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Amy Joanne Mogish, Muralist.

Learning something new about myself everyday ~ like today I can call myself a Muralist.

The story goes like this…. Ellie, one of my long time students and friend approached me after ‘the hiccup’ ~ about creating a mural in the nursery of her niece Abbey. I have to admit… mouth was saying Yes but my mind was screaming ‘NO’. Not because I wouldn’t do anything for Miss Ellie….but because I didn’t think I had it in me to do this ~ just like many times before and as I learned later….GOD was pushing the baby bird out of the nest to learn to fly.

My Pap created murals after-all….how I would have loved to work alongside and learn from his heart, hands and brushes. You can read about my Pap here.

Yes…I can paint. Yes I can design. Yes I have ideas...but can I paint and design to this scale without it looking awkward, ….can I create for a little girl with sweetness and cute character when I typically paint with black chalkboard paint and deep colors in Halloween and Christmas?…can I create this and not want to sit on the floor and cry with every brush stroke…..and the words spilled out of my mouth ‘Why Yes, Ellie I would love to.’

God is taking me on another journey with the fork in the road……He knows what he has laid out in front of me….and has given me the opportunity. My journey has had many ‘Yes’ moments, while my mind was screaming ‘No’. I can only imagine this is the works of his hands….leading mine.

Working Scared ~ the only way to grow.

On my first visit, my sketch book in hand with a few pencils, a few brushes and a few paint colors, along with chalk pencils and my imagination, I had the freedom and trust from Ellie to create whatever my heart desired for Abbey’s place. Checking out the space, the walls, size, colors of the room, and so on. I still cant believe it ~ I jumped right in ~ Chalking in a few lines for a tree, fitting between two connecting walls and the ideas overwhelmed my imagination immediately. The first day the tree branches and a few leaves were created…..feeling confident and making progress.

Taking photos of every step helps me to make changes or additions on my next visit. It has become a common practice of mine..Seeing my work thru different eyes~the camera lens. By doing this, I knew the mural needed a sky and ground.

Next in my mind was to create child like animals. Sketching, in my sketchbook, to create the shape of the animals, beginning with the deer. Using images on my phone of ‘real life’ animals ~ then using drawing skills ‘creating with circles’ to create character like creatures with whimsy. By using this type of sourcing and drawing ~ it keeps it original not copied….and that is the desire of every Designer, to be original. Adding fun details like big eyes, headbands and racoon mask ~ made for fun!

Then onto the wall with a chalk pencil! Counting on my drawing skills to take it from sketchbook to the wall. I was going for it!

To keep things light, airy and soft ~ I chose to create with DecoArt acrylic paint ~ but with a watercolor like effect. It was the only way I knew how to use my much loved colors and brand ~ with a softer touch.

Each step from sketching to painting ~ working a little less scared and really enjoying the process. Each night I felt like I was leaving a little part of me. It was a bonus to see sweet Abbey’s smile everyday too.

Along the way ~ the family and Ellie where asking for things…can you add flowers? can you add a butterfly? can you put antlers on one deer?…..and the painting continued to grow.

My mind wondered too…..thinking about creating this scene on bentwood boxes, ornaments, and even pillows.

Most days working 2 to 4 hours. I would put on ear phones and listen to Creative Business Podcasts while working. A happy place it was.

This next image is what you see when entering the room thru the doorway. What a happy place this will be for Abbey…..her Mom told me she already loves to touch the animals.

So what’s next? I am ready to take on murals….and excited too! So many ideas swirling in my mind ~ for my own mural in my dining room and a chalkboard mural in my kitchen…..what better way to Celebrate (and practice) this new adventure ~ than to create in my own home.

And…..I am ready to take on new Mural Clients with confidence. Are you ready to have a one of kind creation mural in your home or place of business? Contact me at, I will be happy to send the information and contract.

The below slideshow shares a few images of the painting and its progress. Staring at a blank canvas as an Artist can be exciting or a scary place. I know most Artists can relate to this.

The journey continues to be fun and full of the unexpected….who knew 30 years ago when I picked up a paint brush I would be painting murals ~ leading me to so many adventures….take the fork in the road!

Oh…and by the way, my very first paintbrush still paints!

Thank you Ellie for believing in me! This was so much fun!


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14 thoughts on “The Mural

  1. Lisa says:

    Amy, this mural is just precious. Your imagination and creativity knows no bounds, and thank God for that. I am curious, how do you seal something like this? I hope all is well with you and you get to enjoy the summer months.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for your kinda words….I didn’t seal – most hand painted murals are not sealed, that I have read about anyway….I think they even get better with age🙂….I think I would only be concerned with direct sun light and in this room I am positive we will be ok🙂 enjoy your summer as well!

  2. Barbara says:

    That mural is just precious. It can be enjoyed for many years. Beautiful job Amy.

    1. Thank you – so much fun to create for a sweet little girl!

  3. Beautiful job Amy, what a fun room to dream, imagine and play in.

    1. Thank you….so much fun to create for Abbey!

  4. Charlotte S Fletcher says:


    1. Thank you Miss Charlotte!

  5. Pat Jarrett says:

    Oh, my…you are definitely a muralist! This is wonderful, so imaginative and sure to delight children of all ages!

    1. Such a sweet little girl to create for! This has been a fun journey of discovery! Thank you so much!

  6. Rixanbe says:

    Amy, I think of that quote, “ If God leads you to it, He will guide you through it”. And look at your gorgeous work for this darling little girl! God has given you the talent! It’s hard to step out into unknown territory but I believe the more we do, hopefully it gets a little easier!
    But I laughed out loud when you wrote “ Why yes Ellie, I’d love to”….
    Oh how many times I’ve had that response in my own life and wondering why why why did I say that? Thankyou for sharing your journey!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments….God has moved me thru this amazing journey and I am grateful….having a sense of humor is just a bonus, lol!

  7. lynn says:

    Beautiful work. I have to think the family who enjoys this mural every day smiles every time they enter the bedroom. And Miss Abbey is one beautiful little girl!

    1. It was such a joy to create for such a sweet little girl🙂❤️ thank you!

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