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This isn’t just any chicken dinner. It is Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, for real. Let me tell you the story….a story with many blessings and a little humor.

My hubby Jerry and I intentionally think about our pennies and where they land since the ‘hiccup’ happened. We kinda lived willy-nilly prior to the ‘hiccup’ and needed to look at things differently and re-align our way of living in order for me to now work as an Artist. We do our best and am grateful for him to encourage me and give me this time to Create an Artful Business. I can’t say it is easy or not hard work…. but, I will save that for another post.

I needed to tell you that to tell you this.

Anyway….the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner story.

My hubby belongs to a Sportsman Club ~ as I see it, it is a group of men that get together once or twice a year to swap stories, have a beer, and just be free ‘to be’ (away from their other halfs, lol). At this Sportsman Club they hold raffles to help with costs to keep the Club going… of the raffles was for ‘meat’ with all kinds of prizes…..Jerry won First Prize! Let me just tell you it was alot of meat. Alot. Did I say Alot.

I was working my part time evening job when the call came in at 7pm. “Amy, I just won First Prize at the Meat Raffle!” I was excited for him but didn’t want to burst his bubble…..oh, but I did “When do you get it?” Him “Tonight“. Me ‘”Ahhhh, where are you going to put it?Gulp. The bubble was burst.

You see, we only have a freezer above our refrigerator. No need for more, it has only been him and I for the past 32 years. So he then started to call friends and family in a panic.….each offering a little bit of space but not enough for all this meat. It is now 8pm. Me (remember I’m still at work) “You better get yourself to Lowes and buy a freezer(so really, winning the meat was now the cost of a freezer)…..he arrived at Lowes 5 minutes before closing…Thank goodness he had a nice Associate who helped him pick a simple small freezer that was in-stock, within 5 minutes time.or this could have been a really ‘fun’ situation to be in.

Now it is 9pm at night….I am still at work. He had called on friends, after picking up packing supplies, to assist with getting the freezer into our basement and setting it up, along with wrapping all the meat and labeling. I was thinking of how my kitchen looked while I worked. Oh boy.

I got home and all was well, thank goodness (for him). We had a new freezer, all the meat was wrapped and labeled, and my kitchen was, for the most part cleaned up. What a crazy evening.

But here is the Blessing part. It was really nice to receive all this meat (even with the cost of the freezer) during this time in our lives….but it was even more of a gift from GOD, because a month later my hubby hurt his shoulder and needed surgery….which meant 12 weeks out of work and medical bills. This gift was surely a Blessing. (especially since Covid arrived 2 weeks after my hubby went back to Work). Yes a Blessing. GOD has provided.

So as I make this Chicken Dinner… is almost the last of the winnings, gifted to us 10 months earlier. It is truly a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Not to mention all the yummy foods I have been freezing, but we will save that for another post.

Here are the fixin’s for Chicken Pot Pie …..Winner Winner Chicken Dinner style.

And then the assembly with the Chicken

Although I do like to make my own dough, I did cut corners and use Pillsbury Crescent Roll Sheets to create the crust. I added a little charm with a Chicken Cookie Cutter…always fun to make it special ~ even for just the two of us.

And serving it up was even yummier!

You can find the Recipe for the Chicken Pot Pie shown on my personal Pinterest Board click (Here). Do you have a Pinterest Board full of recipes to try? As you can see I have alot of baking and cooking to do! I love saving Pins to try!

And why not make one for a friend, or even with Turkey for Thanksgiving leftovers…..serve it or gift it in our ‘Simple Gifts’ Pie Box!

The ‘Simple Gifts’ Pattern can be found here to create and the ‘Pie Box’ can be found here.

How ever you serve it up ~ a fancy dinner, a Holiday table or simple snack tables in front of the TV, it is sure to be delicious!



Coming Soon ~ October Caramels & Candy Corn Recipe Card Project, Countdown to Christmas, The Cookie Maker & Cookie Taker Zoom Class, Studio Office Updates, Closing the Shop, and Weekly Organizing Chart

7 thoughts on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner|Snack Table Dining

  1. sharondobbs says:

    I forgot you called moving to “Full Time Artist” your hiccup! That is just so cute. I just moved and feel that I am in the middle of a big hiccup, but i will eventually ride this one out, just like you did. I hope you keep your artist gig going forever…. you are wonderful at it. I love your blog and watching you create.

    1. Thank you Sharon….ride it out and keep your gig going too! We got this! So much fun to be creative friends!

  2. What a wonderful blessing to win a freezer full of meat. We bought a freezer at Christmas so that I would be able to freeze Christmas goodies. Now it always seems full.

    1. Not a bad reason for a freezer, lol!

  3. Alyssa says:

    Of course Jerry would win a freezer full of meat! Haha!

    1. And have yet another surgery, lol! Gotta love him!

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