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Wrapping a package is not my strong suit, especially when it comes to cutting perfect pieces from a roll and not coming up short….and then there is the managing of the tape and holding it down, finding the scissors and cutting the ribbon all with a single hand.

The real problem is, I have no patience and am typically wrapping gifts at the last minute while still trying to make ’em pretty.

Jerry pretty much does the wrapping, for he has patience of a Saint, for the wrapping and for me.

If this sounds a lot like you, let me introduce you to my new assistant. The Elf.

The Elf simply slides over a roll of wrapping paper, making a perfect cut each and every time.

This has saved a lot of time and not to mention wrapping paper. You can find ‘The Elf‘ (here).


Another fun gadget is ~ Fringing Scissors, found (here).

While I was purchasing these scissors for another purpose, I found them useful to make gift tie-ons this Christmas Season.

Simply cut a piece of wrapping paper (with The Elf) from the roll and then fold in half with long edges together. Then fringe the wrapping paper with the fringing scissors at the open end, leaving about 1/2 inch at fold of paper on top (photo above). Continue along long edge until the length of desired fringing is complete.

Then fold the fringe wrapping like an accordion along the top and clip with a clothespin, binder clip or whatever your heart desires (make it part of the fun gift) ~ (see below).

I used double sided wrapping paper from Hallmark, found (here), which makes up even prettier seeing both sides thru the fringing.

Of course, I am partial to plaid.

Did you know I worked for Hallmark as well?

What wonderful memories and lessons I learned from all my Retail experiences.


And this year I played with a Wax Seal & Wax while gift wrapping as well.

I have always wanted to try this, but couldn’t put my finger on the perfect stamp….then I discovered a few shops on Etsy that will create a custom stamp for you….and it is pretty inexpensive too.

The Custom Stamp & Waxes can be found (here).

The wood mount rubber stamp shown was also custom, I will share more ideas in 2022 with this fun find!

There are several methods to melting the wax and stamping. I used the ol’ fashioned method by melting the wax over a candle, then adding it to my gift and envelope, then stamping the design.

I cannot wait to order more custom stamps….a ‘Classic Amy Joanne Stamp‘ with Denim Blue Wax is a must!

Choosing the ‘be merry.‘ stamp this Christmas Season.

The red metal ‘Merry’ sign (above) was found at Dollar General.

Pretty wrapping makes the gift all that more exciting to open!

Sending a little inspiration your way this Christmas Season with fun gadgets and ideas.


Coming Soon ~ Gingerbread Pudding Cake, Classic Candle Company Scents and Marketing, and Merry Christmas Classic Chalk Art for you.

10 thoughts on “Pretty Wrapping Ideas and Gadgets | Be Merry. | It’s a Wrap

  1. Lynn says:

    Ordered an Elf! . Now if I can remember I ordered the Elf and where it is, for the next holiday, that will be an accomplishment! Love your ideas! Merry Christmas!

    1. You will love the Elf….saved me time, wrapping paper and helped with my wrapping anxiety too, lol! Thank you and Merry Christmas as well!

  2. thank you for the information and links Amy! The Elf will be a wonderful tool for wrapping gifts from now on!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. You will love the Elf! A time saver for sure! Merry Christmas!

  3. Catherine Holman says:

    My two brothers and my sister all worked for Hallmark downtown KC. I wanted to work for myself. Love your gift wrap tips! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank You Catherine, wonderful to have siblings! Merry Christmas!

  4. Barbara says:

    I will be wrapping gifts today, but none as pretty as yours! I think I need a helper Elf too! What a find! Your gift recipients are so lucky!

    1. Enjoy wrapping! I am sure they will be so beautiful, I love all your nostalgic touches!

  5. Ellie Setlock says:

    So many great ideas. But then again, it’s Classic Amy Joanne, you never cease to amaze me. Love it all. ❤🎄🤶🎅

    1. Thank you Ellie! So much fun! Merry Christmas!

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