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As each Autumn Season arrives, our home and garden get ‘reset’ just like a shop display. Changing out the decor, the plantings, the linens, the blankets and our clothing too. Along with filling the freezer, closing up the windows, making lists of winter projects….and simply just settling in.

On the inside of our Home the shelving changes from summer greenery to warm golds, oranges and dark foliage with Autumn decor.

The quilts, afgans and bedding are made to snuggle in.

And the yard is prepared for winter, clipping the Zinnia’s for seeds this year for sure.

Each Season, the shelving on the left of the fireplace is changed.

Typically using the same items year after year, arranged just a little differently for each Spring, Autumn and Christmas.

Here are a few Autumn changes from year to year.

The seasonal labeled bins are carried from the attic, aka cubby-hole, then opened and scattered onto the dining room table….then each item is hand selected for each shelf, inter-twined with daily items such as ironstone, trays, baskets, iron candle sticks and wood bowls.

The bird crock below was a gift from our good friend, Dorothy. It is from an antique market in Sweden, a treasure for sure.

on the next shelf, the wooden bowls are actually soap bowls from Bath & Body Works…..Always purchasing their shop displays when made available to employees.

The pumpkin to the right is from my ceramic days. Good Memories.

Then to the right of the fireplace…switching from Summer to Autumn, (seasons shown).

The sap bucket is ‘real’…..another found treasure, along with the milk can lid under the cloche, and the dresser mirror in back to anchor the display.

The outside is getting a little attention too. My hubby gets credit for this one, he is an excellent gardener!

Another Autumn is among us, time to cozy up with hot cocoa, a good book, a handmade afgan, wool socks, and a casserole in the oven.

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There is Sweet Autumn Goodness around every corner.



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2 thoughts on “Autumn Vignette 2021

  1. Fran says:

    Thank you for sharing “you.” I especially liked how you said you use the same things in a different way. I do the same. May add a new piece or gift here and there but our treasures are just that…they are us.

    1. Ohhhh absolutely….I love a treasure especially with a memory attached 🙂…thank you Fran!

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