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We’re Showing Off today ~

Our Beautiful Summer Garden

My Gardner, aka my hubby, deserves all the thanks ~ we have beautiful gardens around our home including a vegetable garden, a winter garden, a picking garden, a memory garden and a 4th generation Zinnia garden.

Enjoy the Tour

Beautiful Hydrangeas

and pretty perenials in-between

last pickins from our vegetable garden

and our

Zinnia Garden

a fourth-generation planting from seeds ~ harvested each year for the next.

The original seeds, 4 years ago were gifted by our Good Friends Joe and Rochelle. A gift that certainly keeps on giving!

Harvested in Autumn and replanted in Spring.

attracting lots of creatures great and small

with six Zinnia Patches in all ~

…some ready to harvest too

…and even a few with double bud heads

…with a little Autumn Joy peeking thru our Winter Garden

until next year beautiful garden

We will meet again


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8 thoughts on “Showing Off

  1. Lynn Kanahan says:

    Wonderful pics to hold us through the winter! So lucky that your Bambi visitor isn’t munching the hydrangea!

    1. Bambi is most definately a lucky girl…although she has nibbled on our Winterberry a time or two. Thank you for your kindness.

  2. Judy Doyle says:

    Beautiful end of summer flowers….show off all you want – XO

    1. thank you Judy….I just love the flowers in each season, the caretaker does a wonderful job, smile! 🙂 xoxo

  3. Gorgeous gardens! LOVE the zinnias and hydrangea! Our zinnia always please, but our hydrangea don’t give us many blooms…. We have milkweed too and the butterflies love it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your garden is inspiring to me as well! Certainly a labor of love.

  4. Kathy says:

    Your gardens reflect twelve that goes into them! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Kathy….I love taking a walk in the evening and enjoying the beauty of each garden in each season

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