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‘It is time for you to fly Amy’…is what I heard during the exit interview.


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Last Monday I posted on FaceBook that I had a ‘life hiccup‘….I then received all kinds of comments of concern and a lot of kindness…and prayers.

So What’s the hiccup Amy?

The hiccup was saying Goodbye to my 9-5 job ……it was like the baby bird was being pushed from the comfortable nest.  It was time to fly.

You see….this wasn’t going to be easy.  I have ‘worked’ since I was 15……full time since I was 18, I was a bank teller, an entry typist for Dun & Bradstreet, a Kelly girl, a manager at Bath and Body Works, I’ve sold chain saws and hardware, and flipped burgers…. among other things.

For the last 13 years I was a blue-collar girl living in a white-collar ‘cubical’ world. But my happiest times were stocking shelves and creating window displays at Bath and Body Works and M &S Hardware…this all prepared me for… what I am about to do.

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Over the past week there were a lot of tears, some nail-biting, a little whining,  some sofa 80’s movie bingeing, much prayer and going thru every ‘what if’ scenario in my head…...‘what if I fail…..oh my dear, but what if you fly’, …….what if.

and I am ready to fly…..I am ready to be a full time Artist.  Pinch Me. 

Who says dreams don’t come true.   It is within His Plan for me.  I have been surrounded by Art in one way or another over the past 30 years.  He has prepared the path and I have taken the much needed journey.

And He now has given me wings…..and it is time to Fly.


Over the past week ~ I have been taking walks, praying and listening to GOD and have received many many many signs….of assurance, that this is right and good and I am ready.  I tried not to do all the talking with GOD.…but listen.  And the Blessings I have received have assured me the time is right…and now….to Fly.

I’m settling into a new routine, a new way of life. A happy Art-full life.

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There will be blog changes, more photographs, more patterns, more clubs, new projects, updates, newsletters, Studio tours and make-overs, new adventures, selling originals, new mediums, added classes, workshops and open houses….and, and, and….

So first things first… me to stay connected to you!  Have you added your email address to the blog page to see each and every post? Would you like a monthly newsletter?  Send me a private message on FaceBook or an email to  Visit my timeline on FaceBook for daily posts!

So much more to come… ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

I am ready……to Fly!

UP NEXT: Autumn Vignettes, Makin’ Sweet Friends, Christmas Bowl Fillers and Market Bags

30 thoughts on “The Hiccup

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  2. Ellie Setlock says:

    You are flying girl, you’ve been, but didn’t realize it, now your wings grew to full capasity. You can do this. I feel very sure about it. You’ve been much in my prayer life as well. In God we trust!!! Through Him ALL things are possible. It only takes the faith of a mustard seed and you are surrounded with prayerful ppl. I felt your pain, but, trust me out of everything bad comes something good! You go girl ….
    FLY HIGH!!!!! Oh and plz include me in everything!!

    1. Love u Ellie! My Tuesday girl! Thank u for your prayers….

  3. coette morri says:

    All the best to you as you travel this artful journey. I hope with all my heart, your hiccup is a fun filled place, all you need is trust in God and a happy heart.

    1. Happy hearts it will be….Gods plan🙂thank you!

  4. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    Glad to hear the good news!

    1. 🙂❤️happy place! Thank u

  5. Shelly MCATEER says:

    Congrats! I am so happy for you. You are a fabulous artist and designer. Take the leap, I know you will soar!

    1. Thank you Shelly looking forward to creating 🙂❤️feeling blessed!

  6. Cindy says:

    So excited to see what the future holds, hopefully a class I can fit into my schedule. Best of luck following your dreams Amy!!! So happy for you!

    1. Thank you so much! Excited and scared but feeling blessed! Would love to see you in class!

  7. Lois Davis says:

    So-ooooo happy to hear the great news, you are sharing your God given talent with everyone.

    1. Thank you Lois…’s time!

  8. Michele Heiser says:

    Congratulations on your leap of faith! You’ve got this. ..

    1. Thank you! Feels exciting!

  9. I wish you the best! When we trust in him, God is always working everything for our good. It will be exciting to see where he takes you!

    1. I am excited to see….the journey has been amazing so far!….thank you for your friendship and always inspiring!

  10. Deborah Hegarty says:

    I love when He (or as I say, the Universe) sends us signs and serendipities to let you know you are ready, and the voice in your head (what I like to call your higher self) telling you it’s time. I am so happy you have taken the steps you knew you were ready for and are jumping in with both feet. My heart is singing right now, and the excitement building as I wait for all your wonderful creativeness to hit the internet! Sending love and light as you begin this wonderful journey…you go girl!!!

    1. Thank you for your excitement! I am so excited and a little nervous…but He says it is time to Fly!🙂so I am!

  11. romaland says:

    I thought that is what it was…lol. prayers for peace…♡

    1. Thank You….ready to fly!

  12. Beverly says:

    Fly HIGH girl!!!!!!! Awesome……….

    1. On my way…..I have wings! Thank you!

  13. And FLY you WILL, my friend! I have no doubt! I know we sometimes don’t understand the ‘reasons’ things happen in this life of ours. Sometimes it breaks our hearts. Sometimes it frightens us to our core. But more often than not, there will come a day when you can look back at these events and (whether they were good or bad) say to yourself, “I am glad that happened. It got me where I am today.”

    I think that you are ‘ready’ and maybe you needed a little push from fate to help you begin your new journey. I can only offer three words of advice to you –
    – You have an amazing amount of drive and talent. Trust your heart.
    – You are not alone.
    – You follow where you focus.

    I am always here for you, my friend! I know many others are as well. It is going to be a wonderful Chapter in your life. <3

    1. I am ready Sheila! We all make a great team….so happy I picked up that paint brush so many years ago….it truly makes not only Art, but wonderful friends! Thank you!

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