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0 thoughts on “My Cottage Life Journal

  1. Lynn Kanahan says:

    Wonderful pics to hold us through the winter! So lucky that your Bambi visitor isn’t munching the hydrangea!

    1. Bambi is most definately a lucky girl…although she has nibbled on our Winterberry a time or two. Thank you for your kindness.

  2. Judy Doyle says:

    Beautiful end of summer flowers….show off all you want – XO

    1. thank you Judy….I just love the flowers in each season, the caretaker does a wonderful job, smile! 🙂 xoxo

  3. Gorgeous gardens! LOVE the zinnias and hydrangea! Our zinnia always please, but our hydrangea don’t give us many blooms…. We have milkweed too and the butterflies love it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your garden is inspiring to me as well! Certainly a labor of love.

  4. Kathy says:

    Your gardens reflect twelve that goes into them! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Kathy….I love taking a walk in the evening and enjoying the beauty of each garden in each season

  5. Patricia A Hartley says:

    Amy that looks yummy, going to try it this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re just going to love it! Makes Lots! Then again I could never judge noodles, lol!

  6. Sounds great! Did you drain the grease from the meats before adding other ingredients or does the grease help? Need to try this!

    1. I didn’t drain anything….but really I didn’t find it to be to greasy either….enjoy, enjoy!

  7. Karen Showalter says:

    Beautiful and inspiring, as always! I’m a huge fan of big batches! Love those individual servings in the freezer for nights when I’m not up for making a mess. This one is golden. Thanks, Amy!

    1. Thank You Karen….yes a huge fan! Especially for those crazy busy nights we can just pull from the freezer! Enjoy!

  8. Thanks, Amy! It looks awesome! 🙂

    1. thank you Sheila….lots of leftovers!

  9. What a precious story! Love how the ducklings represent people in your family. Wish I could see your home in person! I’m sure it’s magical!

    1. Every step we take, I look forward to the next! Trying to savor every moment!

  10. Hi, Amy – They are truly adorable. They certainly add charm to an already charming cottage! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. <3

    1. Thank you Sheila….as you know, I just love everything about ‘home’. 🙂

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  12. Cathy says:

    Oh Amy, my favorite sister-in-law……..let’s chat about those cookies!!!

    1. we sure will!

  13. Everything is so appealing–from the idea to the box to the recipe to the gift to the candles!

    1. Thank you so much! Enjoying all the coordinating!

  14. Christy Hartman says:

    What a wonderful delicious looking recipe and the design is fabulous. I love how you combine creativity with cooking.

    1. Thank you Christy….appreciate you! I really think coordinating is my hobby, lol!

  15. Lynn Barbadora says:

    Those look YUMMY!!!! I love everything you do!

    1. Thank you so much Lynn! Back at you 🙂

      1. Lin Henderson says:

        Will the pattern packet for the donuts be available for purchase after the seminar? I love it!!

      2. Yes the beginning of November 😊

  16. Lin Henderson says:

    I would just like to purchase the painting pattern for the apple I cider donuts. Help

    1. Hi Lin, the pattern will be made available the last week of October, I will let you know, thank you for your patience 😊

      1. Lin says:


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  18. Those sound really good! I hadn’t heard of Molly Yeh until last year when she was on the Spring Baking Championship. LOVE those shows! Guess I need to start getting her recipes!

    1. I have enjoyed a few of Molly’s recipes….simple and full of flavor!

  19. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    You’ve certainly made it your own piece and a perfect fit in the kitchen!

    1. it is a perfect fit! Thank you Judy!

  20. Sharon says:

    I love that green cupboard, Amy.

    1. thank you my friend!

  21. Love it! I LOVE wainscoting! Such a beautiful and useful addition to your already charming kitchen!

    1. Thank you Barbara! The color really added something fun to our kitchen!

  22. Karen S says:

    Beautiful, of course! I really enjoyed reading your entry.

    1. Thank you so very much Karen! It was a fun project!

  23. Allison Stout says:

    I love that you can see how things could be and not settle for how they are! So glad you shared the transformation of the Green Pantry Cupboard. You are inspiring me to look at things in a new way.

    1. Thank you Allison, I am having so much fun adding all the details to our Home! Adding color was a little scary, but it’s like the icing on the cake!

  24. Holly M Klotz says:

    It’s beautiful Amy! You and Jerry did an amazing job creating the design. I like the black knobs!

    1. Thank you so much Holly….I just love seeing the colors play together in our home! I think I am keeping the black knobs 🙂

  25. It looks lovely, Amy. Really coming along!

    1. thank you Sheila….I love it!

  26. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    Found my unused popsicle trays in the back of the cabinet…wondering how to use them. And, here is the recipe! Will use diet root beer to decrease the carb count.

    1. Enjoy Judy!

  27. What a fun idea! Root beer floats are SO good! The popsicles remind me of my Mom. When we were kids, she made popsicles with pudding. I need to try these root beer float ones! And the design is so adorable! Perfect tray to use at a summer party!

    1. Thank you! even though it is a simple recipe…it is so delicious! Enjoy!

  28. DebHegs says:

    So CUTE!

    1. thank you Deb! 🙂

  29. Pam says:

    Thanks for sharing your recipes. They look and sound WONDERFUL! I particularly liked Gram’s recipe in her own writing. What a treasure. I’m glad you didn’t type it. It’s priceless. Thanks again.

    P.S. I always enjoy reading your emails.😊

    1. ….yes priceless. There are so many other things I wish I would have kept :). Thank you so much Pam!

  30. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    Sounds wonderful!

    1. thank you Judy, hope you get to try it!

  31. The BBQ sauce sounds so good! Definitely need to try this one!

    1. of course I enhanced the sweet side! Enjoy!

  32. Jane Allen says:

    Look forward to trying it. Your pizza sauce was yummy

    1. Thank you Jane….so happy you enjoyed the pizza sauce!

  33. It looks yummy! Happy holiday to you, Amy! <3

    1. Happy Holiday….and thank you Sheila!

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