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Studio Happenings

It’s the little things that become the big things…. that make a whole-lotta-difference…..and when it came to painting the worktable in the Studio, my heart was set on ‘Cilantro Green’ from Sherwin Williams~ to compliment all the blue, white and stained furniture, surrounding the worktable. The Cilantro Green 2″ swatch next to the blue swatches I carry with me ~ seemed perfect.

until it wasn’t.

The color was perfect in the paint can and on the swatch…..but once it was painted and the overhead lights were turned on ~ it looked lime-y. ugh.

I tried to live with it……I mean really, all that hard work.…. and then I found myself visiting Sherwin Williams with the paint can in hand and a sour face too…. ‘can we please ‘deepen’ the color just a bit’?

Keep your fingers crossed for better results with another coat of paint….and a happier face too.


New Product

Our newest Candle Scent is about to be released

‘Toasted Marshmallow with a hint of Cocoa’

Keep watching ‘Classic Amy Joanne

~warm your home, melt your heart.



Although my book pile has grown, I have not found to much time for reading lately.

However, I have been diving into Cookbooks and watching old Cooking Shows thru Discovery Plus Streaming.

I recently shared a new favorite thru Facebook ~ the Baking Book ‘Butter’, along with a perfectly homemade peanut butter sandwich cookie from within the pages.

I mean really, how could I suggest it was a ‘good’ book if I haven’t tried a recipe or two.

This one is a keeper….and you can find the book (here), with the tasty peanut-butter sandwich recipe within.



Lots of cooking, baking, and photographing our meals has been happening ~ and will be sharing ‘the keepers’ soon….our garden has provided for the freshest ingredients too.

The Gardener gets all the credit ~ aka ‘Jerry’.


Home Projects

We are still waiting…. some projects will still happen, some will wait until next year….but progress is still progress.

The new window has been installed by Hess Windows in Tamaqua Pa. So pleased and so beautiful….now for new curtains on the interior, and window boxes, yard work, lighting, sidewalks, and a trellis with roofing on the exterior.

We also made some head-way under the Pergola in the backyard with the arrival of a few new wicker chairs and a fire-pit to enjoy.

We may still have time for the fencing too before the snow flys.

….patience Amy.


Creative Happenings

We’re gearing up for our favorite ‘warm-your-heart’ and ‘gift-giving-seasons’ here at Classic Amy Joanne.

Home Studio Workshops have been planned (click here), Zoom Classes are filling (click here to join us), and our ‘Watch-Learn-Create’ Events have been fun! (Click Here to see what we are up to).

There are candles to pour, a day of canning pizza sauce from the garden, tables to be set, and loads of creative gift giving ideas thru our ‘Door Knob Gift’ projects.

Would you believe we’re planning 2023 ~ With a ‘Cottage Life’ Journal idea and a new ‘Magazine’ created with my elementary school classmates….including a Writer, an Antique Dealer and a Baker too!

Always Homespun, Creative and Classic….and always something to look forward too.



Where My Biz Is….And My Heart.

My dream has always been for this website to be more than ‘just another place to shop’……but a place for you to learn, grow, enjoy, be present, be creative, and be a place of rest for your homespun heart.

Coming next week to the blog pages ~ a glimpse into the Zinnia Garden and a simple inexpensive project to create as a heart-warming gift

… on the Blog Tab for anytime inspiration ~ whether it be a recipe, a craft or a painting, we have something to share from our hearts to yours.


We appreciate your visit and follows…..hoping to inspire and encourage you to enjoy all things Art & Home.



6 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ August 2022

  1. Judy says:

    So disappointing 😞 on the green colored table…hope the darker color will be the winner. Could you leave the legs the lighter color and the top darker?

    1. mmmm, maybe it would be smart to start with the top and see what happens! If it wasn’t for the overhead lights it would be perfect!

  2. Your blogs always motivate me! Been there, done that with paint! Hope you find the perfect shade. Everything about your home and gardens is so warm and cozy!

    1. Amy, can you please bottle one-tenth of your energy and organizational skills? I need to buy some of that!
      Best of luck with all your projects.

      1. if only we can bottle it when it arrives! It comes and gos, lol!

    2. I like that…warm and cozy!

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