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Sharing ‘Autumn Vignettes’ on the Blog has become tradition and I look forward to posting each and every year with fresh new ideas, sweet memories of ol’ favorites and some peeks into what is coming.

Home is as much a part of my ‘creative life’ as Art is.

Below is a 3 shelf cabinet that sits aside of our fireplace. It is just about the only flat surface I have to work with as far as making ‘vignettes’. This Autumn it holds favorite decor and memories of the past. Each piece is a memory of a trip, or a gift from a friend, or an antiquing find, or an idea from a favorite blogger.

The little green house is among my favorites… day I will share how cute the inside is.

Do you see the glass cloche? It is sitting on an overturned milk can lid….perfect for pumpkins!

Our Home is small ~ at 1300 square feet it holds our living space of 32 years and a growing business ~ I can tell you that each nook, cranny and cubby-hole is filled to the peaks and rafters!

One day I will need to give a tour of our living space….when you see how small it is you will wonder how we manage in todays world of bigger is better….but we love it just the same. Opening the fridge and oven can be a challenge, you will need to turn sideways to enter our bathroom and even having to remove furniture thru windows to get into the next room seems to be the norm. Yes we love it just the same.

There are always still DIY’s and dreams to finish up on and it is no different in any room in our home. We both thrive on projects….so I know we will never be bored. The vintage hutch below was gifted to me by my friend Tracy of ‘Sister Stash & More‘ it was her Grandmother’s and I treasure it. I hope to finish the inside soon with a fun treatment….for now it sits perfectly in blue paint and antique brass knobs.

Also in this photo is a quilt my Mom made for me, many moons ago….my Mom loves handiwork ~ quilting, cross stitch, applique, knitting and rug hooking. It is an apple core quilt made up of all sorts of plaids, a special piece for sure. ….Mom are you finished with my scarf yet?

And thru the 90’s I was a collector of Longaberger Baskets ~ I will save the story for another post, but for now just know that I have dug them out from my cubby-hole attic after many years of being boxed and put them on display again, and now they seem new again. They hold memories. Some things are worth keeping.

Our dining room looks out to the back of our home…which overlooks an apple tree. My hubby keeps his binoculars near by to see the deer at night. Right now we have 2 brother Bucks, another smaller Buck, a Doe and a Fawn that like to visit.

Also in the dining room is this wall….a clock from a Bid Auction ~ winning five clocks to win this one. All cleaned up and working just fine. I hope to add a chair rail in this room with a painted mural above ~ Jerry has not taking the bait just yet… if you see him tell him how nice it would look, and just maybe I will get my way.

Moving to the outdoors ~ the front ‘stoop’ is looking welcoming. I posted earlier this year about plans for the front of our home….we are still working out the details or really I am still convincing Jerry on my plan. You can read more about the plan (here) if you missed it.

Along the side of our home we finished planting our hydrangea bushes and alternating Butterfly Weed Bushes. Each bush looks just as pretty in Autumn as in Summer. I cannot wait to see them mature. The Butterfly Weed Bush reminds of milkweed ~ my cousin, my sisters and I would use actual milkweeds as ‘play food’ when we played ‘house’ as young girls, such sweet memories.

Our backyard has been shaping up over the past couple of years…..planting ‘myrtle’ on the bank, adding more space for my hubby onto the back of the garage but making it look like a little cottage ….love it, adding a patio with an iron pergola and pretty plantings all around to enjoy for each season.

for Autumn ~ just adding a simple pumpkin or two, along with some corn stalks. The little wheel barrel was my hubbys as a child, ahhhh how cute.

oh, and that cute chair….that was from the other half of ‘Sister Stash & More, Sherry. Good friends have good junk.

The pumpkins are from our good friends ~ Lisa, Jack and Dallas of Shafer’s Pumpkin Farm. Lisa grows the prettiest mums I have ever seen.

It is time for wooly socks, hot cocoa, time to curl up on the sofa with an afghan, time to begin a good book, bake some bread and enjoy a good soup with a sweet cookie or two.

I will be sharing a yummy recipe soon for Sweet Pumpkin Banana Bread ~ the recipe makes two loaves, some for you, some for freezing,…. or for a friend!

Enjoy a few photos from previous years of ‘Autumn Vignettes’

Welcome Home Autumn 2020. So Happy To See You!

Coming Soon ~ Homespun Christmas Countdown, Cookie Maker & Cookie Taker Zoom Classes, Creative Organizing, FaceBook Video How-to and Interview, and November Recipe Card Project

3 thoughts on “Autumn Vignette 2020

  1. Your home looks cute for autumn. I have a little pumpkin stack at my front door too. It was serendipitous, I wasn’t planning on stacking them when I bought them but it just turned out that way. Have a blessed fall.

    1. I’m sure they look sooooo nice! I miss visiting your home….looking forward to the day when we can visit again 🙂❤️

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