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Something BIG is going on…… again!

Remember the Replica of a 5 ft Vintage Santa and all his Reindeer (read here), and then the Baby Room Mural (read here), and the two Restaurant Menu Boards (read here)?

…and each time promising myself it would be the last BIG project.

….and then it happened again.

This time my Sister Stacey said she had a fun idea for our Church Fall Festival ….her ideas always involve me, you know how Sisters are ~

She said “if I buy the wood (4′ x 8′ mind you) will you help me create a menu board for our Church Fall Festival?”

….and how could I say no, it was our Church and my Sister.

We had 6 weeks to get it done….and then One Board turned into two.

My Sister and Her BIG Ideas!


We worked together off and on for 6 weeks in her basement.

She had drawn a rough sketch onto paper of her idea and then she painted the board with the background color.

Then it was my turn in her basement. She did her laundry while I first distress the chalkboard background and then sketched a design with a chalk pencil onto the board….to meet her approval of course.

She promised she would do all the basecoating. Beleive it or not she actually had her brushes from years ago when we painted together…..I was impressed.

…. and she painted her heart out.

She kept basecoating and I kept adding the shades, hi-lights and details ~ until it was all complete.

We were so smitten with the finished menu board!

….and was happy to just spend time being Sisters too. My Sister Kristine even popped in one day, always good to be together.

So what do you think?

(and the menu is erasable ~ for future events!)

And here is a snapshot of the smaller painted board ~ we used it for a child’s game and plan to add to it next year.

~ the only bummer was it rained the weekend of the Fall Festival and we then held it in-doors…..but there is always next year!

…and that’s the BIG idea!


My Sister mentioned another board for our Ol’ Fashioned Church Social next Summer. Oh boy. Should I run for the hills?

12 thoughts on “something BIG

  1. Christine Hairstone says:

    What a fun project…and how adorable it turned out!!

  2. Judy G says:

    Your design made me smile💚 I bet everyone loved it! You are such a giving artist🤠

  3. Rita Holtzinger says:

    Absolutely Spectacular! Especially love little mousie, being so good, sitting on the pumpkin. What a wonderful time bonding with sisters. Looks like a two pager for your Halloween Journal! 🙂

  4. Paula Konsavage says:

    When I saw the photo on FB that someone posted of the event, I knew Amy painted that menu board. It is shouted Classic Amy Joanne. Love it

  5. Allison Stout says:

    I love your big signboard! It’s darling. I can only imagine what the board for the social might look like! You and your sister make a great team.

  6. Lynn Barbadora says:

    How wonderful Amy….of course I knew it would be !!!!

  7. Lynn Jensen says:

    It is fantastic! You are amazing!💖

  8. Kari Siebelt says:

    Oh my gosh, it turned out so fun and fabulous!

  9. Jane Allen says:

    Your signboard turned out great, you blessed the church and were blessed to spent time with your sister. It is a win – win!

  10. What an undertaking and what a great job! That mousie is always into something, isn’t he? Kind of reminds me of you…<3

  11. It came out just beautiful! Love all of your characters, Amy! (Who wouldn’t??) Bravo on a job well-done! <3

    1. Irene Deychakiwsky says:

      Absolutely wonderful, Amy! It’s so whimsical, charming, and colorful.

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