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I felt like a winner this past Sunday night….mid-night to be exact.

One of my favorite Bloggers, Liz Marie of Liz Marie Blog (here), launched a decor line thru QVC and it was going live at mid-night. During one of Liz’s stories on Instagram, ‘eye-spied’ this ever so fun rabbit in foe-brass, part of the QVC line, I was sure everyone would want it. It wasn’t a need, but a want. …but I really wanted it.

So I placed my finger on the ‘enter’ button at mid-night, crossed my fingers….. and I made her mine.

When I typically ‘do this kinda thing’ it doesn’t pan out for me…but it did! Especially finding out the next day that the rabbits sold out in 20 minutes! Good thing I was there with my finger on the button, lol!

the moral of the story is ~ never, never, never, never give up. Sometimes you do get the ‘brass’ rabbit.

You can view more of Liz’s QVC line (here).


What’s Happening in the Studio

We’re shuffling things around.

Making space, brightening up, and adding display shelving. We have vintage cupboards waiting, lumber for shelving, gallons of paint to use, and fabric ready to go….along with a little starch too.

Sharing more as we move thru the process ~ We hope to have it completed by June 30th to have friends back in the Studio, it has been a long two years.


New Product

Our Candles were a sweet success, with only a few remaining (here).

Our next scent will be arriving soon….’Cottage Kitchen‘ with the scent of fresh picked apples and cake. ‘Cottage Kitchen‘ will be offered in 8oz candles and tarts, along with votives!

…and we may just sneak in our special cottage jars too.



What I am reading this month is mostly my own words….proofing patterns. Although it is not my favorite job, it is important to me to provide the best patterns I can. My name is on it, I want it to be good.

Also taking time to shuffle thru the bins on the ‘locker room shelving‘ ~ One is for future Blog Postings, another for my Mentoring Group, and yet another with future art sketches.



Having some time away from painting had me creating in the kitchen this past week. Cottage Potatoes were on the menu….nothing tastes better than ‘from scratch’ cooking.

This comfort food recipe will be shared next month.

Check out our other delicious recipes (here).


Summer Home Projects

Our first project this Summer, as time allows, will be to replace the front window in the foyer, which then will become new curtains and also ‘strengthening’ the window boxes on the outside.

Needless to say I am excited.

Then next up will be iron fencing in our backyard, as time and money allows.


Creative Happenings

One thing you can count on is ~ there is always a creative project on the table or where-ever I may be.

‘Mr Elfie Peeker’ will be coming soon to all the Creative Christmas Keepsake Journal’rs. A fun new little addition to our journals.

While at ‘work’ (my part-time day job at Dollar General) ~ whenever given a spare moment I like to make pretty displays….and gift baskets. Sharing the process soon…yes, even at Dollar General.

You say ‘why’?, I say ‘why not’.

And I spent a few moments Crafting….some things are just simply made for belly laughs….at least that is what happened when I tried to make a pom-pom duck.

My hubby called him ‘duck-a-doodle’. Yep, a keeper.


Website Updates

Imagine what a month can bring

New Zoom Classes and In-Studio Classes listed (here).

New patterns listed ~ ‘Homespun Snowman’ (here). Shop all (here).

And a new Shopping Category ‘Designer Originals’ (here).


as always, I hope you feel at home here to sit a spell and linger a while, to enjoy all things Art & Home and all we have to offer.


4 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living – April 2022

  1. So many fun projects! Looking forward to the recipe!

    1. Thank you!

  2. Lin Henderson says:

    Your rabbit is really a cool little is to a fast finger click!

    1. I was lucky!

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