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A Homespun Two Boo to You.

Let’s create Boo and Boo, two ways.

As a homemade tasty treat and a handmade decorative slide for your straw (or gift tag) ~ using our new Classic Cling Rubber Stamps!


Out of 9 cousins trick-r-treating in my Grandparents neighborhood, one of us was always the Ghost. The sheet over the head with two eyes cut out. What could be easier, right?

Well….making these yummy ‘Oatmeal Creamy’ Homespun Boos are just as easy!

A few simple steps with a few simple ingredients.

Oatmeal Creamy Homespun Boos


  • Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Cookies
  • Icing or Melting Chocolate of choice
  • Fondant in White
  • Edible Black Pearls (eyes) or Sprinkles
  • Decorative Straw
  • Round Cookie Cutter


  1. Using a Mixer ~ add several Oatmeal Creme Cookies and mix for about 2 minutes until crumbs are created. (I used 6 cookies)
  2. Form 1″ Balls (or smaller)
  3. Add a Straw into the bottom of each Ball, then place in freezer for about 10 minutes.
  4. Melt Chocolate or have Icing prepared ~ Dip Ball into Chocolate and harden or add a little Icing to top of Ball. (not shown in image below).
  5. Roll Fondant using package instructions, then cut Fondant with a round Cookie Cutter to the size of the Ghost (over the Ball).
  6. Wrap and form Fondant around Ball to create Ghost.
  7. Add Black Pearl Eyes.

Notice the cute little fondant scalloped edges……a Classic Amy thing for sure.

Wrap ’em up in a cello bag for a fun ‘trick-r-treat’ night goody!


And why not add a Boo Gift Tag or Straw Slide too

Here is the How….


  • Watercolor Paper
  • Detail Scissors and Knife
  • Classic Cling Rubber Stamp ~ Ghost (available here)
  • Staz On Ink ~ Black
  • DecoArt Paint ~ Black, Orange Flame, Neutral Grey, Titanium White
  • Basic Painting Supplies
  • Striped Halloween Straws in Orange and Black


  1. Stamp the image using the Classic Cling Rubber Stamp onto the Watercolor Paper using Black Ink
  2. Paint the Ghost Sleeves, Black and Orange Flame alternating, then add a smudge of Neutral Grey to each Black stripe. Add a vertical hi-light in Titanium White. (pocket too).
  3. Paint the Nose, Orange Flame, with a Titanium White hi-light.
  4. Shade Right Side of Ghost, Neutral Grey.
  5. Cut Ghost close with Scissors.
  6. Cut two slits into Ghost body and slide Straw thru.

So many possibilities with Classic Cling Rubber Stamps!

Enjoy ‘Ghost’ on Sale for just a short time (here).

Or purchase a whole set (here).

Each Stamp or Set purchased will receive a how-to video and instruction to create in Watercolors….free!

A little Boo and a little Boo for you.



Coming Soon: Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, Autumn Vignettes 2021, Tator-Tot Casserole, Gingerbread Bombs, a Charming Welcome Homespun Snowman, and It’s a Wrap!

2 thoughts on “Two Boos – Makin’ a Boo Boo

  1. Bonnie Mankamyer says:

    Sounds yummy and easy

    1. Enjoy! Yummy for sure!

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