish.


Managing Time

One would think ‘Managing Time’ is something any office employee from the 90’s would have down pat ~ enduring thru so many ‘time management’ meetings that is…..and yes multi-tasking is and was over-rated.

But having grown my own business over the past 10 years has provided me with the best learning experience ~ learning the hard way thru 24/7 working till you crash and burn.

This year after the ‘crash and burn‘ period, I began making small changes to my home and work life ~ ‘time management 101‘ ~ by working thru a day by day list on the calendar, adding in time to walk, seeking God and praying faithfully, eating a proper breakfast, making time with friends (yahoo! Pizza Nite), clearing the Sunday calendar, taking more classes, adding in crafting, setting my phone aside, and more…..

I’m still working on it ~ and each new habit I make (or break) has been so wonderful to being well, feeling better and enjoying a beautiful life.

A big new announcement is coming soon ~ how prayer changed something pretty big.


and speaking of business ~ join us thru

Zoom & In-Person Gatherings, Events and Colabs!

It really does keep this small business open.

Find your creativity thru our Zoom Gatherings!

Join us to create ‘Little Makers‘ monthly (here) ~ always a perfect on-hand ‘tuck-inside’ gift!

Have you tried our Classic Chalk Art yet? Check out our monthly schedule (here).

Do you enjoy ‘all things Cottage’ ? ~ join us to create in our ‘My Cottage Life Keepsake Journals’ in Paint & Pencil beginning June 22, 2023, then once a month (learn more here), scroll to bottom of page.

Or how-about our popular Creative Keepsake Journals ? ~ in acrylics ~ really any surface will do (learn more here). We have a big announcement coming up ~ stay tuned in! (schedule here).

Or if you’re local or visiting, find us at our newest Events thru ‘Helana Farms‘ and In-Studio Workshops (here).

And we also have

New Candles (added weekly) (here) ~ and coming soon new ‘Room Sprays‘! Stay tuned in for new Pottery and Bread Keepers in Classic Style too ~ all part of our new ‘Make Yourself A Home’ line of goods.


Todays Thoughts

-Living like it’s 1989.

The images above are of a recent purchase of a child’s hand-made vintage hutch (I can’t wait to play), pretty peonies from the garden that bloom on my birthday and our ‘hang in there America’ Classic Chalk Art, ’cause we’re all hanging in.

Saying goodbye to Social Media is one of the hardest things I have ever done (read here), a risky thing to do as a small business….but yet it is very freeing and wonderful too. I wish things were different.

We live pretty simple and we’re pretty content and happy too, here at Classic Amy Joanne. My hopes are you will continue to follow along and find inspiration and encouragement thru all we have to offer ~ Blogging, Newsletter, Gatherings and Shopping too, sharing with anyone who would like to follow along, keeping your heart and hands creating! ~ and holding onto our friendships the best we can.

Sharing just enough to keep you inspired and then get you unplugged and creating too!


Any thoughts on opening up a Zoom Gathering once a month to gather and gab about all things Art & Home?….no commitment, no cost, just connecting.

as always, Thank You for checking in to Classic Amy Joanne for a little inspired creative living~


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  2. Love everything you’ve done! Looking forward to seeing all that’s ahead! You always amaze me with your creativity! I like the idea of a home Zoom gathering!

    1. Thank you Barbara for being my creative friend 🙂

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