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I have come to admire so many women within my circle ~ whom have Small Creative Businesses….some long time friends, some from our school days and some admired for their work~ from being a customer myself, some by chance meeting thru Art ~ whether on FaceBook or during a Workshop…..So many that I decided to introduce them one by one…..I’d like you to get to know my creative friends.


Some of you know my friend Tracy as my ‘can’t do it without her‘ right hand-woman at the Tamaqua Community Art Center…..what you may not know about Tracy, along with her Sister Sherry ~ they have a successfully ‘Women Owned Creative Business’ called ‘Sister Stash And More’ ……created out of their lifelong passion for antiques!

sister stash 4

This is a photo of Tracy and I enjoying time together even as Children….sorry for the blur, but it is a scan from the 70’s!

Tracy and Sherry own and operate ‘Sister Stash And More‘, an antique shop on eBay ~ after much research and creative work ~ before the ball even got rolling, looking over every detail of their name, logo, and packaging…..they curate and have an eye for favorites, quirky things and the not so ordinary……..with only one year under their belts they have gained repeat customers and followers….and big name customers too!

sister stash.jpg

Let me back up the train……you just don’t jump into the antique business…….this is in their blood, they grew up with it ~ from their Mammy and Pappy, to their Mom!

As a child I remember visiting their home, their grandmothers shop was right next door and I even remember the shop lay-out. The sheds and barns were filled with ‘sale’ merchandise too!

I am lucky enough to have been gifted a hutch from Tracy that belongs to her grandmother.

spring cleaning 2017 5

Their mother, Dorothy kept the tradition going by collecting and even to this day helps with a local Auctioneers….blue and white enamelware lined the top her kitchen cabinets.  Playing at their house was so much fun…….they had the best toys!

sister stash 3

This is the original shop sign…..the best keepsake!

Tracy and Sherry spend their days going to flea markets, auctions and sales finding treasures from the past and reselling them to the highest bidder thru Ebay. Their Mammy & Pappy  would be proud to have them follow in their footsteps…..even in this new modern way!  As children they both can remember spending countless hours at the auctions and in their mammy’s antique store.

sister stash 2

As with all my creative friends….the sale doesn’t stop at the dollar made….each box is carefully packaged and shipped with a special Thank You tucked inside.

They had some exciting sales….one being to HGTV ! We are watching for those lamps to show up thru each episode.

For me, it is like having a personal shopper……I have countless treasures unearthed by Sister Stash!  It is enjoyable to watch them in action.  My Sister and I have spent many hours junk pickin’ with Tracy and Sherry…..we have known them our whole lives…..we call ourselves ‘Sisters Squared’🙂

sister stash

Shop, you may come across the perfect item hand selected by Sister Stash And More….then don’t forget to save them to your favorite sellers list!

I was just shopping….I am loving the selection of green pottery, milk glass, Pyrex,  ironstone and the cutest blue bulldog statue ~ Click here to shop 

It is fun to hear them talk about their biz……there is passion in their voices! Their ideas are fun and look forward to seeing their dreams unfold……and see what treasures they unearth!

Thank you Tracy and Sherry for sharing your gift…..Love ‘Sister Stash And More’ !


Up Next:  Bear Fur, Adhering Scrapbooking Paper, Mixed Media Mania and Adding Warmth to Our Kitchen

9 thoughts on “Sister Stash And More| Women Owned Small Creative Business

  1. I always enjoy reading stories of people doing what they love and being successful. I wish them the best. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank u Jane! So many creative friends!😉

  2. It is wonderful to have friends who share some of our passions! It keeps us up on those down days when things may not go just right. Thank you for sharing your friends’ passion with us! <3

    1. Thank u Sheila! I love all their finds and passion!

  3. This sounds so cool Amy, I will surely be paying Sister Stash a visit. Thanks for sharing

    1. It’s a fun shop!🙂

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