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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Amy, can a beginner do the snowman sculpture? I never did sculpting before and was wondering if it would be possible.
    Thank you, Lisa

    1. I think if you enjoy ‘crafts’ anyone can do it….the snowman comes with written instruction , step by step photos and a video showing the ‘harder steps’…..then finished photos as well…..and of course I am available for any questions🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    Amy, this mural is just precious. Your imagination and creativity knows no bounds, and thank God for that. I am curious, how do you seal something like this? I hope all is well with you and you get to enjoy the summer months.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for your kinda words….I didn’t seal – most hand painted murals are not sealed, that I have read about anyway….I think they even get better with age🙂….I think I would only be concerned with direct sun light and in this room I am positive we will be ok🙂 enjoy your summer as well!

  3. Barbara says:

    That mural is just precious. It can be enjoyed for many years. Beautiful job Amy.

    1. Thank you – so much fun to create for a sweet little girl!

  4. Beautiful job Amy, what a fun room to dream, imagine and play in.

    1. Thank you….so much fun to create for Abbey!

  5. Charlotte S Fletcher says:


    1. Thank you Miss Charlotte!

  6. Pat Jarrett says:

    Oh, my…you are definitely a muralist! This is wonderful, so imaginative and sure to delight children of all ages!

    1. Such a sweet little girl to create for! This has been a fun journey of discovery! Thank you so much!

  7. Rixanbe says:

    Amy, I think of that quote, “ If God leads you to it, He will guide you through it”. And look at your gorgeous work for this darling little girl! God has given you the talent! It’s hard to step out into unknown territory but I believe the more we do, hopefully it gets a little easier!
    But I laughed out loud when you wrote “ Why yes Ellie, I’d love to”….
    Oh how many times I’ve had that response in my own life and wondering why why why did I say that? Thankyou for sharing your journey!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments….God has moved me thru this amazing journey and I am grateful….having a sense of humor is just a bonus, lol!

  8. lynn says:

    Beautiful work. I have to think the family who enjoys this mural every day smiles every time they enter the bedroom. And Miss Abbey is one beautiful little girl!

    1. It was such a joy to create for such a sweet little girl🙂❤️ thank you!

  9. Peggy Humphreys says:

    I love this Amy! Can’t wait to give the napkin rings a try. What a sweet Christmas gift they would make.

    1. Yes! A sweet gift for sure! Thank you🙂

  10. Cut laundry designs. Love the ironing board…of course it is pink.

    1. So much fun to put together🙂 all I needed was high heels a big hat and a long mirror…..playing was fun!….

  11. lbarbadora says:

    Love , love , love! I Iove to set a beautiful and creative table. This is wonderful 💕

    1. Thank you….I really look forward to seeing your table settings and beautiful home too…..kindred spirits for sure!

  12. I love this little guy! He makes a fun and easy project! 🙂

    1. Sure does! 🙂thank uuuu

  13. Oh, how wonderful it is for you! I just LOVE it! I wish you a successful run for your time there and I hope that it becomes a fun outlet for your beautiful creativity. I find that putting my ‘eggs in different baskets’ alleviates the pressures of being self-employed. I hope this is a wonderful success for you! <3

    1. I had to remember I needed to make a profit and this wasn’t just to play, lol! It is so much fun though!🙂

  14. diandrons says:

    Oh Amy! You’ve done a beautiful job here. You’ve tapped into a dream of mine as well, so it’s so much fun to watch you! This is simply stunning!

    1. Thank you so much…..it is so much fun! I’m still dreaming ….but it’s a fun start🙂So happy I can share ❤️

  15. Deborah Hegarty says:

    I’ve sculpted using Air-dry clay, but never quik wood. I shall have to try it! Thanks for posing this, it’s so creepy cute!

    1. Thank u! This was one of my favorites!

  16. Charlotte S Fletcher says:

    I like your napking rings–clever! 😉😍

    1. Thrifty and fun! Thank uuuuu

  17. I love seeing all of your vignettes and antiques. Such pretty mix and match things! I also find that I like ‘coordinating’ better than ‘matching’. Having a basic ‘flavor’ to a room setting leaves lots of room for interest and one-of-a-kind pieces. Beautiful blog, Amy! 🙂

    1. Thank you Sheila….I have a lot of crooked forks and such not perfectly placed~although I tried for the photo….but makes it truly comfortable to sit down! Had fun creating the ‘scene’!

  18. The napkin rings are a cut idea. Everything looks nice

    1. Thank you Jane! Loved making them!

  19. Your posts are always so wonderful and inspiring. I love seeing what you are creating! I wish I were close enough to participate in your classes. <3

    1. One day Sheila~ I know we will meet up! I could imagine either one of us will get a word in! Thank you as always for inspiring everyone as well 🙂

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  21. lbarbadora says:

    I just love everything you do!

    1. Thank you Lynn!🙂❤️

  22. Oh, AMY!!! Everything is so beautiful! I just LOVE the replica chocolate molds, too! The bunny looks wonderful as a chalkboard. What an inspiring blog! <3

    1. I forgot to click that I want to be notified on replies. <3

    2. Great surface Sheila! This was a fun one🙂thank uuuu!

  23. This came out so beautiful! At first I saw the RED and thought, “Why would Amy want RED? That isn’t her style?” THEN , I actually READ the post and YES!! I love the blue! It is lovely and look so wonderful with your decor! What a nice transformation! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. <3 Sheila

    1. Thank you Sheila…the Red did attract me to it maybe because it was Christmas….but oh that Blue melts my heart ❤️!

  24. Eva says:

    Oh my! Your transformation of the hutch is just beautiful! You have such a talent for decorating and restoring old pieces…and a photographer’s eye, too, to boot! Just lovely!!

    1. Thank you for your kind compliment! Even for an ol’ cellar hutch ~ it turned into a happy beautiful piece! ❤️

  25. lbarbadora says:

    This piece makes my HEART skip a beat……I just love it!

    1. Aaahh thank u…..funny thing is I am almost done the room and I should be happy…..but I wil miss the projects and dreaming about the design!

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