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‘Here are your wings to fly’

I heard those words 5 years back when I lost my ‘day’ job ~ I first heard ‘the sky is falling!!’ and then my whole-mind tuned out all the folks in the office that day, I felt a sense of calm and I then heard ‘you’re ready Amy, here are your wings to fly‘ ~ we serve an Awesome God.

You see, I was creating, learning and practicing Art for about 25 years at this point, all while working full time, also sharing Art thru magazine publications and teachings…..and was always dreaming of ‘doin’ this thing I do’ full time.

My faith was as small as a mustard seed ~ but our God tells us in Mathew verse 20:

“because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you”

Nothing will be impossible for you

I did just that, I put wind beneath my wings and flapped and flapped and flapped ~ creating this small creative business, giving it everything I’ve got ~ building a Website and Blog and sharing it all thru Social Media.

But things started to change over the past few years with Social Media, my way of reaching friends and followers ~ which meant as a small creative business ~ I needed a new plan……yes, another mountain to move.

So what do we do with this ever changing ‘landscape’ of Social Media and staying connected as friends and as a small creative business?

Social Media is (well had been) where my people are. It was purely enjoyable when I began posting 10 years ago….every friend was seen, artwork was shared, friends were made, we followed each other, and friends made more friends, beautiful comments were left and my business grew. I loved scrolling thru my ‘feed’ enjoying all the art from my art-full friends, finding classes, seeing new patterns and more!

Then things changed.

Ads started rolling in, hackers are present, creepy comments began appearing daily, there are things called FB jail, and algorithms (really FaceBook?!?!), ‘please don’t get me started on algorithms’. My Artwork has been stolen, patterns copied, and ugly comments have even been left. Yes the ‘landscape’ has changed.

Does it even live up to the name ‘Social Media’ anymore?

So where do we go from here? How do we stay connected?

How do we keep all the good and the friendships and business rolling?

I’m not sure I have any answers ~ but I do know that my mind is full of artful ideas and creative endeavors to share and surely there must be a way as a small creative business to ‘get the word out’ and continue our friendships.

Moving Mountains, remember.

I started to make small changes in my life and in my business.

I made time to read books, specifically cookbooks, Christian women books and small business mentor books. I did ask God to help me with focus and comprehension so he gave me good books…and the result was ~ I’ve learned to cook, and have been mentored, inspired and encouraged by amazing women.

I turned off the news. If I need to know, the news will find me soon enough.

I began walking daily, the longer my prayers got the further I walked. and the funny thing is….things were becoming clearer with each mile and each conversation with God. Instead of repetitious prayer it become a conversation and growing relationship.

And I gave myself an evening of ‘new’ Creative Fun by taking a Pottery Class each Monday evening. Making new friends and enjoying a new Art form.

and the next change to make is my time with Social Media (FaceBook) ~ I keep thinking it will get better and I will see my friends again and enjoy our time together…..but what really needed to change is me, to stop scrolling, visiting, and peeking in…. and seeking what I wish it could be.

I can feel it ~ just like turning off the news, just like my walk and Prayer time….only good can come from this.

This is hard, Social Media has been a huge part of this small creative business for 10 years. How on earth am I going to survive as ‘Classic Amy Joanne’? Of course my knees are knocking. ~ but I can move mountains, remember.

I’m Still giving it everything I’ve got ~ thru Blogging, our Website, thru Teaching and our Newsletter ~ sharing with you a feel-good heartfelt experience thru our Gatherings, and enjoyable hand-made products to purchase, and a fun place to visit thru the Blog Pages… you something to talk about and share with a friend.

If I get out of the mindset that Social Media is the only way and focus on all the right things ….. then only good can come from this too.


Did you find a favorite recipe thru the Blog Pages, or enjoy a fun Class, or purchase a well written pattern, or Gather with us in the Studio, or find a perfectly scented Candle, or receive a homespun wrapped package or enjoy our ‘Keepsake Journals’?…..what-ever it may be I hope you will share your experience with a friend, ol’ style Social Media.

will you ‘tell a friend’?

Enjoy all we have to offer thru Weekly Blog Posts, our Monthly Newsletter, Weekly Zoom Gatherings, Studio Gatherings and Shopping too….and yes on occasion a Friday FaceBook Post in hopes that I will see my friends.

Any thoughts? Leave a Comment, I would love to hear from you.

Tell a Friend


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13 thoughts on “Tell a Friend, ol’ style social media

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  2. Karen E Showalter says:

    I am grateful to read your blog today–for your thoughts about today’s so-called “social media.” So much of it is “the opposite.” I feel as though I have been given permission to turn away from the scrolling. Not only permission to protect my feelings from it, but better, healthier activities to replace it with. Life-changing.

    Amy, I was about to produce a newsletter article for our group members. You said it all, far better than I could. Can my friends read this article if I link it? Thank you for the difference you make.

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you for your kind words, absolutely share! Thank you so much

  3. Laura Humphreys says:

    I agree, Amy!!! Social media has become a nightmare! FB in particular. I have been put in FB jail for comments they considered to be “ hate speech.” Their idea of hate speech and mine are entirely different. It is really sad. Was so much fun in the beginning. I hope you can find a way around it – I really enjoy your weekly posts.

    1. I’m so missing all the friendships ~ really if it wasn’t for social media we would not have met and I am grateful for it….but sad to see it turn so ugly. Stay in touch my friend……. hugs to you.

  4. Wow! You have poured out your soul here and given so many a lot to think about. We have so much to be thankful for but, as you say, things have changed and we small businesses are struggling. Walking and communing with God and building a relationship with Him are so important and helpful. Let’s all remember “….for God, all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26b We need to keep the faith and keep on “keepin’ on”!

    1. Keepin’ the faith to not lose connections with our creative friends…..I’m missing that. Stay in-touch Barb, I enjoy our calls. Hugs.

  5. Diane Horlacher says:

    Amy, I have so many things I want to say and don’t know where to start! Just wow. You have just shared so eloquently everything I’ve been thinking and feeling about social media. The comment about scrolling and seeking what you wish it could be really hit home. Thank you so much for expressing and sharing your thoughts and your journey. I will continue to follow and purchase and connect. And, selfishly, I hope to learn through you how to make a new way in today’s landscape. I agree that going old fashioned (in more ways than one) might be the best way! Hugs.


    1. I sooooo miss everyone, all my friends, it was a fun connection to like minded friends ~ I’m still struggling with all of it, but also enjoying a new freedom away from the ‘screen’. So happy to have you as a creative friend. Keep in touch my friend. Hugs!

  6. Patti says:

    Good is good and He will continue to show you the direction you are to go. 🥰

    1. Words to live by, yes, God is good. Thank you!

      1. Karen says:

        God is good ALL the time.

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