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I love Winter….unlike most folks I love cooler temps and the time to cozy up at home with all kinds of projects, and I must say that getting dark earlier has me lingering longer in a good book or just slowing down just a bit…..a tiny bit.

Anyone with me on loving Winter?


At Home

Being a DIY Family, Winter is the perfect time for an indoor project. Of course I needed to remind Jerry that all Summer when I asked to start the ‘Kitchen/Dining Room Project’ he said ‘that’s an indoor project’.

….and so it is.

We are mid-way. So far we added wainscoting to the Dining Room to create a cozy cohesive look between the Kitchen and Dining Room ~ we have some corner moldings, hooks and a little bit of spackle left to do.

We also are mid-way with adding a Pantry Cupboard to our Kitchen. We took a builder-grade cabinet from Home Depot and are giving it a complete new look ~ we added legs and finished the painting (Fusion Park Bench Green found here). We will be changing the hardware, adding hooks and molding too. Along with a tin-punch interior ~ and a whole lotta organization.

And it goes without saying we need to touch up the surrounding area with paint….then it will be time to add the cozy ~ a chalkboard or two, a brass rooster wall hook, new carpets, a door and sink curtain, counter-top cutting boards and large painted canisters will do the trick.

It will be fun to share all the details when complete.


In The Studio

Candles have been all the buzz in the Studio….we’re getting ready to launch a few new scents and ordering supplies for Christmas Sampler Boxes ~ perfect for gift giving.

Orange & Apricot Grove, Cottage Mornings, and Summer Cottage.

Candle Making itself is a fun process ~ but I really enjoy naming the scents, creating the art to make the labels, the photography, the marketing and making each one giftable….and then sharing thru the Blog Pages.



In the kitchen we worked at perfecting our pizza sauce ~ and I learned how to ‘jar’ a few 1/2 pints. My husband and his family have been ‘jarring’ for years ~ large amounts of great tasting food.

Every Autumn my husband, his Uncle Joe and about 10 other men jar sauerkraut ~ an all day affair with gallons of ‘kraut. Their talents never end with sausage stuffing and boilo too.

I’ve learned a thing or two and can’t wait to share!



Keepsake Journals have been in my hands and on my heart.

I never, ever, ever thought I would be ‘that’ person designing and creating Journals….and here I am. I just love it. Journals can be a good place to practice art….but it also can be a good place to put your best work ~ in a heirloom piece, like our Keepsake Journals.

It is a great piece for someone who loves to play with Art ~ especially those folks who have said ‘I don’t have room for any more Art‘. This is your answer.

I think our Journals are a unique style with alotta charm ~ you can read about and view our Journals (here) ~ join us, I just know you will love it!


The Biz

I wasn’t going to let any cats out of any bags until next week….but here is a sneak peek at what we have been working on.

‘Gatherings with Classic Amy Joanne thru Zoom’

My hopes are for our Gatherings to be just that…..a Gathering of friends creating together. You can grab a sneak peek thru the Shop Tab (here) for new Workshop Gatherings being formed, (and here).

Our first being a monthly gathering to create in Colored Pencil in Classic Chalk Art Style…..join me for a trial run on March 30, 2023 ~ you can help me ‘test’ the waters! 4 additional Gatherings have been added.

Then beginning in June we will gather monthly for a Paint & Pencil Keepsake Journal called ‘My Cottage Life‘….and I am thinking of adding in another monthly gathering ‘Makin’ Little Makers’.

One thing at a time Amy.

I couldn’t be more excited to share…..and gather, Are you with me?


4 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ Winter 2023

  1. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    I’ll have to say no to liking Winter because I am a Summer person…Sun, flowers, vegetable s and herbs growing, grilling out on the deck, sitting on the deck, going to the pool…just to name a few.

    1. maybe I can carry a portable air conditioner and sit on the deck with you 🙂

  2. I’m with you! I do love winter for the exact same reasons. Not updating our home unfortunately, but doing a lot of reorganizing, repurposing, decluttering and it feels so good! Now to make time to paint! Looking forward to seeing your home projects updates and finishes!

    1. ahhh, another Winter Girl! Yes lots of DIY and projects! I can’t wait though to see your Williamsburg inspired gardens in bloom!

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