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I have wanted to be a shop keeper for as long as I can remember ~ Wearing the apron, stocking the shelves, makin’ pretties, hosting events, shopping for product, creating ads……well, you get the picture.

So when the opportunity came up and the timing was right (and the journey was taken) ~ I joined 50 other Vendors at Studio 895.  It was my time to be the shop keeper…..this was really happening!

booth Day 15

We have several wonderful places to shop many Vendors in our area such as Vintage 61, The Mint Leaf and now Studio 895 They are all my favorite places to shop with different vendors for every taste and style…..from pickin’ places to antiques, to handmade, to home style, to hand crafted foods….and I could go on.

And now was the time for ‘Cottage Classics by Amy‘.

booth Day 8

I pictured it in my mind a thousand times.  I knew I wanted it to be a place to shop a ‘look’ not just for items.  More about placing vignettes together to shop by item or by vignette or a whole room!  Keeping it fresh and changing with the Seasons or Holidays.

booth Day 5
booth Day 7

Creating a ‘look’ using smalls, vintage and handmade.  Sharing new ideas and a fun twist or two.

booth Day 9

Since the ‘hiccup’ (click here) ~ and becoming a full-time Artist ~ I wanted to be sure I wasn’t getting in over my head with keeping a large space full ~ I needed to still keep up with traveling and teaching and custom work.   Studio 895 offered many space sizes, and I chose a 5×5.  Perfect.

it looked like this.

booth Day 4

It was a big undertaking and some folks may have run away but I have changed the biggest floorsets you ever wanted to see thru ‘Bath & Bodyworks’ so I was up for the challenge ~ I had my dreams but needed to think about ‘the look’ of the shop to work with all vignettes styles and items.  I was also working with in the limits of my ‘contract’ ~ I was able to paint the back wall, but leave the pallet walls open.

I had to remember I could not just make it pretty.  I had to keep it stocked and full and lookin’ inviting.

I had to plan for the future and not just for the moment.

So with pencil and paper in hand I began to sketch it out and it came together like this.

We first painted the back wall chalkboard with distressing.  If you know me ~ that is not a stretch.

Booth Day

Then we placed a vintage wood shelf up high and end to end for our sign and to appeal to everyone from far away.  The black brackets disappeared into the wall.  Everything was thought thru….colors and all.

booth Day 2

At home we planned, created and painted a hutch using a dresser and building the hutch top to meet our needs. 

Painted with Miss Mustard Seed ‘Flow Blue’ Milk Paint.  (click here to read more about Flow Blue Milk Paint).   Because everything goes with Blue right?

booth Day 6

I also busied myself creating smalls and filler items until I could get busy creating Art for the space.  I was starting inventory from scratch.

We packed and traveled to set up.

booth day 11

Everything worked out perfectly.  That doesn’t always happen since most times I imagine it and forget about the measuring part…….lucky for me Jerry thinks things thru on this end.

It was hard for me to stock the hutch to sell…..I just wanted it pretty like I was creating vignettes at home…..I played and played and played until it all came together.

I purchased things that I enjoy and would have in my home.  It was hard not to take everything home.  Although I did sneak a thing or two.

booth Day 13
booth Day 12

…and here it is from afar. Waiting on my neighbors to move in!

booth Day 10

So many plans for the sides and floor space!  I am fortunate to have pickin’ friends from Sister Stash….I give them my ‘grocery’ wish list and they go pickin’.  Then I work around it with hand created items and paintings!

Always ‘Art & Home’

I knew if I was going to do this right ~ I had to leave time for creating the seasonal changes, pickin’ the vintage items, creating the smalls and painting the Art.  This was no small idea.  If I was gonna do it….it had to be right.

I also wanted to keep up with keepin’ you in the know….thru FaceBook, Instagram and the Blog Vignette Sales.  The lists in my mind, in my tablets and on my chalkboard are endless.  Some mornings it take about 4 hours to organize the lists……just sayin’.

Next up is ‘Laundry Days and Childhood Memories’. I have been collecting to create a look for your Laundry Room or Childs Space.  Here is a little peek of my findings.  I want to keep the monogram’d ‘M’…’s gonna be hard to let go.


And then it is ‘Cottage Classic Farmhouse’ up next with Chickens, Pigs and Cows….sneak peek

bo 2

Not to get ahead of myself but can you not picture baby boo orange pumpkins in fall and those snow-covered glitter houses at Christmas?


On Friday I added a few fun new pieces to the shop….created especially for you by my hands and heart.

Daffodil in Ironstone Classic Chalk Art in Green and Black, pattern available soon!

booth day 16

booth Day 17

Get ’em while they are still here!

booth Day 15

Take a Sunday ride and stop by, I know you will enjoy your visit!  Oh….and those pretzels at the register, yummo!

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for supporting Local Small Business and Handmade Artists!…..oh and if you live far away and are interested in anything you see, just send me a message!


Coming Soon ~ A Custom Whimsical Mural, When a Best Friend Asks, Community Menu Board, #RecipeCardProject, A Functional Studio Office Desk, and ‘Baby Boo’ Sneak Peek!

5 thoughts on “a shop keeper ~ building the shop

  1. Oh, how wonderful it is for you! I just LOVE it! I wish you a successful run for your time there and I hope that it becomes a fun outlet for your beautiful creativity. I find that putting my ‘eggs in different baskets’ alleviates the pressures of being self-employed. I hope this is a wonderful success for you! <3

    1. I had to remember I needed to make a profit and this wasn’t just to play, lol! It is so much fun though!🙂

  2. diandrons says:

    Oh Amy! You’ve done a beautiful job here. You’ve tapped into a dream of mine as well, so it’s so much fun to watch you! This is simply stunning!

    1. Thank you so much… is so much fun! I’m still dreaming ….but it’s a fun start🙂So happy I can share ❤️

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