Classic Amy Joanne

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Is it a Journal, a Coffee Table Book, a Keepsake Book, or a Pop-Up Book? or, or, or! It was so hard to decide what to call this creative book! I know one things for sure….it will be a fun treasure for your family and friends to enjoy ~ a keepsake for sure…maybe even a …

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‘Shiny Red Nose‘ is created in Classic Chalk Art style ~ simply color penciled onto an acrylic painted background in vintage chalkboard style ~ and the pencil looks a lot like chalk, hence Chalk Art!

What do you do with expired Crisco (lard), store brand old sunflower seeds, and cranberries left from Christmas? Why you make bird feed! Vintage Jello Molds make the perfect shape feeders…along with paper Dixie Cups. and adding ‘the signature’ baker’s twine and of course some blue twine made it extra sweet and personal.