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This post is the beginning of Monthly Postings of ~ ‘Inspired Creative Living‘ ~ it will replace ‘Social Media Weekly Recap’ ~ and it will review the previous months happenings ~ you know the in-between creative fun, meant to inspire creativity with Art & Home. Inspired Creative Living ~*~

Social Media Weekly Recap will be available to you each Friday right here on the Blog of Classic Amy Joanne. Why you ask? Click ‘here’ and read all about it! Inspiration and Creativity Awaits! ~*~ Social Media Happenings June 21 This past weekend felt like a mixed bag of ‘Marketplace’ Art! Aiming high and a …

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It is funny how ‘things’ come to be in our home. Whether they are found, acquired, gifted, given, hunted for or purchased. My Sister and I even have a ‘borrowing’ agreement in place, lol! Whether it is free, inexpensive or saved for. Whether it be from a friend, a small business, an antique store, a …

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