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my marketing budget is pretty much slim to none…..

I recognize that it needs to exist to sell my services and goods. ‘Classic Amy Joanne’ would not exist without it, it needs to be important and done cohesively….. to be recognized and noticed, on and off social media.

When your business is a ‘bunch of different stuff’ each part needs to have a certain look to be cohesive ~ beginning with Marketing. Something to recognize as “hey, that must be Classic Amy Joanne”. It is always a work in progress to build upon what already exists. From business cards, to hang tags, to signs, to banners, to colors, to a whole look….cohesive and consistent. Sometimes from font types, to watermarks, typed ads and even tone of words.


During the Pandemic I have been concentrating on a few areas of my business. One being the Marketing at the ‘Cottage Classics’ shop in the 895 Studio. It really didn’t exist other than a few hang tags and of course thru Social Media….until now.

The beginning….you can read more about setting up the Shop (here). It is a rented 5 x 5 space….holding alot of dreams of being a shop keeper.

First drawing a plan for a floor change….kinda like the plan-o-grams and floor change sheets found in retail. Lessons I’ve learned from being in Retail from a hi-end shop, to a mom-n-pop, to a grocery store.

Planning for each season as it comes along.

Then making it happen.

Then it was time for Marketing….on a budget. What I didn’t have was a boat load of money…but what I did have was creativity, art knowledge, experience and art supplies.

goes without saying….. no cardboard poster written with a sharpie!

It had to be cohesive….branded for ‘Classic Amy Joanne’….and this is what happened!

I Created a banner (awning) for the front side of the Cottage Classics Shop. I wasn’t exactly sure how it was going to work, but I had the visual down-pat in my head and figured the rest can be worked out….a good plan, lol!

First measuring the open space from side to side and then measured from the ceiling down. At home, I pulled out a drop cloth from the hardware store stash…..yes, a drop cloth, and cut and sewed until I had the dimensions I needed with a little extra on each side. (remember a drop cloth will give and take, a straight cut is almost impossible).

The next step was to lay out the banner on a long enough table covered in plastic, using a sponge roller to roll on the paint. I of course used black chalkboard paint (you know to be cohesive) but you can use what ever paint melts your heart. I will tell you…that I did paint both sides and took about 2 quarts of paint, ~ probably the most expensive part.

Once dry the drop cloth fabric will become stiff. At this point you can cut it to the size needed…..I still left a little extra for hanging purposes.

I then measured and created a stencil with my favorite fonts and transferred it onto the drop cloth. Then with chalk markers I went over the traced design. Adding a cut scalloped bottom.

Ready to Hang!….We did work out a few kinks thanks to the hubby. We had to hang the sign a few inches down from the ceiling….I was worried that tall folks wouldn’t fit under the banner. He assured me that unless they were 7 feet tall they would be able to shop, lol!

Inexpensive yet Artfully Created on a dime-store budget.

…and while I was at it. I used the same font and added additional Marketing to the back wall. It already had chalkboard paint from the original set up….I just added the wording with chalkboard marker.

Handmade ~ Vintage ~ New

The content of the shop is Handmade, Vintage and a few New pieces…all inspired by Art & Home. All hand picked for you….things that I would have in my own home. Always.

Cottage Classics

Handmade ~ Vintage ~ New

Always Art & Home

It’s coming together ~ the marketing and branding ~ from paintings, to penciling, to class ads, to business cards, to hang tags, to social media, the blog pages, to the shop and even the banner…. smitten!

Enjoy Shopping!….see something you like?


Coming Soon: Charming Welcome Santa, New Pattern Release, Oh Deer Gift Wrapping, June Recipe Card Project and Studio Office Update!

9 thoughts on “marketing on a small business budget

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  2. Lisa says:

    I remember painting from one of your patterns and when I finished the piece I asked my husband what he thought. “Very nice, he said.” I said, “it doesn’t look like CLASSIC AMY JOANNE though.” Of course he looked at me like I had 12 heads so I showed him photos of your work. He said, “yeah, she really does have her own style doesn’t she? You could probably pick out her work in an art show with everyone using the same “stuff” that she uses.” So, you see, your art and style is definitely recognizable…even to a man who doesn’t know too much about that kind of thing 😁. I wish you much success with your shop. Your love for art and home really shines through each piece displayed.

    1. You are so sweet to share this with me…..I do hope that my work is recognized…just like so many of my mentors work has been to me …..but I also dream of sharing my Art so that others find their style by adding to it or changing colors to suit their personal wants🙂….I am so grateful for your encouragement, sharing, following along and your friendship! Thank uuuuu

    2. hi loving this….where do i purchase your beautiful handmade tags? Thank you….Sending HuGs💗🎵🌷🎵🌷🎵🌷💗

      1. Hello! Thank you so much for your kind comment, each one makes me smile! I am not quite sure which tags you are seeing…..I mostly sell patterns to create, a few wood surfaces and every once in a while a custom piece or two….I do have a local booth at an antique shop as well…if there is anything I can help you find I will be happy to assist! Thank you again for all your support….sending hugs back 🙂

  3. Judy Kulmaczeski says:

    Definitely adds a different dimension to your space and like you say…people will recognize your brand!

    1. Thank you Judy! Always fun!

  4. Looking good, it is definitely classic Amy Joann

    1. Jerry loves to help 😉! Thanks Jane!

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