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This post is the beginning of Monthly Postings of ~ ‘Inspired Creative Living‘ ~ it will replace ‘Social Media Weekly Recap’ ~ and it will review the previous months happenings ~ you know the in-between creative fun, meant to inspire creativity with Art & Home.

Inspired Creative Living


At the beginning of August I declared ~ ‘I am taking two weeks vacation!‘ It seemed like a good time with no classes scheduled and time away from my Retail job. But what does a Creative Business Owner do on vacation?…..she gets Creative!

And as a ‘Planner’ I created a much needed Work Planner to keep ‘it all’ in order, if you missed it you can read all about it (here)…..and I can tell you that after a months time I am still finding it a useful tool.

Our Classic Amy Joanne HeART-full August Newsletter was published as well, with all kinds of fun creative reads and needs.

Are you a subscriber?

Gift Certificates also became available thru Classic Amy Joanne! If you are in need of a Creative Gift, we have you covered, shop (here).


And while enjoying some down time, why not create a few good habits ~ like reading a book a month along with ‘slowing down’ as the book says, living with purpose and enjoying life with what I already have. I can say that 2 out of 3 is not a bad start, since I used retail therapy by months end. Try try again.

The book is Growing Slow by Jennifer Dukes Lee, a guide to help with ‘slowing down’. A definite re-read and useful book for Bible and Prayer study purposes. I love her words, bible references and heart.

Also spending some time with the softer side of creating Art….this is where the retail therapy comes in….Visiting a favorite shop ‘The Bee & The Bear‘ and selecting all kinds of goodies to create, such as punch needle and wool!

Ideas, Ideas.

Taking time to smell the flowers….our Zinnia Patch is soooooo pretty….My hubby gets credit for this one.

And of course, thanking our good friend Joe for the seeds.


My favorite part of August was the release of the new Classic Cling Rubber Stamps and the Reindeer Pull Toy!

With each purchase of the new Rubber Stamps you will receive a stamping-watercolor guide and video! Click (here) to Shop all Classic Cling Rubber Stamps!

And the Vintage Reindeer Pull Toy will melt your homespun vintage heart, enjoy a pattern (here) and then hop on over to Tole Painting Designs for your pull toy (here)!


One thing Jerry and I can count on for sure is… an occasional black cloud over head.

During August we had a Freezer issue….quite the Frenzy. We lost a freezer that was only year and half old and most of the contents within. Ugh. You can read about purchasing the original freezer here.

What food we could save was made that evening and then frozen again…we had the oven, stovetop, crockpot and microwave running all at once. Luckily we had just enough space in our fridge and freezer-top to hold what was left. Did I mention our Microwave stopped working too? Yep.

Trying not to cry over spilled milk, we purchased a new freezer and microwave and then picked up our next meat order.

Speaking of Freezers….did you catch ‘Meal Planning here on the Blog in August?

Do you think this is overboard planning, lol?

Another fun idea….if you notice in the image above we have a mix of snacks in a jar. This was created for a need to make lunches a little more interesting….after 30 years of pretzels in the hubbies lunch he was ready for a switch…..we call it ‘Jerry Mix‘ ~ we toss in all kinds of snacks.

And speaking of using what we have….this glass jar once held ribbons in my Studio and then we tossed in a large mug as a scoop….not only free and practical but repurposed and pretty too!


And as always there were classes taught, yummy recipes made, DIY’s worked on in our home, ….and a little stitching too!

Next Month we can look forward to Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter and using Classic Cling Rubber Stamps for Baby Gifts, along with Apples & Sausage Stew!

I always think I don’t accomplish much, until I start listing all the happenings…..and then I think again.

What did your August hold, any happenings you would like to share?

Inspiring each other thru all things Art & Home, Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Inspired Creative Living ~ August 2021

  1. Barbara says:

    Your blogs are always so inspiring! Yes, you did a LOT in August! And with a happy heart despite the black cloud. Looking forward to your new recipes and art. Now I better get moving to do something myself!

    1. Always a happy heart and hands 🙂 thank you so much …I gain so much inspiration from you as well!

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