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February We have been spending time this month planning for our ‘Home Gatherings’ with Pizza and Pachisi. Perfecting our Game…and our Pizza. A month of enjoying each others company and All Things Art & Home.

So smitten with the new Vintage Reindeer Pull Toys….and yes, I couldn’t be more excited to share! Upon request, a new Pull Toy has been added to the Collection, a Vintage Reindeer!…well, really it is only the second one, but excited for the request! You can find a free pattern to our first Pull Toy …

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Sharing recipes for cooking and baking has become another favorite thing to do thru Social Media and thru Blogging. I must admit my cooking and baking has come along way since we married 32 years ago…..just ask Jerry. Now it is rolled into the fabric that unfolds thru the Blog of Classic Amy Joanne….who knew, …

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How could you not love a meal that gives the options to go-all-in and make it from scratch or if you’re pressed for time, you can still make something not-completely-out-of-the-box and save a few steps…..or there is always the pull-out-of-the-freezer option….or even part scratch, part time-saver. This Meatball Casserole is just that recipe!

What do you do with expired Crisco (lard), store brand old sunflower seeds, and cranberries left from Christmas? Why you make bird feed! Vintage Jello Molds make the perfect shape feeders…along with paper Dixie Cups. and adding ‘the signature’ baker’s twine and of course some blue twine made it extra sweet and personal.