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Have you ever just looked at something and thought, ‘well why not‘?

Well, that was me staring into a Delish Cookbook (found here), page 159 to be exact.

The recipe shown was Pizza Rigatoni Pie, with crazy ‘stand-em-up’ noodles.

‘Well, Why Not?’

Delish Cookbooks (and magazines by the way), share some delish dishes (and baked goods too) with some fun, humor and crazy ideas! (a few listed here).

And when I saw this noodle built pie in a spring form pan loaded with sauce and cheeses…..I thought why not.

It wasn’t hard at all, well maybe trying to add the first row of oiled slippery noodles with parmesan cheese clinging to each.…but really once I got going it worked out perfectly.

Then it was just a matter of adding the layers of toppings ~ it is like building lasagna or pizza to your liking.

adding pepperoni to Jerry’s side on our Pie.

and of course using our own pizza sauce (found here).

Slide your masterpiece into the oven.

PS ~You will want to photograph this to impress your family.

The recipe can be found (here) from Delish.

Just look at those perfect layers of noodles.

Crazy Noodles or Crazy Me? …it was for sure Crazy Good.

Are you crazy enough to create Crazy Noodle Pizza Rigatoni Pie?

Simply enJOY!


3 thoughts on “Crazy Noodles, or is it Crazy Me?

  1. That looks SO good! I just may need to try this one. Fun to be creative with food.

    1. be crazy with me!

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