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If you haven’t heard of ‘Jerry’s Snack Mix‘ you can read a little bit about it (here).

At home we simply call it ‘Jerry Mix‘ ~ it is a combination of pretzels, crackers, snacks, sweet treats and such.

Jerry (my hubby), after 30 years of taking baggies of pretzels to work for lunch….said ‘I’m bored with pretzels‘ and the ‘Jerry Mix‘ was born. We simply combine all different snacks into a large glass jar, mix it and then serve it up daily ~ when the glass jar is empty we create a new and different mix!

adding a favorite ‘scoop’ is just a pretty bonus.

savory, spicy, hot, sweet or a combination of any snacking favorites!

The ‘Jerry Mix‘ was the inspiration behind creating this painted design/pattern ~ to then create little Door Knob Gifts, and Cottage Classic Giftables too!

The tin and canvas draw string bag were created using this acrylic pattern (here) ~ with directions on painting onto fabric and tin.

Fill the painted tin with ‘Jerry Mix‘ and slide the tin into the painted canvas draw string bag ~ making a perfect Door Knob Gift!

Super Size the Line Drawing and paint it onto watercolor
paper using the same painting instructions ~ make it a ‘Cottage Classic Giftable‘ using this guide (here).

Try your hand at Paint & Pencil ~ create a ‘Little Maker‘ using the same design, find the pattern (here) ~ our ‘Little Maker Kits‘ can be found (here).

Making the perfect gift to tuck-inside a basket with your ‘Jerry Mix‘!

Always hoping to inspire with fresh new ideas ~ whether it be ideas from the kitchen, creating in the Studio or coordinating Cottage Classic Giftables!

Curated, Collected, Created, Coordinated and always…..Classic.



6 thoughts on “Jerry’s Snack Mix

  1. Debbie Hren says:

    will done love it

    1. thank you Debbie!

  2. You creativity never ceases to AMAZE me!!!

    1. thank you Lynn!

  3. What a fun idea! Snack mix is so good to eat–and share! Now I’m hungry!

    1. if anything it is not-the-same-old! 🙂

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