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With my recent departure from Social Media (read here), ~ it has left me missing the sharing of ‘all the in-between moments’ and everyday happenings of a creative life here at ‘Classic Amy Joanne

And it goes without saying it also leaves me missing my creative friends.

My chosen ‘screen time’ is now spent thru my favorite Blogs and Podcasts, (.…and hoping your time here is well spent too) ~ without the constant scrolling of Social Media and all it has become was so draining mentally, personally and with my business too ~ and it took a series of events and happenings in my life to recognize it and my time away has been nothing short of beautiful.

It occurred to me though that there is a way to share the ‘in between moments’ here at ‘Classic Amy Joanne’, right here thru this Website, for anyone who would love a Daily Dose of a Creative Life.

Simply by clicking onto the ‘Daily Dose‘ Tab at the top of this Website ~ to get your daily dose of inspiration today and everyday~

Monday ‘Weekend Happenings’

Tuesday ‘Blogging About’

Wednesday ‘Creative Kindness’

Thursday ‘Gatherings & Happenings’

Friday ‘Feature Friday’

Whether you read it once a day, once a week or once of month ~ it will be here just like scrolling thru Social Media ~ but with no ads, no garbage, no belly-aches, no creepy comments, no jails or agorithms…. just simply little snip-its of a Creative Life…. a life lived.

Get your Daily Dose of Inspiration (here).


with each step I take….literal walking steps, towards feeling physically and mentally better, towards being present in small moments, towards finding myself all over again, towards seeking God, towards creating a business, towards my purpose, towards enjoying the journey, towards finding contentment…..things are happening, change is happening and it all feels so good….and it all started with a walk. My scrolling turned into strolling….. and turned into a Better Life. A Life Lived.

8 thoughts on “Daily Dose

  1. Erla S Biasi says:

    I’m glad you were able to find in your inner self, what needed to be done. Congratulerlsations!

    1. thank you so very much Erla!

  2. Peggy Humphreys says:

    Proud of you, Amy! Can’t wait to see what all you come up with!! I love the artwork with the clothesline!! Hope I can get to Tamaqua soon. Miss all of you.

    1. I would love to see you and Carol again…..miss you both too! Hugs!

  3. Lynn Barbadora says:

    I can certainly understand Amy. The world has become a scary place. People have forgotten how to just be kind to one another. I find myself stepping back a bit to just enjoy my gardens , home and studio. the older we get the more we seek the comforts of HOME and peace as well. If it had not been for Social media we would have never “met”. You are a truly amazing talented friend.

    1. That is exactly what I miss Lynn, the friendships we would not have made otherwise….but in these times we should guard our hearts …..I truly miss the goodness, truly. I looooooove watching your beautiful posts of home, garden and art!

  4. “Strolling” is a great way to clear your head, think things through, get inspiration….

    1. it sure is! 🙂

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