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It is funny how ‘things’ come to be in our home. Whether they are found, acquired, gifted, given, hunted for or purchased. My Sister and I even have a ‘borrowing’ agreement in place, lol! Whether it is free, inexpensive or saved for. Whether it be from a friend, a small business, an antique store, a thrift shop, a dollar store, a craft show or an on-line splurge. ‘Things’ seem to find a place in our home.

However they find our Home, I have learned and found this quote to be true.

“it doesn’t take money to have style, just a really good eye” Tyler Florence

Yes, money doesn’t equal style ~ style can be created on any budget. No-matter how much money you throw at it, style can’t be bought.

And your own personal style will be ever changing and growing…with these ‘things’ that happen into your home .

In the Office

In the Studio

In the Shop

missing the shop….read more about the shop ‘here’, ‘here’, and ‘here’.

At Home

and even in Holiday Decorating

Here are a few recent ‘things’ and how they ‘happened’ to find their way into our Home and Studio.

a vintage ironstone sugar bowl without a lid

How the sugar bowl found our home: While working at ‘895 Studio’ on a super sized menu board for a client, I just happen to turn my head for a moment and it was love at first site, there it was, the sugar bowl ….and just like that the sugar bowl found a new home….it wasn’t even priced yet, a fresh picked item. “can I ask how much for this sugar bowl?” “well ms Amy it is $1.00”. Sold.

How this sugar bowl will be used: adding it to vignettes with seasonal grass or flowers, or maybe using as a sponge and dishcloth holder by the sink or a pencil and brush holder in the Studio.

If I am lucky enough to find a sugar bowl with a lid…. I like to use them as wall decor in tiny places. Style around every corner.

a vintage school gym locker shelving unit and baskets

How the locker baskets and shelving found our home: thru my husbands friend, he finds good junk and thinks of me, not a bad deal. The baskets were given 25 years before the shelving.

How we will use the locker baskets and shelving: in the Studio office, of course. But, more on this later.

my mother-in-laws handmade cutting board

How the cutting board found our home: My sister-in-law Annette has been working on combining two households. While visiting at Easter she thought I would enjoy this piece from her Moms home goods, I was happy to accept….it even has her initials on the side. My hubby brought home a few treasures from his Dad as well ~ his work tools with his initials too.

While Antiquing you will find items with initials on frequently…especially ‘work’ tools…But I can remember labeling our Tupperware containers while taking baked goods to a picnic. This was before we became a throw-away society….and we wanted to be sure our containers made it home. ....not to mention saving butter and cool whip containers for leftovers.

How the cutting board will be used: For now, as a photography background prop, displayed in the Studio. Props make great display pieces in working Studios.

a little metal chair

How this little chair found our home: While I was working! Sometimes you find the smallest inexpensive treasures at the Dollar Store. I was sold on the color Blue. It cost $1.00. Well less, using my ‘$5 off $25 purchase’ coupon.

Where this little treasure was placed: on-top of another treasure hanging on my Studio Office wall, where it is admired everyday. It reminds me of porch sitting at my grandparents, a lost tradition.

A New Sewing Machine

yes I will be painting the desk and chair ~ they were both treasures that found me too!

This was a ‘save for a rainy day’ purchase. After 33 years my 1988 Singer Sonata just could not pull thru all the projects I had in mind. It was a sad day.

It took me many years to learn the ‘rainy day savings’ rule….but I am grateful that I have learned it (thanks Mom) and was able to purchase a new sewing machine with cash. A saved for splurge.

The sewing projects are lining up ~ arm chair sleeves (…..yes I just said that), a sink skirt, cord covers and more!

and an ol’ ladder

How the ladder found our home: I forget! ~ but we have a few ol’ ladders stashed in our garage. I know they arrived when we had the shop…but can’t remember how…I know they were given and free!

What we did: made one ladder into a trellis for our butterfly bush! We still have plans to paint it…my hubby built it all on his own and surprised me one morning…he gets me. Still deciding on painting it a bright green like the ‘shed’ roof or a subtle green like the fencing….mmmm, I think I will think on it for a while.


‘Things’ happen to fall into our home, happily. Making these treasures work in our style is all part of the fun. We will never be bored, makin’ our own style, one room, one corner, one project, one ‘thing’ at a time.


Coming Soon: The Bowl that Started it All, Organizing the Planner, Piano Bench Re-do, Marketing, Halloween Keepsake Journal, Building Character, and really so much more!

4 thoughts on “how ‘things’ happen

  1. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    You are so talented! Love all your styling and decorating. Was just on the “Painter’s Destash” group and found your Christmas pattern book done with Jane Allen. It will soon be at my home! Waiting to sign up soon for the Zoom class start of the Christmas book. What fun we will be having making our Christmas books!

    1. Thank you Judy! Miss seeing you in person! I just know you are enjoying decorating your new space and of course all your hobbies…..looking forward to creating the Christmas Jounal….oh and enjoy the book!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Oh Amy I beginning to think we are related many years. I love the goodies I can find at sales etc. just bought a gold yellow job nail lamp. Don’t care if it’s milk glass or not I likes it. Hehe

    1. Kindred Spirits find each other! ….I like that you said ….‘I like it’….and that is truly what matters….following our hearts, not a trend! Would be fun to shop together!

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